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CAD design and engineering for commercial and consumer drones

Drones have arrived. Remotely piloted aerial vehicles are becoming increasingly common in cities worldwide, both in the skies and on store shelves. While originally associated primarily with their military applications, flying remote-controlled vehicles has become popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts everywhere. Drones are also employed for various commercial tasks, from delivering packages to filming hard-to-reach locations and providing surveillance services.

The applications of drones in the consumer products space have opened up a world of opportunity for product designers. Drones that sync with users' smartphones, miniature drones, racing drones — the sky is the limit. Whatever the application, working with experienced product developers and engineers who understand flight mechanics and remote-controlled vehicles' electronics is essential for the successful drone design. Cad Crowd offers freelance drone design & UAV engineering services with a roster of vetted designers who can develop functional drones ready for mass production and sale. 

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Cad Crowd's network of professional design freelancers is available to assist with any and all aspects of the design cycle. From initial concept modeling and 3D rendering to industrial design and engineering services. Our services are available for individuals, entrepreneurs, and design firms looking for extra talent to meet project deadlines. Our product design specialists can take on specific tasks to help your team reach their goals or to work with you to design your drone from the ground up. Describe your project to us, and we'll provide you with a free estimate and connect you with top-tiered designers with skill sets tailored to the specific needs of your drone design.

The drone marketplace is competitive. Whether your goal is to produce the next high-end personal drone, the fastest racing drone, or the tiniest mini drone, we'll connect you with industry-leading designers that will help you develop a functional product that delivers the high-quality user experience that customers expect from your business. 

We also go beyond the design cycle and offer contract manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and patenting services. From conception through to production, Cad Crowd is your one-stop shop for all your product design and development needs.

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CAD design, 3D modeling, and electrical drafting for drones

Cad Crowd is a global leader connecting clients with top-ranking freelance CAD design talent. We take the guesswork out of online hiring, pairing buyers with pre-vetted design professionals based on their past work and experiences. When entering an industry as competitive and technical as drone design, you need to work with designers who understand the technical requirements, such as sound production and consumer satisfaction.

Cad Crowd allows you to make the most of your resources. We offer flexible services that are tailor-fit to the requirements of your specific project. Hire the talent for the tasks you need to complete — no more and no less. Whether you need an engineer to help design the control system, a 3D modeler to hash out your ideas, or a product designer to help you with the design process throughout, we'll work with you to find the 3D modeling design services you need. 

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