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SolidWorks is a computer software used in computer-aided design (CAD services). With over 3.5 million license holders worldwide, SolidWorks is one of the most popular modeling programs on the market. Since SolidWorks is so popular, you won’t have to worry about compatibility with your production or manufacturing client. More likely than not their system will be designed to work with SolidWorks file formats.

All of the design freelancers who work with Cad Crowd are experts in CAD software and programs, including SolidWorks. The use of SolidWorks helps our designers to reduce production times and costs for your project. The software’s advanced features also let our designers track the changes they make to the design and archive outdated versions for later reference. 

The software uses parameters, design intent, and features to allow its users to customize their 3D models.

  • Parameters are values that help the software determine the shape of the object. There are numeric parameters, including line lengths and circle diameters, or geometric parameters, including tangent, parallel, concentric, horizontal, or vertical.
  • Features can be either shape-based or operation based. Shape-based features are dictated by shape, like bosses, holes, and slits and are usually sketched into the design in 2D or 3D. The shape is then incorporated into the design, either adding or removing material needed. Operation based features don’t need to be sketched, and include aspects like fillets, chamfers, shells, and applying draft to the faces of a part.
  • Design intent is usually what defines the features added into the design. It also dictates how the features on the object will respond to any changes in size.

SolidWorks is used by our freelance CAD designers and engineers to offer you a number of engineering services:

With this software, designs are that much more accurate and precise. It’s the ideal software for drafting, modeling, animation, and analysis. 

SolidWorks drafting services

Our freelancers use SolidWorks to provide detailed drawings for any project. The software allows for the use of material callouts and manufacturing tolerances, ensuring all designs are production ready when sent back to you. SolidWorks has the functionality that allows designers to include a bill of materials and assembly instructions with their draft, so there are no questions about the intent of the design. 

SolidWorks 3D modeling services

Modeling is made exponentially easier with SolidWorks, as it keeps all of the project documents synchronized, including models, drafts, archives, and drawings. The software automatically tracks the defined parameters and updates them across documents when any changes are made. If you want multiple different versions of your design, the documents will also be updated to match each variation.

SolidWorks has the functionality needed for 3D modeling, including the ability to generate surfaces for any shape. It can also analyze the model to determine the solid mass properties and volume of the object. The program can be used for modeling 3D parts and assemblies. These can be imported from sketches, other images, and scanned data, or can be directly created in the program and included in the design file.

3D animation services with SolidWorks

Our designers use the animation features in SolidWorks to bring your 3D model prototype to the next level. Adding animation to a prototype lets you see the full range of motion of your product and identify any areas of its functionality that need to be tweaked or improved before production begins. It also helps you to see how the different parts of an assembly will interact with each other, which may or may not be how you had initially intended. If changes need to be made to the functionality of the assembly, it’s better to get them out of the way before they become expensive production problems. 

Tolerance analysis services with SolidWorks

There are several different types of analysis that can be performed by using SolidWorks and our designers can do them all. Tolerance analysis refers to engineering tolerances. The software allows our designers to analyze the tolerances needed to ensure proper production of the product or structure. Structural analysis with SolidWorks allows for the basic linear assessment of each part in the assembly in relation to forces and pressures. The software includes outputs for stress, factor of safety (FOS), and resultant displacement, as well as the ability to animate the results to show the full scale of impact from the outputs on each part in an assembly. 

SolidWorks also allows for both transient and steady-state thermal analysis, which measures fluid flow and printed circuit boards. Fatigue analysis is another important step to take before moving into the production phase of the manufacturing process. This function of the program simulates failure of the assembly under a number of different conditions, to assess how the assembly will respond to environmental stresses. Electronic cooling analysis is critical for any electronic design process. It gives the option to create unique cooling strategies for each assembly, which ensures that the product will not overheat during use or idle time.

Motion analysis is another analytic feature SolidWorks offers. The program is equipped with physics-based motion analytic abilities, used for measuring displacements, springs, velocities, accelerations, dampers, forces, and torque. 


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