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Numerous codes and regulations are considered when designing a new building. One critical aspect of building safety is the fire code and how a building will handle a fire. Fire sprinkler designs and fire sprinkler drawing services are vital in determining how the building will stand up to code and ensuring occupants are safe at all times. Hiring fire protection engineering services who can create fire protection drawings meeting regulatory requirements is essential.

Fire suppression system overview 

Cad Crowd works with industrial engineers and designers to design sprinkler and fire suppression systems that meet safety and code regulations. Fire sprinkler design services for new buildings directly relate to the health and safety of the individuals in the building. As building codes improve and insurance adjustments are made, sprinkler design has become more paramount for structures.  

Historically, fire sprinklers have been designed by spacing sprinklers with pre-planned spacing throughout the building without considering the structural elements of the rooms and building. While pre-determined sprinkler spacing was acceptable in the past, better fire suppression exists that accommodates building features. 3D drawing technology and fire sprinkler design services allow you to see the internal components and materials of walls and other structures to create a specialized system that considers vulnerabilities and weak spots. 3D technology can examine structural cross-sections to see changes made to a building before it is built and model heat transmission and fire suppression system scenarios. 

 fire suppression system

Importance of proper fire sprinkler design

The standards organization, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), works with legal codes of fire suppression requirements. UL studied the flammability of modern materials compared with historical ones. They set up a demonstration of two rooms, one with modern, synthetic materials and one with older drywall, wool furniture, etc., and set the two rooms ablaze.

This demonstration proved that the older room took several minutes to turn into a full-fledged blaze and over 30 minutes to immolate and consume the space completely. The modern room was destroyed in under 5 minutes. This experiment demonstrates the importance of strategic fire sprinkler design. A fire sprinkler system designer who creates fire sprinkler drawings can target problem areas where fires are likely to break out and provide adequate coverage. Fires are particularly problematic around corners or in transitional areas with less protection. Carefully planned fire sprinklers can rapidly extinguish fires and save lives.

 Fire Sprinkler Design

Industries requiring sprinkler design

When considering a building design and fire sprinkler drawings, it's important to remember that every building is different. With advanced fire sprinkler design and placement, this is no different, as regulations vary between industries and the uses of buildings. For instance, the requirements for designing a sprinkler system for an elementary school will be more stringent than those for an infrequently used storage facility.

Industries that involve human occupancy tend to have more stringent sprinkler design needs. If a building holds many people, particularly for long periods, they will want well-designed sprinkler systems to keep their occupants safe, i.e., hotels, apartments, and schools. Designing an advanced sprinkler system is vital in many manufacturing or material handling environments. These environments frequently involve dangerous things - such as high voltage, flame, or volatile chemicals. Because of this, there's a heightened risk of fire breaking out, so sprinkler systems must be designed to mitigate those risks and focus on the areas where the danger is most prevalent.

Fire sprinkler design considerations 

Designing a fire sprinkler system involves many considerations, so utilizing a trusted fire sprinkler design service or an accomplished CAD Designer is essential. Here are vital considerations for fire sprinkler design and fire sprinkler drawing services:

  • Rules and Regulations - the law dictates most of the design process. Strict regulations surround how far apart sprinklers can be and the ratings for various buildings and sprinkler types. Consulting an experienced designer familiar with fire codes and standards to ensure you abide by the law is recommended.
  • Intended Building Use - the intended use of the building makes a difference in the sprinkler system design. Before new construction, rules and regulations related to the specific industry or building type must be considered.
  • Space Constraints - the building space will impact the design you create for the fire sprinkler system. Certain areas will have less availability for overhead sprinklers, i.e., rooms with hanging lights, tight corners, or high-vaulted ceilings. These designs will necessitate creativity to ensure complete coverage to keep the occupants of the building safe.
  • Hot Spots – hot spots are areas where fires may be more prone to breaking out and depend on several characteristics. 3D cross-sectional views of the interior walls help determine electrical wiring and air and gas supply lines/ventilation that may present special conditions for fires to start. These areas need addressing and will likely need dedicated resources to ensure the fire sprinkler system properly covers them. In a manufacturing environment, you may have heating systems or flammable chemicals, and wherever these are located, you will need to focus on preventing fires.
  • Cost - the final consideration is cost, and the price is a significant factor that should be examined during the sprinkler design process. 

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Cad Crowd can help you find a fire sprinkler designer

Designing a fire sprinkler system for maximum fire suppression is an intensive process that should involve fire protection engineering services. It's essential to have an experienced and trusted partner who understands how to create a fire sprinkler system that conforms to the rules and regulations. The fire sprinkler design process can be simplified by working with a skilled designer from Cad Crowd. Cad Crowd has partnered with certified fire protection specialists, fire protection engineers, and professional architectural experts who have helped clients design structures. Structural design experience has resulted in exposure to fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler designs. These designers have the skill and expertise to create the perfect fire suppression strategy for your future building.  

Cad Crowd offers a cost-effective option instead of hiring a dedicated engineer or designer to do the entire project. If you have the building diagrams, a designer can determine the fire sprinkler placement and components to design comprehensively. Additionally, a skilled designer will help ensure the sprinkler system's spacing and setup are efficient, accounting for water pressure and the appropriate type and number of sprinkler heads. Finding a designer for fire sprinkler design can be difficult and time-consuming when you search independently. Cad Crowd has vetted skilled engineers and designers ready to tackle projects like these whenever you're ready.

 Fire Sprinkler Design

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New building development is a lengthy and expensive process that can be simplified by working with an engineer specializing in fire protection engineering services. Cad Crowd fire sprinkler design services can streamline the process and offer a cost-effective solution, ensuring your building meets the code and is designed to keep people safe. We invite you to request a free quote today and find the best fire sprinkler designer professional for your project.

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