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The development of CAD has drastically affected the fashion industry. While some fashion designers often sketch initial drafts by hand, just as many use CAD programs and 3D modeling for sketching and prototyping. 2D CAD software creates the initial sketch, ensuring the product has the right shape and design. Then, the 2D sketch is turned into a 3D design, where it's tested on virtual models. It's an excellent method for visualizing how a design will work in real life and how it will function on a body before manufacturing it.

Using CAD, designers can cut back on lead time, as they can quickly and efficiently create sketches and entire 3D designs that are easy to change. The programs allow fashion designers to alter their designs without needing to recreate entire drawings. Instead, they can load the file and make the change, which is instantly reflected. 

CAD fashion designers use programs like Telestia Creator to create designs. With this program, a single item can be quickly adapted and made to have different patterns and be made with different materials. As mentioned, designers can also test their designs on virtual models. If they don't like how a particular material fits a model, they can easily make alterations in the same file and test it again quickly and precisely. 

This reduces manufacturing costs by allowing the designers to test their clothing designs on models without purchasing the materials. Being able to make alterations on the fly is priceless. Designers can also view the entire design process, looking back at steps taken to determine where errors were introduced and allowing them to create multiple products from the same frame. CAD increases the speed at which fashion designers can turn their concept into a market-ready, manufactured product.

CAD for shoe design and jewelry

There are a variety of CAD programs that exist solely for jewelry design, including 3DESIGN and FireStorm CAD. These programs enable jewelry design services to design detailed and intricate jewelry, most commonly rings and gemstones. When using CAD, companies can also use CNC machines to engrave pieces.

Shoe designers also love to use CAD and have been for decades. Prototypes for shoes, sneakers, and athletic runners, are available for new shoe product design. Footwear CAD programs allow designers to create specialized soles that are complex and detailed. This allows for customized orthopedic footwear. These programs also ensure a shoe fits comfortably and is accurately sized.

3D printing and CAD fashion design

Meanwhile, fashion designers have already started using 3D printing technology to improve their fashion designs. While we aren't buying 3D printed clothing in stores yet, several designers are using the technology to create entire designs and parts. This technology will continue to affect the fashion industry, and if you start using 3D printing services now, you'll be ahead of the game.

If you have sketches that you'd like to turn into 3D models, Cad Crowd can connect you with CAD freelancers who are experts in the field. Our designers can make you a model ready for manufacturing using 3D printing or traditional manufacturing. Whether you're designing clothing, accessories, or jewelry, our 3D modelers will help you bring your vision to life. Get a quote now.

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CAD and 3D modeling are ideal for creating unique and exciting handbags, sunglasses, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Whether you're an independent fashion designer looking to turn your sketches into fleshed out models ready for manufacturing or a fashion design firm looking for CAD assistance, Cad Crowd has you covered.

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