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Last updated: Jun 15, 2024

Hire CAD designers & engineers in Brooklyn, New York

Start the search for a Brooklyn-based 3D modeler, 3D designer, or CAD drafting freelancer for your design project right here at Cad Crowd. With a community of pre-qualified and vetted designers and engineers, we guarantee that you will find the CAD services you need right here. Our engineering and design team have worked on design projects of different scopes and sizes, thus have the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry out the demands of your unique project. Send us your project description today and we will not only provide you with a free quote but also pair you up with a CAD designer from Brooklyn who can provide the design services your project needs. 

Our freelance designers and engineers have a variety of skills that will be of service throughout the product design and development process. We provide a range of product design services, from designing better houseware to creating attractive packaging draw the attention of buyers. We also have designers who can provide a range of 3D modeling services whether you need help with marketing tools or educational materials. No matter the CAD design service you need, we'll match you with a Brooklyn-based CAD designer who can meet the demands of your project. 

Cad Crowd freelancers are capable of providing a wide range of CAD services, from the very simple to the rather complex. We have artists who can create 3D animations for entertainment purposes or for use in the classroom. Our designers can also create photorealistic renders for commercial clients who want to present an architectural design to garner investor interest. Our freelancers are able to assist in all kinds of design projects, be it commercial or residential in nature. Whether you need assistance with PCB design or want your jewelry design idea translated into a technical drawing, we have the talent needed to see these tasks through. 

Our freelance community also takes advantage of the tools provided by many CAD software to get the job done. We have designers who use Creo to take a product from concept to digital prototype with efficiency and accuracy. We also have mechanical design freelancers who use the features provided by Autodesk Inventor to create and evaluate design options within minutes. 

We can also provide assistance should you need licensing, patenting, and manufacturing services. 

Tell us about your project and we will give you a quote free of charge as well as match you up with a Brooklyn-based CAD design freelancer who has the skills and experience needed for your design project. 

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