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Not too long ago, if you wanted detailed and crisp graphics of an architectural project or commercial property, then your only options were to hire a photographer at completion. Today, things are a lot different due to the introduction of 3D visualization, 3D rendering services, and photorealistic rendering. While all these terms sound slightly different, they significantly relate to one another. These design techniques are a way to produce visual content with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) software.

The need to pay for a photographer, scoping out locations, staging various scenes, or paying additional costs for photo editing are gone. You no longer have to wait for weather conditions to let up, or deal with physical limitations. With 3D visualization services, there is no limit to creativity. You can quickly request color changes in furniture, or for a part of the landscape to be removed. You can test how the light will impact the visuals at specific angles while also trying out various locations for energy systems within the property.

3D visualization, 3D rendering, and photorealistic rendering can bring many benefits to you and your company. However, before you can realize these advantages, you have to take the first crucial step: hiring a talented and capable designer.

We understand that this is probably one of—if not the most—critical decisions you will make during the design process. This reason is why our team at Cad Crowd has spent a better part of the last decade helping entrepreneurs and business owners find and work with exceptional design talent.

Our team vets each Cad Crowd designer to determine their experience in their designated niche. We believe in making the 3D visualization and corresponding hiring process as straightforward as possible.

For more insight into why you should consider investing in 3D visualization services, and how Cad Crowd can help you do this effectively, read on.

What is 3D visualization?

Whether we are discussing 3D rendering or photorealistic rendering, both are rooted in 3D visualization. You may have heard this term used interchangeably with 3D graphics, CAD, computer-generated imagery (CGI), or photorealistic design. While it can seem complicated in nature, 3D visualization is simple. At its core, it is the process by which lifelike graphical content is produced.

The goal of 3D visualization is to produce visual content for audiences, which can be in the form of an image or animation. This technique is markedly different from the creation of complicated design plans, drafts, or design files for construction, manufacturing, or analysis. 3D visualization is meant to engage the audience and make an understanding of what it is representing straightforward. It is supposed to make images more lifelike to the viewer, which in turn communicates a message. Considering today’s climate of consumerism and the attachment to visual content and messaging, 3D visualization services are more relevant than ever.

Who is using 3D visualization services?

3D visualization services are everywhere. Whenever you see digitally created media, whether it be on a show, in video games, or on a billboard, 3D visualization and 3D rendering are at work. 3D visualization offers unparalleled creativity and artistic freedom. As a result, many companies in a variety of sectors are using this technique. Here are a few common uses for 3D visualization and photorealistic rendering services:

  • Business and economics – Companies can use 3D visualization to share business data in graphical form, while economists may use it to tell a story about the current status of the economy. Here the goal is to represent business data in a way that is easy for all stakeholders to understand.
  • Marketing – Each sector can use 3D visualization to better market their work (this especially ties into architecture and engineering). However, regarding marketing itself, many have used 3D visualization to market ideas, concepts, or products with the help of infographics. Infographics are the combination of graphics (sometimes 3D) and relevant company data. This form of data visualization is a favorite for many and is still widely used.
  • Architecture and engineering – A designer can take the drafts, site plans, and layouts to create a 3D visualization that adheres to necessary specifications. This situation can happen with architecture as well as the engineering of a car or other type of machinery. Designers can create 3D renderings of the interior and exterior of the designs, and make it easy for contractors like interior designers or building professionals to come in and complete the design process.
  • Video games and entertainment – 3D visualization is responsible for the cinematic and gaming blockbusters created by Marvel, Sony, Microsoft, and countless other gaming and entertainment companies. They can make a fictional character or land to look lifelike, making players and viewers genuinely care about the outcome.
  • Healthcare – Today, the healthcare industry is making great strides when it comes to the role 3D visualization can take in saving lives. Specific software allows doctors to visualize various organs and for biomedical engineers to develop state-of-the-art medical equipment.

These are only just a few of the common uses for 3D visualization services. This design technique allows us to create images of things we would have never thought possible a decade ago. Whether it be the landscape of a distant planet or the newest superhero, 3D visualization is a useful design technique for many companies. If you can see how 3D visualizations can be used at your company, we want to help you do it effectively. 

The team at Cad Crowd can assist you in finding the right designer for your next photorealistic rendering project. If you are interested in how this process works, we invite you to check out our How It Works page. It details the common three ways we can ensure you find the design talent that you need.

The uses of 3D visualization services in architecture

One of the sectors that have seen an increased—and needed¬—use of 3D visualization is in architecture. This industry is a unique and appropriate fit for this design technique. Many times, in the world of architecture and real estate, customers are asked to make decisions based off of what will be. For example, purchasing land to develop it later, buying an unfurnished home, or renting a property in a building or commercial development before it is built are all common scenarios in architecture.

Fortunately, 3D visualization and 3D architectural visualization companies make this process a lot less complex while also putting buyers at ease. Today, customers can now visualize what a property will look like before it is built. This scenario extends to new developments as well as renovations. Now, customers can make better decisions about what they want before the project is complete. Also, architects, building contractors, and others involved in the process can provide more accurate quotes and costs.

Today’s 3D visualization technology enables potential buyers or renters to have a virtual walkthrough of a location, see various furniture configurations, or watch animations of what a day in the life at the property would be like. 3D visualization has made these activities possible, which has made it a lot easier for architects and real estate firms to engage with clients and sell the property.

If you’re looking to improve your architectural marketing and branding strategies, 3D visualization may be the resource that is fit for your business needs. At Cad Crowd, we have a variety of freelancers who specialize in 3D visualization services, especially concerning architecture. If you are looking for a talented designer in this niche, we invite you to look through our global network of design talent. Again, selecting an experienced designer is an excellent first step in the design process.

The ways 3D visualization can benefit your firm

It may seem like it isn’t worth the money. However, think about the last time you, your family member, or even a friend made a large purchase. Think about the research that likely went into the process. Now, think about whether you would have made the same decision if a 3D visualization of some kind was not involved.

Whether someone is looking for an apartment or needs to renovate their kitchen, they want some idea of how the project is going to turn out. As a result, 3D visualization can give you and your architectural firm a considerable competitive advantage. As mentioned earlier, in today’s world, 3D visualization has almost come to be expected when one is looking for a home, apartment, or even a commercial property.

You want to ensure that the person who is making the purchase has all the information they need to make the best decision. A 3D rendering allows them to see themselves in the space, and truly understand if the property works for them and their goals. So, if you are still on the fence, here are a few ways 3D visualization can give you and your company a competitive advantage.

Market and share what you can do – As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Now, what if that picture includes photorealistic renderings, accurate specifications, and sharp graphics? Again, today’s consumer is driven more by exemplary visual content than ever before. Therefore, sharing your 3D visualizations is an excellent way to market your services and get your audience on board before the project is completed. 

Save money and time – Think about all the resources you are saving by using 3D visualization. Instead of spending money on lighting, photography, photo editing, and any equipment they need to take specific shots, you can instead efficiently create a 3D visualization. These graphics are much quicker to produce and edit, which will diminish the costs and time.

Catch errors before they happen – Are you using the wrong color for the room, or is the door slightly off from the specification? 3D visualization allows you and your clients to get a detailed view of the proposed plan. You can then request any changes before the project moves any further. This advantage of 3D visualization will also save you money and time.

Provides unparalleled views – There are no limits to what you can visualize regarding the various angles of your project. Whether you want a top-down perspective, a side look, or a bottom-up visual, you can set up a variety of views. You don’t need to purchase a drone or hire a photographer. Also, some of these angles would almost be possible to get without 3D visualization.

Give your customers options – You can provide a wide range of options to your customers and clients. 3D visualization makes it easy and efficient to create multiple types of 3D renderings that allow everyone to try out an idea without having to commit. Whether they want a look at a specific piece of furniture or paint color, your customers can get a look at the options that are available to them without you having to spend much money.

Take advantage of virtual and augmented reality – More and more individuals are starting to use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) during the shopping experience. Smartphones can now allow consumers to walk through a virtual space, or overlay furniture onto an already existing room. 3D visualization and photorealistic rendering enable you to make this advancement in technology occur.

Accuracy – Do the specifications work in this area? How accurate are measurements? Well, 3D visualization and 3D rendering enable you to answer those questions. In addition to ensuring the specifications work, our team of designers can also use Google map data to use the correct topography for the project. Ultimately, we know that accuracy is crucial to your project, and we will strive to take all specifications into account and ensure that designs are created with precision.

In today’s world, visual content is more impactful than ever. This reason is why many companies are making techniques like 3D visualization more of a priority than ever. Ultimately, the goal of any design technique is to better connect and communicate with your audiences. We are in the business of helping companies do exactly that. 

Our team at Cad Crowd understands the power of design and how it can positively impact your business. So, we have built a global network of design professionals who are pre-vetted, experienced, and prepared to offer exceptional design services. 

The benefits of outsourcing your 3D visualization services

Not only is the technique of 3D visualization a benefit to your business, but there are also advantages associated with outsourcing this service. Take a look at the reasons why sending out this service can help further your business goals and make life easier for your team.

Better pricing – You stand to save a lot of money when hiring a 3D CAD designer. Instead of paying for an annual salary, you only have to pay for the work that is done. You are likely to be able to save even more since you can negotiate and come to a payment that is mutually beneficial for you and the freelance designer.

Quickly find talent – Instead of having to go to multiple job boards or comb the internet for design talent, platforms like ours make it easy to locate exceptional design talent without the stress. Since all of our designers are pre-vetted, you can trust that you are finding someone who can hit the ground running.

Free up the time of your team – If you have in-house designers, hiring a freelancer to offer additional support can free up your team to focus on core business activities that only they (or you) can do. A freelance designer can take over the crucial tasks that still need to get done.

Better support your clients and customers – Hiring extra help will give you a better opportunity to more efficiently handle 3D visualization projects and meet—or even exceed—deadlines. This scenario enables you to be more agile in managing tasks and responsibilities. Also, you have a professional who is committed and dedicated to working on this project. They do not have to split their time between other duties like your employees.

Receive help from an expert – You have the option of receiving help and support from an experienced designer—at a likely reduced price. At the same time, you have access to someone with years of experience working with a variety of other clients. They can offer additional advice on design and can even provide their expertise in different areas if needed.

These are just a few of the advantages that come with outsourcing your 3D visualization designs to a freelancer. While there are many platforms out there to choose from, we want to be the team that you can depend on to find exceptional design talent. We have worked with the likes of Yale, Tiffany Co., Pepsi Co, and countless entrepreneurs. We are confident that we can help you find the ideal designer for your next project. 

Our 3D visualization services

Here are just a few of the services you can expect when you work with us:

3D exterior rendering – The exterior of the building is the first thing someone sees that draws someone into a space. It is the first impression, and it helps your case to show off an excellent photorealistic exterior view of a commercial or residential property. Whether it be roofing, exterior textures, or foundational structures, our team can produce an exceptional 3D exterior rendering that wows your customers.

3D commercial renderings – Do you already have wireframe models? Do you have an idea of how you want a space to look? If so, we can get you on the way to receiving an excellent 3D rendering of commercial space.

3D aerial rendering – Why not give your customers a different view of an area? Offering aerial views allows them to take in a variety of angles of the location, and will enable contractors to see how the space fits into the landscape. Whether you want to create a visualization of the whole area or want to put 3D graphics on top of already existing footage, our designers can provide that service.

3D interior renderings – While the exterior view may reel them in, the internal view can seal the deal. Seeing the potential furniture configurations, paint colors, and the placement of various angles can help them make their final purchasing decisions. Again, visual content is crucial during the research phase for customers. Our team can help you present a 3D interior rendering that excites your audience.

3D house rendering – Need to increase views of your listing? Is remodeling necessary? If so, a 3D house rendering is the next best step. These visualizations are an excellent way to give customers an idea of what to expect before they walk into a home and view it for themselves. Get them excited by providing them with what they can look forward to.

For a look at more of the design offerings that we provide, we encourage you to take a look at our services page. From patent services to 3D printing, there are many ways that we can further your design goals.

Allow us to handle your next 3D visualization project

We know that you have a lot riding on your residential or commercial project. You have stakeholders to inform, and customers to convince. This step is where we come in. Our global network of designers can bring a variety of expertise and skills to your next 3D visualization projects.

We have worked with large corporations as well as entrepreneurs. We know that your designs need to align with your business goals. This reason is why our team is focused on taking the stress out of finding design talent. You no longer have to comb multiple websites, calling references, and searching through resumes. Our team is handling the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Whether you need aerial drone footage, a 3D interior rendering, or a virtual walkthrough, our team is ready to provide all the design help you need. Wherever you are in the 3D visualization process, we are ready to help. 

If you are in the process of finding an exceptional freelance designer, we invite you to reach out for a free quote today.

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