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Hire freelance 3D house rendering services for your company

You may be in charge of a real estate agency looking for new ways of promoting your listings. Your current catalog might not seem to engage your clients in a way that persuades them to make a purchase. It takes time to schedule and hold private tours with potential buyers, and open house events aren’t always as successful as you’d like them to be. 

You may have purchased an old house and are looking to remodel it so that you can put it back on the market. You’re interested in doing that in the shortest amount of time possible without the need to do seemingly endless changes.

Alternatively, you may have purchased land to finally build a family house of your dreams. Each family member has visions and ideas that you’d like to include, and some of them you may not agree with. You don’t quite know how to go about pulling all these ideas together, but you’d like to make sure that you won’t spend more time than necessary in the process. 

Regardless of your particular situation, the answer to your problem is a 3D house rendering services firm.

What is 3D house rendering?

3D house rendering is the process of making 2D computer graphics out of a 3D computer wireframe model. When creating these graphics, designers give these models properties such as color, material, and texture. It's a process similar to how artists create artwork from sketches and filmmakers create movies from storyboards. 

3D house rendering can be photorealistic or non-photorealistic, depending on its purpose. The former can be virtually indistinguishable from real-life photography. If you’ve browsed through real estate websites, online furniture stores, or even the latest IKEA catalog, you’ve likely seen renderings and haven’t even been aware that the images you saw were, in actuality, computer graphics.

The process of creating realistic 3D house renderings consists of several phases. Depending on the complexity, the process can take from a few hours to several days or perhaps even weeks for large-scale projects. 

First, architectural designers start by creating 3D models from the existing wireframes. During this phase, they choose the best angle to represent the vision. Next, they add colors, textures, materials, and lighting, and, in the case of exterior 3D house rendering, they incorporate landscape design elements as well. Once that’s done, designers proceed by working on decoration and texture mapping. They add intricate details as well as slight imperfections to the images. This makes the end results look like real-life photographs rather than polished computer graphics. 

The benefits of 3D house rendering

3D house rendering is a sophisticated process that requires lots of attention, yet it brings a variety of benefits that can streamline and facilitate the complex process of building, renovating, and selling a house. 

Accurate representation of your vision

Describing your dream house to the architect and builders can be difficult. You may forget about specific vital details. Trying to sell a house that hasn’t even been built to potential buyers can turn out to be unfeasible because you fail to strike an emotional vibe needed for them to make their final decision. Accurately articulating your vision with words may not yield the results that you are expecting. 

A 3D house rendering is an entirely different matter. A professional 3D rendering company can create an image that represents your vision, and they can make the modifications necessary to ensure the design is as accurate as possible. 

No limitations to your imagination 

You may have a vision, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good in real life. Or, you may not have the materials needed to test how your design will look once they are incorporated into the structure.  Because of that, you may spend a lot of your valuable time and resources only to realize that your project designs would have benefitted with a little help from a talented rendering expert. 

3D house rendering gives you the possibility to experiment with different ideas that may be hard or impossible to implement in real life. The sky is your limit when it comes to the capabilities of 3D house rendering. Allow your imagination to come up with your dream vision and let freelance 3D renderers make that happen. 

Infinite customization possibilities

There is a reason why we have interior designers, why shows like Property Brothers have such immense popularity, and why you could infinitely scroll for design inspiration ideas on your Pinterest app. Fitting all the elements necessary to create a perfect house can be extremely hard. 

3D house rendering allows infinite possibilities for customization. You can see different roofing options and choose which one looks best. You can select the type and color of flooring in the living room and see how it will look in different lighting. Or, you can test whether large, floor-to-ceiling windows are a good choice or if you would be better off with smaller windows instead. You can even select and try different options for small details such as handles or grout colors without ever stepping into a hardware store. 

All this is possible with a few clicks of a mouse. And, if there's a design element you're unhappy with, it can be easily modified even if you change your mind a week or two later. And most importantly, you can do all this without spending tons of resources and time on modifications that you may never keep. Try any design possibility you'd like and don’t settle for anything less than what you deem ideal. 

3D house modeling can also help you notice any issues with the design long before any actual work has been started. Is tearing down that specific wall a good idea, or will you regret it later? You can notice issues like that ahead of time without needing to spend valuable time and money dealing with them later.

Realistic experience

3D house renderings not only look lifelike, but they can also provide a realistic experience that photographs or wireframes can’t. You can inspect tiny details that may not be clear enough in photographs. The designer can also provide a possibility to inspect the house design from a variety of angles without needing to leave your home or office. 

Have you ever seen beautiful photos of spacious premises and been disappointed that they turned out to be much smaller in real life and looked nothing like what they do in the photos?  An experienced freelance 3D renderer will be able to create a 360-degree representation of your concept. It will let you experience the house from a variety of angles providing an experience similar to what you would have by actually being in the house.  

Streamlined marketing efforts

If you are in the real estate business, you need to develop a marketing campaign and materials. Imagine that you hire a photographer to take photos for your promotional campaign, but they don’t turn out exactly as you would like them to. Perhaps the photographer chooses a different angle than you envisioned. Maybe the lens is unable to capture everything in a single shot. Or the weather is bad, and the lighting is not optimal. 

You can be showing photographs of a completed design to a client only to find out that the color of the counters wasn’t your prospective buyer's favorite.

With 3D house rendering services companies, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The designer can create an image that you wish to utilize in your marketing campaign and customize it to include the most favorable circumstances, such as the best angle or the perfect lighting of the golden hour. 

You no longer need to stick to a single design. You can display different variations of the design or even let your clients choose colors and materials according to their liking. As a result, your clients will be able to get exactly what they want, and you’ll be able to make a sale. 

In addition to that, you can start your marketing efforts long before the building or renovation process has even begun. You can create promotional materials or put up graphics on your website with representations of the completed design. 

Cad Crowd’s 3D house rendering freelancers can bring your vision to life

The 3D rendering process is a complex art form. Therefore, it is paramount to contract skilled and experienced professionals to take care of the 3D house rendering services you need so that you get the highest quality renderings possible.

No matter what the scope of your vision is, Cad Crowd can help. We have a vast database of experienced and vetted CAD designers and freelance 3D rendering professionals from all over the world. They have perfected their skills by working on numerous designs with international clients, and they are also willing to sign an NDA to keep the specifics of your concept secret.

Without the need to cover overhead costs of a traditional design agency, you can get access to the highest quality 3D house rendering services from the world’s top talent for affordable prices. Our past clients have reported saving up to 35% of costs compared to in-house design firms.

If you know exactly what you want, you can request a quote and get started as soon as possible. Or, if you're open to new ideas and suggestions, launch a design contest and get multiple unique submissions for your idea. Check out how it works.

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