Product Design Crowdsourcing Contests

Post design contests and hire freelance CAD designers for your new product design and development project. Review submissions from our network of thousands of qualified designers and 3D modelers.

Steps to Post a Product Design Contest

1. Write what you need

Write your project summary, set a timeline and decide on your budget.

2. Review submissions

Based from the submissions of the designers who joined the contest and make changes until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

3. Pick your favorite design

Finally, choose the winning designer! After reviewing submissions, choose the design that you like best and award the prize to the freelancer of your choice.

Benefits of Product Design Crowdsourcing Challenges

With a design competition, you get to review numerous entries from talented designers and product developers, but you only have to pay for the winners! There's no more cost-effective way to review several design proposals. Crowdsourcing is great for smaller projects, and you get to decide the size of the contest prize — the bigger the award, the more entries you're likely to see. Choose the amount that suits your project!

Our network includes thousands of CAD design freelancers ready to submit proposals for your product design project. You have complete ownership of the final winning design, and we provide a money-back guarantee that you only pay for designs that meet your contest description.

Post a design contest today. 

Latest CAD design projects

Soap Sponge

Hello, I am working on a project for a soap dispensing sponge. I have rough CAD drawings, animations and existing product examples of desired features. I need a professional...

Under $799
COVID-19 Classroom Safety and 3D Product Design Challenge (open-source designs)

The fall semester is quickly approaching, and schools and colleges are under pressure to re-open after the Coronavirus lockdown temporarily shifted classes online. This can present...

Under $799
Calling all pet product designers for a new innovative dog feeding board.

Calling all pet designers, help me make the dog bowl great again!! Small start-up company looking to disrupt the dog feeding bowl market. When you have a dog, you want to do all...

Under $4,999
Animal (and other) themed kettlebells

This is a competition to design animal (and other) themed kettlebells. It is important that there are no sharp edges and no protruding elements that could cause injury or get stuck...

Under $799
4-to-Score Giant

We are an e-commerce company selling on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and our e-commerce website. Our target audience is Children. We want to design a 4-to-Score Giant like this url...

Under $799

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