Brendan Pankratz
Global rank:
1,861 / 38,283
Skill pts: 12


The ability to create is one of the few things that makes humans unique. It's in this calling that we find purpose and meaning. I want to help you create your "thing". If you already have a "thing", I want to help you refine, document, and improve it. I've done this over and again during my career with both "things" and "processes".

Below you'll find the services I currently offer.

-Furniture design
-3D modeling
-CAD drawings
-Product design
-Photorealistic rendering
-Process design
-Technical writing (documentation, manuals, product descriptions, etc.)

If you have a project that doesn't fall into one of the categories listed above, please contact me. I usually respond within 1 hour and I promise to get back to you within 12 hours.

Let's work together and get this done.

A little personal:

1) I live with my wife and two young children in Ozark, MO.
2) I'm an avid woodworker and furniture designer. I've designed and built most of the furniture in our home from MO black walnut. Quality-built furniture is nearly impossible to find unless you build it yourself. So I do.
3) I love to play guitar in my spare time. I'm self-taught, but have been at it for nearly 15 years and love it more every day.
4) I'm passionate about self-improvement. I find great satisfaction in learning new skills and improving my personal human capital.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ASK!


"Brendan is exceptionally talented and a great person to work with!"

"Great ideas and communication skills, an absolute pleasure to work with!"

"Brendan is a strong asset to the company and the department. He handles multiple jobs well. He is very organized and efficient."

"Brendan has excelled in every assignment."

"Brendan can always be counted upon to deliver."


  • University of Minnesota Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2010 graduation


Ozark, MO, United States