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Whether you’re completing a writing assignment, constructing a home, or driving to another city, you need to have a plan. For architects, drafting and drawings are those essential plans. Before a building contractor can get started on that residential property, they need a blueprint for getting the job done. This step is where architectural drafting services come into play. 

An architectural draft is a technical drawing of a construction process. They contain drawings, specifications, calculations, and other essential documentation to aid in the building and building code process. As a result, architectural drafting services are critical to your next building project. However, before you get started, it is crucial to find professional freelance design talent.

This step is where the team at Cad Crowd can add some ease to the design process. For years, we have connected innovative and driven entrepreneurs and business owners with capable design talent. We understand that you need a freelance architectural 3D modeler who is efficient, experienced, and capable of helping you meet your design goals.

Our global network of freelance designers can bring the benefits of architectural drafting to your project. To see how architectural drafting services can benefit your team and how our team is ready to handle each part of the process so you don’t have to, keep reading below.

Why architectural drafting is necessary

Architectural drafting is one of the first and most pivotal steps you will take regarding the preparation of your next residential or commercial project. If you are not sure if this is the way to go, or you are wondering what impact this service will have on your company, take a look at these reasons why architectural drafting is necessary:

  • It shows off the structural features of a building concept – While a photo may show you photorealistic detail, a draft is going to get down to the actual shapes and specifications used. Understanding the exact forms and sizes of a building project is critical to know if all measurements are correct.
  • Give your contractor the information they need – As with any project that requires a plan, your building contractors need this information. They need the details and blueprints to start and complete the process. Having all the architectural drafting information upfront will also positively impact your budget and timelines as your architect will have all the details they need to get started immediately.
  • Develop an idea further – Let’s say that you have an excellent plan for a property. Great! How will you communicate that? Even a preliminary or crude drawing can convey your ideas and allow you to build out the specifications and details associated with it.
  • Help clients understand your idea – There may be choices you have decided to go with on this project that may not immediately make sense to your clients or customers. An architectural draft allows you to help them better understand specific design choices, and go a bit deeper into the calculations and other numbers that have informed those decisions.
  • Record-keeping – It is always a good idea to keep a record of every project you and your team complete. Whether it’s an existing property or one that you’re developing, you never know when you may have to refer to past documents. You may need to confirm specifications, answer zoning questions, or help a client move through a similar project. As a result, it is crucial to have architectural drafts as part of your permanent building documentation.

These are just a few of the reasons why architectural drafting services need to play a part in your design process. Our team at Cad Crowd believes that architectural drafting can significantly benefit you and your organization. However, the first step in realizing these uses is to find a talented freelance designer. 

For a look into how we connect entrepreneurs and business owners with exceptional design talent, we invite you to visit our How It Works page. From receiving multiple bids to enabling you to seek out a confidential quote, we have a variety of options for you to find the right fit.

Our architectural drafting services

To get more in-depth insight into how we can help improve your architectural design process, take a look at the architectural drafting services we provide.

2D drawings and floor plan design – How does the space function? Photorealistic graphics make you feel as if you’re in the space, while 2D floor plans allow you to understand how everything flows. Our designers can take your specifications and produce a top-down floor plan view for your customers to get a better understanding of the area they are looking to rent out or purchase.

Architectural drawing – From local code regulations to client specifications, architectural drawing services create blueprints and schematics for building contractors to follow. Our global network of design talent can take this crucial documentation off your hands.

Architectural site plan – When you complete a writing assignment, you need to create an outline. An architectural site plan is this step-by-step outline to allow building contractors to create that next residential or commercial project. Site plans are crucial for accuracy, precision, and staying on budget. This service requires attention-to-detail and someone who can ensure all the necessary drafts and models are completed, which is something our freelance designers can make happen.

Architectural presentation services – How do you convince your investors and clients to understand your project and invest in it? This step is where architectural presentation services come into play. Our team can take your drafts and models and create exceptional presentations that motivate your audience to purchase as well as provide them with a better understanding of the thought process behind your designs.

AutoCAD drafting and design – Whether you are an interior designer, real estate agent, architect, or building contractor, AutoCAD is an excellent drafting program to produce accurate and detailed drawings and drafts. Our team believes in working with the best equipment and software programs, which is why AutoCAD is a premier tool of choice for our designers who work with architectural designs.

CAD drafting – In recent years, computers have made technical drawing and drafting a lot less complicated and more straightforward. Designers can use computer-aided design (CAD) to create drafts in real-time while creating models more efficiently and effectively. Specifically, CAD enables the detailed creation of blueprints, technical drafts, and architectural design as a whole.

Electrical drafting and design – When it comes to architectural designs, it is easy to forget about the importance of energy systems. Nevertheless, networks like water and electricity have to be included for zoning and general documentation. Therefore, technical drawings must consist of electrical systems as well as any other forms of energy that need to be laid out within the space. It is crucial to communicate the correct design ideas when it comes to these components of the building process, and our designers can ensure that your electrical systems are drawn accurately and adhere to the necessary specifications.

Isometric drawing services – During your architectural design process, there are times when it may be challenging to understand the scale of objects within a property. This reason is why isometric drawing services are critical to the design process. Isometric drawings are the representation of an object in three dimensions. Our designers can use this technique as it makes it much easier to see an object with the correct scale. 

These are just some of the services our designers can offer in conjunction with general architectural drafting services. For a look at the additional services we can provide during the design process, we invite you to take a look at our Services page.

What you can expect when you work with a Cad Crowd designer

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are in a unique position. You have the task of ensuring all design projects align with your business goals. Exceptional design can improve your branding while attracting the right audience to your business. This reason is why we have spent the last decade connecting entrepreneurs with outstanding design talent. We believe that you deserve the absolute best. So, take a look at what you can expect when you work with a Cad Crowd freelance designer:

Affordability – We understand that it is expensive to find expert design help. This reason is why our platform makes it easier than ever to find a designer who is not only talented but who can also fit within your budget. We want you to receive help from experienced designers without breaking the bank. 

A more straightforward hiring process – You no longer have to comb through hundreds or even thousands of resumes or search around for referrals. When you work with Cad Crowd, we are proud to be the network where you can find your next freelance designer. Each of our expert designers is pre-vetted by our team. So, you no longer have to worry about conducting interviews or checking references.

Accuracy and precision – We have a 99 percent success rate on private projects vetted by our designers. However, we know that miscommunications can happen. This is why we have the Accuracy Guarantee. The guarantee is a refund policy that ensures you receive designs that meet the design criteria outlined in your initial project scope. We know you do not have any money or time to waste, so you can trust that our designers are prepared to give you world-class and exceptional design services.

Talent not limited by zip code – We believe that the best professional for the job may be anywhere in the world. This reason is why our platform leverages the gig economy to find you the best designers, whether they are in California or Chiang Mai.

If you are ready to find the best designer for your architectural drafting services, we invite you to reach out for a free quote today.

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