Crowdsourcing Engineering Services

Post a crowdsourced design contest for your engineering project. Hire expert freelance engineers for your mechanical, civil, or structural engineering project. You set the prize and pick the winner of the challenge!

Steps to Post a Crowdsource Engineering Contest

1. Write what you need

Write your project summary, set a timeline and decide on your budget.

2. Review submissions

Based from the submissions of the designers who joined the contest and make changes until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

3. Pick your favorite design

Finally, choose the winning designer! After reviewing submissions, choose the design that you like best and award the prize to the freelancer of your choice.

Advantages of Crowdsourcing Contests for Engineering

Crowdsourcing contests are a great way to find the freelance engineering services your project needs. With so many freelancers in Cad Crowd's network, you'll receive several submissions, giving you flexibility in choosing the freelancer and the design you want to move forward with. You get to set the contest prize amounts, and you select the winner. 

Our network includes mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and electrical engineers. Our freelancers can handle any engineering job. Post a design contest today, and describe the needs of your project.

Latest CAD design projects

Electric Ducted Fan

We are looking to develop an electric ducted fan (EDF) for use on a large VTOL drone. A ducted fan design was selected over an open prop primarily for safety reasons. The hub,...

Under $4,999
Design A New Way to Wring A Sponge Mop Dry

We're looking for a new and smart way to wring out water from a sponge mop. Currently, there are several methods in the market, including two popular solutions: the Butterfly...

Under $1,499
Design a new Step Stool

The challenge is to design a new and improved Step Stool than those in the market place. Pls note: Step Stools are different from Step Ladders. Step Stools usually have 2-Steps or...

Under $1,499
box stacker

We need a box stacker designed We want you to build a simple box stacker that goes over a conveyor belt. We are willing to purchase a few of these, we will purchase a top labeler...

Under $799
Complete Pressure Vessel Calculations

Complete Pressure vessel calculations required in accordance with ASME code Section VIII Div I.

Under $799

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