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Are you looking for help with your new design? SolidWorks is a great software for creating 2D drafts and 3D models. Cad Crowd has a host of qualified SolidWorks experts available to help with your project. Our comprehensive services include industrial designers, manufacturers, engineers, and other expert’s adept at designing and creating products.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for help designing your first project or a seasoned company looking to outsource, we can help. Cad Crowd’s freelancers are pre-vetted and guaranteed to be the best. And you get these services for less than you’d pay a traditional design firm.

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You’ve probably already decided to use SolidWorks for your design. That’s a good choice, as it’s one of the leading 3D CAD programs available. It’s great for many different industries, though its specialties lie in automotive, aerospace, engineering, and industrial design. It’s also effective at product design, as it allows you to evaluate designs without prototyping. 

SolidWorks is one of the programs widely taught in schools, which explains why it’s so successful. But depending on your needs, your designer will need to use a certain version of SolidWorks. One thing that makes choosing a program for your design confusing is the many different versions. For example, you can purchase SolidWorks for 3D CAD, SolidWorks PDM (Product Data Management), or even SolidWorks CAM, which will change your design-to-manufacturing process drastically. 

Advantages of SolidWorks

It’s no wonder that SolidWorks is so popular, as it has many benefits. The software is cost-efficient in comparison to programs like CATIA. The low cost and the advanced functionality make for a great product.

It’s widely used in schools thanks to its cost, ease of use, and intuitive toolbar and functions. This means that a lot of designers are skilled at SolidWorks, which makes finding a designer quite easy. However, the software is only as good as it’s driver. You don’t want just anyone working on your draft. You want someone who’s an expert and knows how to balance function with aesthetics. 

Cad Crowd can offer you the best service at a reasonable price, and we guarantee only the best. Our efficient business practices and lack of overheads allow us to offer you great service. You get the perfect price without sacrificing quality.

All you need to do is contact us and let us know your product specifications. We’ll give you a free estimate, and then you can decide if you’d like to proceed. If you choose to move forward, we will handpick the perfect design for you based on your projects specifications.

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It’s a great time to be a creative. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even hobbyists are now able to take advantage of 3D CAD modeling thanks to lower prices. The technology is more available now than ever, and thanks to 3D printing, it’s easy to turn designs into real products. Cad Crowd is proud to be able to connect enthusiastic people with the services they need.

We have talented freelancers with experience using all types of programs. SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and CATIA can be leveraged for your new design project. Tell us what you need, and we’ll connect you with the best person for the job.

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