I am a freelance 3D modeler. I prepare 3D prototype of product using CAD software from picture, graphic layout or any ideas, illustrated on paper or tablet . It can be customer electronic, furniture, tools, package, automotive, medical devices, toys etc. I will rise 3D from 2D as detailed, as sketch it shows. I am using Rhino 3D ( with T– spline or Clayoo). After applying color, texture and material model or assembly can be used in: visual and interactive 3D presentation, advertising, manufacturing, game industry or CNC processing. I am willing and responsible for build on time model meeting all requirements.
Nicholas B

3D Models


  • Rhino certified courses advanced level Rhino 3D advanced level, 3D modeling, 3D design 2018 graduation


Odessa, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine