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FAQ for Hiring Rhinoceros (RhinoCAD, Rhino 3D) Designers

Are you looking for experts who specialize in Rhinoceros 3D design services? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Cad Crowd, we have a global network of Rhinoceros freelancers who will work with you to bring your project to completion. We vet our freelancers before connecting them with clients, assuring you that you’re hiring someone who not only knows Rhinoceros inside and out but also who will also deliver your project on time.

Rhinoceros, which is also known as Rhino or Rhino3D, is based on the non-uniform rational Basis spline (NURBS) mathematical model. It’s mainly used to represent curves and freeform surfaces in a mathematically precise way, and it’s utilized not only in CAD but also in computer-aided manufacturing, 3D printing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping. Rhinoceros is useful in a wide range of industries, including product design, graphic design, industrial design, and architecture. 

One of the best things about Rhinoceros is its customizability. Its open SDK and modular application architecture allow users to make their commands and menus and create a customized interface. Aside from its file format (.3DM), Rhinoceros provides native support for over 20 other CAD and image file formats, including FBX, IGES, SketchUp, Direct X, Microstation DGN, and SolidWorks SLDPRT and SLDASM. It’s also compatible with various graphic design programs including Adobe Illustrator, which is the tool of choice of many experts when working on vector-based projects.

A lot of external plug-ins have been developed for Rhinoceros by third-party commercial developers, which makes the software even more flexible and useful. These include CrossCad/Plg (which helps with importing and exporting file formats) and Diva for Rhino (which helps with environmental analysis for structures). External plug-ins also help expand the number of CAD file formats that Rhinoceros can support, allowing it to be compatible with Parasolid, Creo Parametric, Siemens NX, and other formats.

3D printing is possible in Rhinoceros through the use of specific external plug-ins. This makes the software immensely useful for companies who don’t only want to come up with a design but also want to turn it into a prototype and see how it looks and functions in real life.

All of these show that Rhinoceros is an incredibly powerful piece of software that can be used in a wide range of projects. But here’s the thing: the effectiveness and potential of Rhinoceros highly depend on the skills of the person using it. So, if you’re planning to use this software in your project, make sure to find someone who’s well-versed in Rhinoceros services and knows how to maximize the tools and features that the software offers.

Start your search here at Cad Crowd by browsing through our list of top-rated experts to find the right freelance Rhinoceros designer for your project. You can rely on them to complete a one-off project from start to finish, but you can also integrate them into your team to increase your productivity and finish your tasks on time. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure that our Rhinoceros freelancers are more than able to help you.

Learn more about freelance RhinoCAD on Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd is a platform where people can find the best professionals for any RhinoCAD design project. Our goal is to connect every client with a freelance CAD expert capable of designing the best product. We have vetted designers and experts that are thoroughly tested, pre-qualified, experienced, as well as certified, and we stand behind their work. We are sure that once they are finished, you will get the design that you have always wanted. Leave the hassle of online hiring aside and connect only with expert RhinoCAD freelancers from Cad Crowd.

RhinoCAD, also known as Rhino3D, Rhino or Rhinoceros, is a famous CAD (computer-aided design) and 3D computer graphics program created by Robert McNeel and Associates. The geometry of this program is based on the mathematical model known as NURBS. This model is entirely focused on creating a mathematically accurate representation of freeform surfaces and curves in computer graphics. So, generally speaking, RhinoCAD is a free-form surface modeler that uses the help of NURBS. RhinoCAD is modular software thanks to its open SDK and app architecture. 

RhinoCAD allows users to customize the interface in a number of different ways and make custom menus and commands. The best part is that users can use some of the many plug-ins that will make the use of this software even more accessible and more efficient. This application software is used in the field of architecture, animation, rendering, prototyping, 3D printing, as well as many other fields.

RhinoCAD works on both Windows OS and OS X and has a specific file format - .3D. The format itself is useful because it allows users to get involved in NURBS geometry exchange. RhinoCAD provides compatibility with a broad range of software solutions, and it supports more than 30 different CAD file formats for both exporting and importing. Some of these file formats include .3ds, AI, IGES, STEP, VDA, TGA, VRML, POV, STL, FBX and DWG, and DFX. 

Another great thing about RhinoCAD is that it supports plug-ins made from different companies and individuals, allowing for greater customization and flexibility. It has specialized plug-ins for import and export, CAM, rendering, analysis, animation as well as plug-ins designed for different activities. 

All the designers you can find on our platform are ready to start working with your right away. They will help you with the entire design process and keep you informed about every stage of the project from the beginning to the moment you get the final files. They have mastered all the features of RhinoCAD, and they will provide the best results.

Our community includes a substantial number of RhinoCAD specialists from every corner of our planet. Cad Crowd connects clients with top-ranked experts. Send us info about your project. We will quickly analyze your requirements and needs, and we will suggest a few top-notch professionals that can help you. Start working with our designers right away! 

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