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Architectural drawing is the foundation of building and construction. It’s the blueprint for creating buildings that meet client specifications, aesthetic values, and local code regulations. At its core, an architectural drawing illustrates what a final building project could look like. It could show the overall construction or focus on only one part of the building. The goal is to show as much detail as possible so that architects can determine whether their building plans are accurate. 

Architectural drawings enable architects to tell if they need to rework a design. They also help them ensure the building is durable. While architectural drawings are often created in 3D, many architects still utilize 2D CAD drafting services. There are many benefits to 2D drafting: 

It provides quicker turnaround – Designers can create 2D drafts much faster than 3D models. These designers have likely developed shortcuts that enable them to produce drafts quickly and efficiently.

It furnishes greater accuracy – It can easily depend on 3D views. However, those utilizing 2D drafting must better visualize layouts and likely have experience creating more accurate and realistic 2D blueprints. 

It is still widely used – According to CAD analyst, 60 percent of designers involved in a study “mainly” or “totally” use 2D drafting techniques and software. While there has been a push toward 3D drafting, 2D is still widely used. 

2D architectural drawing services are essential for any architectural firm. However, it can be challenging to find the right fit. Cad Crowd has a selection of freelancers who can provide expert architectural drawing services. 

We pride ourselves on connecting freelancers with architectural firms that need them. However, before you hire your next drafter or designer, it may be helpful to understand the types of architectural drawing options available. This will help you to make an informed decision regarding your next freelancer. 

Different types of architectural drawings 

There are various ways to use architectural drawings to bring your plan together for a future building project. The drawings don’t just stop at general building blueprints. Two-dimensional architectural drawings can produce ideas for: 

Architectural 2D drawings can go beyond typical blueprints and serve various purposes. Most of the drawings mentioned above are involved in the layers of architecture. For example, you may have a client who cares just as much about interior design as the external foundations. Because architecture can quickly become complicated, it is crucial to simplify. 

Two-dimensional architectural drawings are excellent for explaining layouts and displaying building materials and other construction details. The possibilities of architectural drawings are endless. However, while the past may have included paper and pencils, designers today use digital programs to develop detailed architectural drawings. 

Popular architectural drawing programs 

Before hiring your next architectural designer, knowing about some of the most popular and highly regarded architectural drawing programs is helpful. Knowledge of these programs will allow you to factor their costs into your budget and help you understand the architectural drawing process better. So, below are four well-known software programs that can be used for architectural drawing (specifically 2D drafting). 

AutoCAD 2D by AutoDesk 

While not created explicitly for architectural designers, AutoCAD has many capabilities that make architectural layouts more straightforward. It has 2D and 3D drafting features and is known for streamlining design workflows. AutoCAD comes with computer-aided design (CAD) tools, making creating detailed and precise models easier. So, there is no use for stencils or technical drawing instruments. 

AutoCAD 2D is known for its complete set of drawing tools, maintaining an intuitive user interface, using innovative technologies that make designing more manageable, and the ability to collaborate with other designers easily. While this program comes with a high price tag, it brings ease and speed to architectural drawings for companies and freelancers.

SketchUp by Trimble 

If a designer prefers a more traditional drafting experience instead of using only CAD tools, SketchUp is the answer. The program is designed to behave similarly to putting pencil to paper, and as such, it can be used to develop accurate yet straightforward designs. While the program focuses on sleek 3D design creation, it has 2D capabilities. 

Most designs can be displayed with a 2D layout. Two-dimensional plans can include build details, elevations, sections, and title blocks. Three-dimensional models and 2D plans are connected—changes to the model are automatically reflected in the 2D layout. SketchUp even takes it further by allowing designers to display real-world models using virtual and augmented reality technologies. 

Vectorworks Architect by Nemetschek Group

Vectorworks is an excellent blend of the collaboration and CAD capabilities of AutoCAD with the intuitiveness and traditional feel of SketchUp. It is a robust program that allows architects to create detailed and sleek 2D plans. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but Vectorworks shines because of its precision drawing feature. 

With it, designers can efficiently adjust dimensions, easily add essential notes to plans, create models using priority snaps, and choose from sets of pre-defined layers and filters. Designers can get a feel for traditional 2D drafting using new and innovative features. Vectorworks allows designers to create site designs with multiple drawing views seamlessly. With Vectorworks, the possibilities are plentiful for freelance designers and architectural drawing companies. 

Chief Architect Premier 

Chief Architect Premier is an excellent choice for architects primarily dealing with residential or light commercial building projects. The software is intuitive and is known for its ease of use in designing projects using automation and prediction. Once designers create 3D models, the software produces a materials list along with various construction documents (like site plans, section details, and elevations). 

Chief Architect Premier has a library of 3D objects that can easily be integrated into the property's design, freeing users from creating every item from scratch. This is an excellent feature for freelance designers and architectural drawing services firms with many orders to fill. 

While most focus is on 3D models, designers can easily switch between working with 2D and 3D views. They can quickly move between layers and update multiple construction documents simultaneously. One of the ways this program shines is through 2D terrain models. Designers can integrate terrain survey data to create plans that work best with the property’s natural environment. 

While there are other software options available, these are some of the most popular and widely-used for architectural drawing services. Their prices may vary, and many programs offer some of the same capabilities. However, each provides a unique experience for designers. The goal is to find a designer proficient with a software package that can handle your project's requirements. 

The benefits of architectural drawings 

Architectural drawing (drafting) is an essential step in the design and construction process, and working with an architectural drawing services company can be crucial for a project's success. While clients may question the cost and time spent on this process, it is important to understand its value and the reasons for allowing time for drafting and revisions.
Here are some of the benefits of 2D layout models to keep in mind during discussions with clients and team members: 

  • Architectural drawings allow for a more straightforward explanation of the cost and time associated with construction. 
  • Architects can easily provide multiple building ideas and design options at one time. 
  • These drawings can help contractors calculate a building project's construction time and materials requirements. 
  • All parties involved don't have to rely on only a written description of a project's specifications; architectural drawings can provide a visual confirmation of the requested features and designs. 
  • If a client requests a model design similar to a previous drawing, architectural drawing firms can work from an already-created plan instead of starting from scratch. 

Architectural drawings provide a comprehensive understanding of a building project's scope, cost, and labor requirements. By considering both the big picture and the small details, you can ensure the design aligns with your client's goals. A solid design facilitates meeting client expectations more easily.

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Architectural drawings are necessary for any building project, so you want to ensure you work with an architectural drawings expert who can quickly and accurately capture client needs. You need someone with experience and a talent for turning requests and specifications into detailed 2D drawings. 

Cad Crowd has years of experience connecting pre-vetted and expert architectural drawing freelancers with entrepreneurs and design firms. We can help you find the right designer for you and your next project. Contact us whether you need ongoing support for your business or specialized help for a one-time project. You can even hold a contest that allows you to choose from various offers.


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