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Before you purchase anything, you want to get a feel for what you’re getting. Whether you’re buying clothing or food, you like to see and interact with the product before purchasing it; this is possible for smaller items. However, what happens when you need to sell someone on something more extensive? This situation is the conundrum that architects and builders face. How do you get your audience invested in what you’re building before it is built? This is where 3D architectural visualization comes into the equation.

For years, builders have used various methods to give stakeholders a peek into what they expect from a building project. From clay to wood, visualization has taken on many forms. However, today’s technology takes months of work and turns into days. CAD services can use premier software tools to exhibit a new architectural idea. Today, 3D architectural visualization almost immediately gives viewers insight into the functionality and aesthetic of a space.

3D architectural visualization is a necessary tool for developers, architects, builders, contractors, and those in the real estate industry. However, the first step before realizing the benefits of 3D architectural visualization is finding a freelance designer who best fits your product.

It would help if you had someone who has the skill, knowledge, professionalism, flexibility, and understanding of your industry and can care for your design needs. More freelance design talent is out there than ever, but finding these people can prove taxing. That is where the team at Cad Crowd comes in. Our team connects pre-vetted and skilled freelance designers with entrepreneurs and business owners. We aim to make it easy to find the design help you need. Read on to see how vital 3D architectural visualization is to your design project and how we can help.

What is 3D architectural visualization?

These projects aim to gain the approval of internal and external stakeholders. These visualizations can come in a variety of forms. They may be on paper, a commercial, or a computer model that audiences can use on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These are typically photorealistic models that vividly reveal what everyone can expect a building to look like once it is completed. For 3D architectural visualization designers, this combines modeling, texturing, and lighting skills.

The result is a model that effortlessly communicates design ideas and concepts. You may be working with blueprints, complex layouts, and technical HVAC drawings that show what the inner workings of the building will look like. While those are crucial elements, your stakeholders need to see a model that is easy to understand and view. 3D architectural visualization allows you to help your audience bypass the complex weeds of design and only display the more straightforward and less complicated designs. You likely would feel uncomfortable purchasing something (especially an expensive product) without having the opportunity to see it beforehand. 3D architectural visualization addresses this problem by having your audience view a model that looks as if it has already been built.

The benefits of 3D architectural visualization for your company

We understand you have a business budget and must stay within that range. However, a good argument must be made for 3D architectural visualization to be a line item on your budget. Here are some benefits to ensuring this process is a part of your design plan:

Your ideas are easier to explain – A picture is worth a thousand words. A well-crafted 3D architectural visualization enables you to demonstrate your design ideas to stakeholders effectively. Whether they are customers or board members, the message is universal. Your photorealistic 3D architectural visualization is easy to understand. It is even more effective when a brief and sharp presentation accompanies it.

Discover project mistakes beforehand – You have your specifications and the reasons behind them. What if these requirements need to be altered? A 3D architectural visualization lets you capture these issues before breaking ground. You can quickly receive input on what to change and have the capability to alter them almost immediately.

Save money – 3D architectural visualization may not seem cost-effective, but it is. Technology's evolving nature and availability have made it much more affordable to render designs. Even free tools (i.e., Blender) reduce the cost of receiving 3D architectural visualization services. It would have cost a fortune to visualize buildings or properties years ago. Today, the increased accessibility of this technology and the growth in affordable talent (in the form of outsourcing) have made it easier to save money during this process.

Accuracy – Today’s technology can go beyond what was formerly possible. Many design software tools can use programs like Google Earth and Maps to produce accurate renderings that align with your available space. This step allows designers to mix real-life exterior scenes and data accurately with CAD-created visualizations and models. You can build upon virtual land while mimicking the real-life building process.

Easy to receive opinions of others – Once you receive a 3D architectural visualization, you don’t have to hold a meeting to share the designs with everyone. Today’s technology enables you to turn your designs into file types that can be quickly sent to other stakeholders using email or virtual drives. In short, you can quickly and easily distribute these designs to other individuals.

Market your services – You don’t have to wait to break ground on a future project before marketing your work. If you are trying to acquire new clients or sell your upcoming ideas, 3D architectural visualization allows you to do just that. This process enables you to get a jump on the marketing and promotions process before having a finished product. Also, you get the opportunity to get your audience excited about what they can expect. Be sure to spread your visualization around to get a feel from customers about what they think about your building concepts and ideas. This step is also a great time to ask for feedback and recommendations.

Engage everyone with detailed presentations – It is one thing to discuss the options and another to exhibit this in vivid detail. When you sit down to speak with your stakeholders, you can have a detailed and well-crafted 3D architectural visualization to show them. Again, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this model allows you to convey ideas and concepts during a presentation that would be challenging without it. Technologies like touchscreens, virtual reality, and animation allow you to have the flexibility to immerse your audience in several ways.

These benefits can put some ease on your budget as well as your design process as a whole. 3D architectural visualization can reduce errors, costs, time, and confusion about your audience's wants. You only stand to gain from this process. However, to truly realize the benefits of this method, you have to have a capable designer who knows what they are doing. Fortunately, our team at Cad Crowd can make this happen. 

Whether you need to purchase a block of time for a one-off project or require ongoing help, our platform is designed to make finding the ideal designer easy and straightforward. For more information on how we help to match designers with entrepreneurs, be sure to check out how it works.

Our 3D architectural visualization services

We have several services that complement the 3D architectural visualization skills our designers can provide. Here are some of the offerings you can expect from our global team of designers as you work with Cad Crowd:

Architectural drawing services – Do you know what you want for your next architectural project? Maybe you aren’t quite there yet, and our designers can help you deal with this by developing a compelling and informative architectural drawing. Whether you need a floor plan or a blueprint, our team can get you on the road to a well-designed 3D architectural visualization.

Interior design services – While the exterior is crucial to showing off the structure and foundation of your design project, it is essential to show off the interior of your visualization. You can give your team an idea of the finishings and furniture that complement the space. Also, this step simplifies working with an interior designer much easier and more straightforward.

Landscape design – Does your visualization fit in with the horizon and landscape? How does it interact with the environmental space? These are the questions our team can help you answer. Whether your view includes skyscrapers or open space, we want to help you ensure your 3D architectural visualization considers all the landscape-related structures and environmental components. The more accurate you are with this step, your visualization will be more realistic.

3D architectural animation – The animation technique allows you and your team to tell a story. It lets your customers put themselves into the space and visualize their daily lives. Whether you want to show computer-generated residents moving within the area or the components that make up the building, architectural animation allows you to do this accurately.

3D aerial rendering – Let’s put that drone footage to good use. Years ago, you would need a helicopter to pull off the same views. Today, all you need is a drone and your creativity. We can take your aerial footage and include the 3D architectural visualization to add realism to the project. You want to give your customers unprecedented views of what they can expect. A 3D aerial rendering can accomplish this.

Commercial and New Residential – We understand that every type of design has nuances that go along with it. A home's kitchen will look much different than a commercial property. The same goes for parking, exterior structures, and most other attributes of both properties. You can trust that our designers understand the differences and will acknowledge them as they create 3D architectural visualizations for both.

2D to 3D conversions – You never know how an idea may start. It may be a sketch on a napkin or a detailed pencil drawing. However, your concept begins; we can ensure it reaches the next step. To create a 3D architectural visualization, we must first convert any 2D drawings and drafts to 3D models. Our global network of designers can handle 2D to 3D conversions and make sure your 2D drawings are accurately transformed into precise 3D models.

3D architectural site plan rendering – Sometimes, a vivid photorealistic picture or model isn’t enough to convey the functionality of the space. This step is where a 3D architectural site plan rendering can play. This design technique can accurately showcase your architectural plans' relative distances, sizes, scales, and spacing. These are not just 2D floor plans; they are detailed 3D renderings showing how furniture and objectives within the space are oriented with one another. This technique is a great way to engage potential renters and buyers.

HVAC design services – A weak HVAC system can lead to unhappy customers, bad air quality, and rising costs. Avoiding this problem is as simple as creating a detailed layout for the future HVAC system. We can connect you with freelance designers and HVAC design companies who can design accurate HVAC systems with building codes and regulations in mind. You want the interior of the building to be just as functional as the exterior. Stellar HVAC design services can help make that happen.

Electrical engineering – Electricity is crucial to any building project. These systems have to be in place before you break ground on anything. Much like HVAC systems, errors in electrical engineering can create unhappy customers and unfavorable conditions. Consequently, it is crucial to have someone with knowledge of electrical regulations design electrical systems before you have an electrician enter the picture. It will save you the cost of correcting mistakes while ensuring building codes are met (i.e., fire sprinkler design and drawing services).

These are not all our services that complement 3D architectural visualization. We invite you to look at our services page for more information about how we can help facilitate your design processes. You can see what else we offer and our design programs.

The current state of 3D architectural visualization

The importance of 3D architectural visualization in today’s society cannot be overstated. It is crucial to a variety of industries, but especially the architectural sector. Here are some stats pointing to the significance of this design technique.

  • The 3D architectural rendering and visualization software market is expected to reach $5.63 billion by 2025. If companies are widely using this software (as it seems they are), then it is safe to assume that the architectural industry is seeing an overall increase in development. 
  • Architectural renderings in the construction and real estate industry are the largest consumer of 3D architectural visualization. We see that architecture is leading the charge regarding 3D visualization. 
  • Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany make up 62 percent of the sales of the world market for 3D renderings. This statistic makes sense for these regions, as most countries continue to foster development and building. 
  • Some of the most prominent software solutions used are Autodesk, Dassault Systems, and Adobe Systems. Skilled designers will likely use these software tools as you work with them to develop your architectural visualizations. 
  • Recent reports have revealed the rise of cloud rendering and the necessity for businesses to embrace cloud software programs and tools. As outsourcing to freelancers and working with remote employees continues to become the norm, the need for cloud-based tools has risen. This trend is likely to continue into the next decade. 

As the trends show, 3D architectural visualization will continue to be a significant process for real estate, design, and architectural firms. If you are still wondering whether or not to invest in 3D architectural visualization, hopefully, these numbers will help you decide the ROI it can bring to your company.

The benefits of outsourcing your 3D architectural visualization services

While the costs of 3D architectural visualization services are much more affordable than in recent decades, it is still a cost you must incorporate into your budget. As a result, it makes sense for you to understand the ROI of this process on your project. We want to help you do that! Below are some ways outsourcing can benefit your 3D architectural visualization services.

Take advantage of growing expertise – As mentioned above, the market for 3D architectural visualization is growing, and you can take advantage of this. As the market grows, that means greater awareness of the industry and more experienced designers in this sector. You can beat the competition by jumping on using this design technique, especially if your close competitors are slow to adopt this.

Beat out the competition – Outsourcing allows you to even the playing field. Years ago, smaller and less well-known companies did not have the resources to compete with larger or more well-known companies. Today, things are much different. Regarding premier visualization services, you have access to talent that was once only reserved for larger enterprises. As a result, you are now in a position where you can compete with other companies within your market.

Focus on your core business activities – You manage finances, projects, and branding, and because of this, we know that you don’t have the time to handle and tackle design services, which is why we are here. We want to help you add ease to your business processes by connecting you with freelance designers who can provide the skills and expertise necessary for your next project. You then have the opportunity to have your staff focus on the core business activities that are best for them to handle.

Save on costs – Instead of having to budget for large annual salaries, you can alternatively purchase only the blocks of time necessary for your needs. With our platform, you can buy a block of time for a one-off project or hire a designer for ongoing work. Lastly, outsourcing enables you to develop a mutually beneficial salary that meets your needs.

Receive help from an expert – Along with saving on costs, you can receive support from an expert designer at an affordable price. With the Cad Crowd platform, you can work with an experienced designer who can offer their informed opinions and insights. Before the gig economy emerged, finding someone skilled in 3D architectural visualization was challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, our team is making hiring and working with these individuals much easier over time.

Bring efficiency to your processes – Outsourcing allows you to bring greater efficiency to your business processes. By hiring someone to be solely dedicated to a specific project, it is highly likely that your projects will be completed much faster. Because of this, you can count on higher levels of organization and timeliness regarding 3D architectural visualization. Also, you will have an additional person monitoring your design process. This situation brings an extra layer of accuracy and checks and balances to reduce mistakes.

Start on projects more quickly – For your company to shift gears and focus on a 3D architectural visualization project would likely take much time. You have to work with everyone to develop deadlines, discuss budget expectations, seek stakeholder approval, and prepare everyone to develop the resources to take on the project. While some of these conversations still need to happen when you outsource to a freelance designer, it is to a smaller degree. A freelance designer or outsourcing firm can help with the strategy while having the resources to jump right on the tasks that need their assistance.

Decrease risk levels – Every time you take on a new project, you take on a new set of risks. An outsourcer shares in this risk and have resources for managing and reducing it. Risk is a huge part of any business dealings, which definitely increases when discussing large-scale projects. However, outsourcing enables you to mitigate risk and feel confident knowing that an expert freelance designer can take some of the stresses of managing the unknown off your hands.

There are several benefits to outsourcing your design services to a freelance designer. However, the first step is to find the person that is the best fit for what you need. That is where we come in. Our team wants to make the outsourcing process as straightforward as possible. You have a lot to manage as a business owner, and we want to make the path of finding a capable freelance designer seamless and easy.

Allow Cad Crowd to help you find your next 3D architectural visualization designer

There is no shortage of designers out there. However, what is at a premium is a capable and talented designer that can provide exceptional service. We believe in working with the best, and because of this, we have pre-vetted each designer who is brought onto our platform. These individuals are from various backgrounds and bring various experiences working with entrepreneurs and business owners.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when business owners work with us, they can expect to work with the best. No longer is it necessary to spend weeks conducting interviews and pouring over recommendations and references. Our team has taken the hard work out of finding the right person. All you have to do is sign on and see who is available.

We also believe that a zip code should not be a limiting factor in finding the best talent. We have a global network of freelance designers and engineers to choose from. You never know where you might find your next exceptional designer, and we want to help you better facilitate the process.

Regardless of where you are in the 3D architectural visualization process, we want to help you find the best design talent for the job. We invite you to fill out a request for a free quote today!

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