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3D architectural animation is the process of creating digital moving scenes that showcase a residential or commercial property. Instead of looking at stationary renderings or 2D paper drawings, 3D architectural animation creates a realistic presentation of physical buildings. 

This practice is becoming an increasingly popular design service as it allows architects and building companies to get a photorealistic sense of building size, project scope, and even a look into how the layout fits within the building and the surrounding natural space. 

Imagine taking aerial video footage of a piece of land with a drone, and then inserting the 3D rendering of your building project. Not only does this enable building companies and firms to see if their initial designs make sense, but it also gives them something to share with potential clients to receive valuable feedback before construction takes place. A 3D architectural animation can set you and your team apart from the competition. However, you need an expert freelance CAD designer to take advantage of the benefits of this feature. 

Today’s consumer is more driven by visual messaging and video than ever before. As of 2017, 55 percent of people watch videos online every day, and 73 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service. These stats reveal how attached consumers have become to video and the influence it has over their purchasing decisions. 

The same is likely true for the clients you and your building firm or company work with. They want to see their architectural ideas in action, and a well-done 3D architectural animation project can accomplish just that. The team at Cad Crowd understands how crucial it is to find the right fit for your next design project, and our 3D architectural animation services make matching you with the best freelance designer a priority. 

We have a network of expert and pre-vetted freelance designers and artists who are well-equipped to work with you to create an exceptional 3D architectural animation project.  

Their experience in the following skills makes them an excellent choice for your next design project: 

If you are interested in hiring a freelance designer for your next building project, read further for our specific 3D architectural animation services. 

Our 3D architectural animation services

Our goal is to ensure that we can turn your 3D architectural renderings into vivid photorealistic animations that convey the intricate details of your project. Our freelancers are adept at working with entrepreneurs, real estate and architectural firms, and numerous other types of companies to develop animations that meet their specifications and preferences. 

These 3D architectural animations can be used for project modeling, marketing, demoing, or for any other purpose that will benefit your business. 

Whether you need an interior model or an exterior view, our freelancers are equipped to help. Here are a few more examples of our 3D architectural animation services: 

Render buildings onto already-existing footage 

Before you break ground on a costly construction project, you want to make sure that it not only fits with the landscape but that it meets all city regulations and codes. As a result, it is a great idea to shoot aerial footage of the construction site and superimpose a model of your project onto already-existing aerial or video footage. Our designers have the animation and design skills to handle this for you. 

Create animations for a variety of purposes 

Whether you want to show your work to investors, develop a marketing video for future clients, or receive feedback from clients, Cad Crowd freelance designers can make it happen. They understand that different scenarios require a unique approach to 3D animations. A video with a focus on branding and customer acquisition will have a different feel than one that exists for project modeling purposes. As a result, Cad Crowd designers have the experience needed to create 3D architectural animations that fulfill you and your client’s needs. 

Modeling and visualization 

While the final product will include animation, the project will likely start on a CAD software program for 3D architectural rendering. Cad Crowd designers will work with you to better understand your specifications and needs. From there, they will bring your model to life with exemplary modeling. Pre-animation modeling and visualization are the foundation of an exceptional 3D architectural animation as this is where specifications, aesthetics, and layouts all come together. 

Walkthrough services 

While the exterior of your commercial or residential project is essential, it is also crucial to put just as much emphasis into exhibiting the interior of the building. This action is why our expert and pre-vetted designers are also skilled in providing 3D walkthrough services. You want to give your customers a virtual walkthrough experience that helps them understand how the final project will look. From photorealistic furniture to vivid and detailed structural modeling, you can give your stakeholders an excellent insight into the services you can provide. 

The advantages of 3D architectural animation 

There are a variety of advantages to investing in 3D architectural animation for your firm or company. If you are still on the fence about whether to pursue it, here are some reasons to make 3D architectural animation a priority for your company or firm: 

Don’t be limited to a single view – Some specific angles and viewpoints are hard to see in a still photo. A 3D architectural animation can more easily reveal what your building project looks like in a variety of views. This tactic helps you to see if any structural or aesthetic issues exist ahead of time while also better conveying how long the project may actually take to build. 

Creates engagement – Animations and videos generate more engagement and interest among customers and other stakeholders. Seeing visual movement creates more intrigue and can even attract more customers. Your clients are going to respond favorably to seeing their specifications come to life in a visually-appealing way. 

Set the context – How does that color match with the landscape? Is the residential property expanding past the designated lot of land? Putting your 3D architectural rendering in a physical space will allow you to see how your project interacts with the landscape around it. 

Help sell land – If you are in the business of selling real estate, dropping a 3D architectural animation in the space can help clients understand what can be done with the land. It can be hard to visualize the possibilities on an empty piece of land. Putting something there can help make a hard-to-sell property more attractive. 

Optimize your marketing and branding – Selling your construction, architectural, or real estate services isn’t as easy as selling a standard product. Unlike the typical retailer, you will likely be selling customers on something you have not yet produced. Three-dimensional architectural animation allows you to bypass this issue by showing customers what you can do. 

Reduce time and costs – A moving image of your next residential or commercial construction project makes building mistakes a lot easier to see. If something needs to be resized, given another color, or taken away completely, you and your clients can spot this ahead of time. As a result, you can handle these problems or even alter the scope before you even start the building project. This act will save you a significant amount of money and time in the long-run

These benefits can help your architectural, real estate, or construction business thrive. So, take a look at what you offer and see if the benefits outweigh the cost for your company. 

Allow Cad Crowd to help you with your next 3D architectural animation project 

We—and our designers—understand that every project is unique. As a result, we always strive to bring a high level of personalization and customization to how we match you with our expert freelance designers. You can trust that we will consider your specifications, budget, and project needs when we connect you with a freelance professional. 

So, allow Cad Crowd to help you find your ideal freelance designer. We will do everything we can to make sure you find the right talent for your next project. We invite you to contact us today for a free quote

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