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We help companies hire freelance CAD designers and 3D modelers for custom jewelry and ring design

Hire a 3D Modeler for Your Custom Jewelry Design Projects

Do you have an idea for fantastic new designer jewelry? Take advantage of Cad Crowd's world-class network of product design specialists and 3D modelers to translate your concept into a workable CAD design ready for production. Our CAD jewelry design services are available for both private designers as well as individuals looking to create their own custom jewelry. Whether you're a company or an entrepreneur looking to bring new jewelry to market, or you're an individual with an idea for your own personal piece, our flexible freelance jewelry services are completely customizable to meet the requirements and timeline of your specific project.

Our top-ranking and pre-qualified designers have a deep and extensive knowledge of jewelry making, design, and manufacturing. We're ready to work with you to create custom pieces or collections of any style, in any shape, and of any size. We can start with you right from the start to help develop the initial concept, or you can provide us with sketches or pictures of your existing idea. 

3D modeling technologies have opened up a whole new world of potential when it comes to creating customized jewelry and accessories. Our expert 3D artists can create pieces to your exact specifications, or can work with you to create something wholly original and unique to you. 

Computer Aided Design has transformed jewelry making, allowing for even the tiniest diamonds or other gems to be spaced with extreme accuracy that could never be matched by hand carving. You also get the benefit of being able to see your jewelry through stunning photorealistic renderings of the 3D model, giving you insights that go far beyond simple sketches and drawings. 

freelance jewelry designWhether you're looking to create custom jewelry designs for yourself or for the market, work with the best! Our expert designers will take you through every step of the creative process. Once you've got your design, they can help you make material selection decisions, and recommend the supplies and services you'll need to bring your pieces to life. 

Using advanced CAD technology, prototypes can be quickly and easily produced through additive manufacturing. When you're feeling good about your piece, our designers can create a 3D printable digital file so you can get a sense of how your jewelry will look and feel without the costs and lead-time of conventional prototyping. And as with any CAD design, the digital file can easily be adapted, allowing for iterative design with almost no overhead costs. 

  • Concept design and sketching
  • 3D CAD design and 3D modeling
  • 3D printable prototype designs
  • Custom wedding/engagement rings
  • Design from pictures 
Custom Fit Services for Customized Jewelry

From jewels to diamonds, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chains, and rings, the creative potential of jewelry is infinite. With a talented CAD designer, there's no limit to what you can create! By operating with efficient business practices and without the overhead costs, Cad Crowd is able to offer world-class design talent for a fraction of the price of traditional jewelry design companies. Our services are tailor-fit to meet the specific individual needs of our clients, meaning you get the services you need that match your project, deadline, and budget. 

Our expert designers understand the manufacturing process and will work with you to create models of your jewelry design optimized for rapid manufacturing and prototyping. With 3D printing technology, it's never been easier or more cost-effective to transfer from the design phase to prototyping and production, whether you're looking to produce a unique pair of wedding bands or a line of jewelry for sale on the market. From stainless steel anklets to wooden pendants, we've got your covered!

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Modern Design Technology Meets Cutting Edge Jewelry

3D printing offers unlimited design potential for both individuals and businesses. With a variety of metal, plastic, and resins available, your jewelry can be made from a wide range of materials. Our CAD designers will work with you to create the ideal 3D model of your jewelry design, which can be transferred directly to the highly detailed and precise additive manufacturing process. Or you can take your design and create conventionally manufactured pieces. The choice is yours!

If you're looking for crowdsourcing, we also offer crowdsourced design competitions! Describe your contest, set the prize amount, review the submissions, and select the winners! Benefit from our community of freelance designers. With submissions from designers of different backgrounds and styles, you're sure to find something inspiring. 

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