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Have you got an idea for a gadget that the world needs to have? Well, then you're the person to make it happen! Take advantage of additive manufacturing technologies to produce your invention cost-effectively and quickly. Whether you need to produce one unit or thousands, 3D printing is a versatile and powerful tool for producing new products.

At Cad Crowd, we have high-quality 3D CAD services and freelancers ready to turn your sketch or concept into a full-fledged 3D model ready for rapid prototyping. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a company looking to utilize 3D printing, our designers can help. We have a host of professionals who are skilled at using all of the latest software including SolidWorks and AutoCAD, and can adapt to whatever timeline you desire.

With 3D printing, you can produce custom busts, simple and complex parts, electronic wraps, robotics, toys, models, and more. The variety of materials available allows for a wide range of applications and mechanical requirements. You can also speed up the prototyping process through additive manufacturing. Our designers can create 3D models for you that are ready to be printed. They can be used as prototypes, saving you the cost and lead time involved in traditional prototyping methods. 3D printing is the best way to see how your gadget will look and behave in real time without the expenses of creating a traditional prototype.

The rapid growth of additive manufacturing has led to the ability to 3D print electromechanical parts. This allows designers and engineers to create parts and entire gadgets quicker than before and opens up the door for on-demand manufacturing. As 3D printing becomes more affordable, more companies are opting to use it to produce their designs.

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We set ourselves apart from conventional design firms by offering a full range of services for inventors. Our network of product development professionals includes designers, modelers, and manufacturers. We also connect inventors with expert patent attorneys so you can protect your intellectual property.

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With technologies like fused deposition modeling and DMLS, a wide range of metals and production-grade thermoplastics are available for 3D printing that offer a range of mechanical properties to suit any condition. When you add the potential of reinforced composite parts, 3D printing can be used even for highly sensitive electronic equipment. Whatever the intended purpose of your gadget, 3D printing can make it happen.

Our world-class 3D designers will work with you to create a 3D model of your gadget optimized for direct digital manufacturing. From the simple to the sophisticated, our freelance designers are ready to help you bring your gadget into the world. Get a quote now, and connect with the world's best CAD services.

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