Spartan Kettle Bell

in Product Design held by Neil McCulloch
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I'm a looking for a drawing that incorporates the "Spartan Helmet" (the movie 300) onto the front surface of a 20kg kettle bell. The idea is to hold the Kettle Bell with the the Spartan Mask facing forward. We are looking at having the Kettle Bell cast or machined from the drawings. I have attached a few samples of the Spartan Helmet
3D drawings would be preffered however, if the drawings had dimmensional "shop" dimms. that would suffuce at this time.
Don't Wants:
We do not want the "frock or Mowhak on top of the handle nor do we want the intitail drawing that was provided by another machine shop. I've attached it for your reference
  1. TBD
Additional Information
<p>Great submissions so far. However, I'm looking for something that stands out of the bell ie: 3D helmet that is CAST or Machined. Here is a link to another KettleBell manufacturer that may give the impression of what we're looking for.</p>


#25 Spartan_Helmet by Amir Perle
you can chose Ball 01 or Ball 02
Jan 18, 2013 6:14
#24 Spartan_Helmet_Ball02. by Amir Perle
this is the 2nd option
Jan 11, 2013 7:50
#23 Concept_2 by Hiren Patel
Let me know if you want any modification.
Dec 29, 2012 16:25
#22 Concept_1 by Hiren Patel
Dec 29, 2012 16:22
#21 Spartan Kettle Bell 20 kg 03 by Tsetso
Dec 28, 2012 21:21
#20 Spartan Kettle bell by Kwikcad
20kg Spartan Kettle Bell prepared in Solidowrk2012.
Dec 27, 2012 1:21
#19 Spartan Kettle Bell.04.(Only.Helmet) by Zaher
Dec 26, 2012 18:41
#18 This! Is! Kettle! - finalised by Vedran Starcevic
Finalized version of kettle - base and "decorations" added. 3D pdf attached, production files available if contest won.
Dec 26, 2012 16:33
#17 This Is 3 by Matt N.
model of dumbbell updated with screaming mouth, eyes, and flat spot on back with the weight indication. Drawing file also attached to show dims and mass of dumbbell.
Dec 26, 2012 15:41
#16 Spartan.Kettle.Bell.03 by Zaher
Dec 24, 2012 1:49
#15 This! Is! Kettle! by Vedran Starcevic
Please find first draft attached, just to determine is this the way you want to go - more "organic" and helmety like. Comments and ideas more than welcome. 3D pdf attached for easier preview.
Dec 23, 2012 13:30
#2 Spartan Kettle Bell by Matt N.
20 kg Kettle Bell with an emboss feature of the Spartan helmet
Nov 28, 2012 22:12
#12 Kettlebell style 2 by Dual2
Please see attached files for Spatan Kettle bell design.
Dec 20, 2012 22:39
#11 Spartan Kettle bell by Dual2
solidworks native file, also include iges, sat, step, stl. image of mass properties.
Dec 15, 2012 23:34
#9 kettle bell by ezer153
Dec 7, 2012 3:37
#8 Spartan Kettle Bell - redesigned by Matt N.
20 kg. Spartan Kettle Bell
with drawing attached to show the mass of the kettle bell.
Dec 4, 2012 17:33
#7 Spartan Kettle Bell 20 KG by Tsetso
I send you two variations of mask. The first variation is on free design of mask, the second variation is with dimensions 11 x 9 x 6.7 inch.If you like my design i ready to discuss about upgrade design.
Dec 2, 2012 20:07
#6 20kg spartan bell by hudson.3d
20kg spartan bell
Dec 1, 2012 14:34
#4 Spartan.Kettle.Bell.02 by Zaher
Nov 29, 2012 20:01
#3 Spartan Kettle Bell.01 by Zaher
Nov 28, 2012 23:50




Sun, 06 Jan 2013 00:52:34 +0000
any update....
Wed, 12 Dec 2012 20:55:01 +0000
Any format at this time is acceptable
Wed, 12 Dec 2012 19:53:46 +0000
Design should be in TDB or Catiav 5 is ok?
Wed, 28 Nov 2012 22:12:14 +0000
Production of a Kettle Bell. Approximately 11.0 inch x 9.0 inch x 7.75 inch.
Wed, 28 Nov 2012 21:39:28 +0000
I don't see where the exercise Kettle Bell is and how the mask is placed upon it. T


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