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Thinking up a marketable idea that is is one thing, but being able to manufacture it is quite another. An inventor may have an incredible concept, but may start to doubt if it’s realistic – if it’ll really “work.” At this point despair or frustration may set in, but there is a solution: tool design services like 3D CAD printing.

3D printing has become a dream-come-true for inventors: It allows them to perfect initial designs in a physical form. Often designs require parts that, unfortunately, are not as simple to procure as those in the local hardware store.

Projects that require exclusively manufactured parts in the development stage can get expensive when only small runs are needed. Cad Crowd’s rapid tooling can build these prototypes at a fraction of the cost of those built with conventional machining methods. Luckily, technology has evolved to the point that if something needs to be made as a component for a newly developed item, it can be done through tool design services.

Tool design perhaps the most aspect prototyping a new invention because they often take the brunt of wear and tear. If the tools fail under commercial or industrial use, then the product becomes useless and the invention suffers in its reliability and reputation.

Tool design in stages

It’s important to get tool design correct at the beginning of the engineering stage of a project so that any potential problems can be addressed during the prototype phase. Professionals with engineering backgrounds are an essential part of the development process because of their skill in predicting whether something will work.

Cad Crowd offers freelance engineers from various engineering sub-disciplines – mechanical, aerospace, automotive, medical, structural, electrical – who are available for your project. There are also times when concepts require more than one type of engineer. With our team of leading professionals, Cad Crowd can give your project a leading edge over your competitors.

Our high reputation is built on our ability to take your idea from its earliest inception straight through to the manufacturing stage. Following strict confidentiality with our customers, we help direct projects from conception to completion.

Regarding tool design, we introduce you to an engineer best suited for your concept. The savings in time for this process alone is immense if you consider how long it would take to find, interview, and select someone on your own, and time can be a crucial factor in the success of inventions.

Our tool design engineers are highly knowledgeable about such factors as stress requirements, load calculations, functional analysis, and health and safety requirements. Having a team of professionals, we can count on sets Cad Crowd apart from many of our competitors who wait for a project before advertising it. Once again, this time-saving measure can be invaluable to the inventor.

Applications and standards for tool design

Tool design services are available for projects small and extensive, short and long term, industrial and commercial. One project we were asked to develop was a highly confidential military defense application that required extensive tool design. We’re proud to say we supplied a functional prototype in a timely manner, for which we received high commendations.

Many countries have their own product standards, including regulations for most categories of manufactured items. With our international network of tool design engineers, Cad Crowd ensures that concept designs follow the rules and regulations from the beginning.

For example, European products must carry the CE mark to show that a product meets prescribed standards. This also applies to the U.S. with its ANSI designation and Canada with its CSA. As a Cad Crowd customer, we guarantee that your invention conforms to these regulations, ensuring you won’t need to make costly and time-consuming adjustments mid-stream in a product’s development.

If time is less of a factor, we suggest putting your tool design up for competition. This way, you’ll get ideas from many designers worldwide, allowing you to decide which you prefer. You choose the value of the prize at the beginning of a competition, and you only pay for the winning design. These crowd-sourced design competitions are a popular way to get professional ideas from the global community.

Advice for best results

So let your creative juices flow, knowing that an intricate tool part will not impede your invention. Follow these steps to advance your concept to a reality:

  • Have an idea you feel will be revolutionary or enhance an existing product.
  • Develop your idea on paper as thoroughly as possible.
  • Ask yourself questions you might expect from manufacturers, financial institutions, or venture capitalists.
  • Contact Cad Crowd for a confidential and free concept analysis.
  • Have our tool design engineers work out the best plan for developing any unique parts of your invention.
  • Provide input and approval throughout the prototype development process.

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With today’s 3D printing technology, the days of manufacturing tools and parts with expensive materials are over. 3D printing can make today’s initial runs much more rapid and cost-efficient. This method also allows improvements to be made easily without re-structuring tool-making machinery at a hefty price. If there ever was a time for inventors to pull out all the stops, then this is it.

Medical devices, toys, furniture, automotive products, agricultural machines, and generators are just a few of the manufactured products that benefit directly from tool design services and 3D printing technology. To get the best results, this technology must be placed in the hands of the best trained and most qualified professionals. At Cad Crowd, we offer only the best in this rapidly evolving area of innovation. Click here for your free quote!

At Cad Crowd, we can help you meet all your 3D printing needs, including Tool Design! Our Tool Design experts can produce sleek, marketable products to guarantee you get the best bang for your buck! Our team can help you with whatever software you prefer and the design you'd like to produce. Here at Cad Crowd we've got your back!

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