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Drafting is a crucial part of the design process for many kinds of projects, both large scale and small. The technical drawings produced by skilled drafting technicians are the most important tool for transferring information about the design from the designer to the people who will manufacture and assemble the thing. Whether it be electronics or PCBs, architecture, or product design, having accurate and detailed drafting documents is a must.  

Modern CAD software has dramatically enhanced the capabilities of drafting and technical drawing, particularly at the hands of talented technicians. Digital technology has resulted in tremendous improvements in the creation, transfer, modification, and storage of technical drawings for all industries which make use of them. The ability to easily replicate, transfer, and make changes to digital drafting documents has also significantly increased the value of outsourced drafting freelancers. CAD software allows talented designers to work remotely on drafting projects without sacrificing the quality of efficiency of the work. 

Cad Crowd's global network of professional drafters and designers can handle any design project. From early product development and industrial design to manufacturing and architecture our experts offer a full range of drafting services. Cad Crowd helps inventors and developers bring their visions to life with both 2D and 3D drafting and models. For architects, our expert drafting services allow you the opportunity to focus on the more creative aspects of design while outsourcing the drafting work to qualified professionals.

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Our expert CAD drafters produce precise and accurate full-scale CAD drawings for any application, including electrical, mechanical, rcad drafting servicesesidential and commercial architecture, and civil engineering. We offer:

  • Wireframe Models
  • Solid Modeling
  • Direct 3D Modeling
  • Freeform Surface Modeling
  • Machine Drawings
  • Site Plans
  • Engineering Conversions
  • Mechanical Drafting
  • Electrical Drafting
  • Civil Drafting
  • 2D to 3D Drafting Conversions
  • CAD Format Conversions

Our drafters also help clients translate their drawings from one format to another. We can help you converting between CAD formats, or even converting from hand drawn schematics to digital CAD files. Digitizing your drawings is a great way to improve readability, storage, and transferability of your documents, and makes it much easier to modify old designs. 

Our flexible drafting CAD services allow you to hire professional help when you need it. Whether you're looking for a short-term contract to meet a rush deadline or are looking to hire for the long-term, you can find the expert services you need, fast. Get CAD design and drafting services tailored specifically to your project needs. 

By working with talented CAD drafters and designers from around the world and through our efficient business practices, Cad Crowd is able to offer top-quality freelance design services at highly competitive prices. We don't have the same overheads as conventional drafting and design firms. We pass this reduced cost on to our clients, without having to give up on the quality of our services. 

Get a quote now. It's completely free. We'll review your project and connect you with a hand-selected leading drafter from our roster of top-tier CAD freelancers. We take the guesswork out of online hiring by putting our clients in touch with vetted, pre-qualified drafters and designers with a proven record of reliable work.

Expert Freelance CAD Drafting Services and 3D CAD Design

Cad Crowd sets itself apart from other drafting companies by offering a full range of design services. Our global network of design professionals includes architects, freelance drafting technicians, engineers, product design experts, and manufacturers. Whatever the needs of your project, our broad range of CAD services has got you covered.

With thousands of engineers and CAD designers in our network, we've got a qualified and talented freelancer that's right for your project. Instead of having to sift through dozens of applications and CVs, we'll connect you directly with a qualified top-ranking CAD drafter with a proven track record. We take the guesswork out of hiring online. And we stand behind our freelancers: all of our services are backed by our accuracy guarantee that your design will be accurate to your project specifications. 

Get a free estimate today. Send us details of your project. We'll review your project and connect you with a freelance CAD drafter who will respond promptly. In the meantime, we'll set you up with a free quote, and there's no obligation. Work with the best CAD freelancers, and try Cad Crowd now!


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