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Appearance matters. That is one of the most fundamental rules of marketing. Parents and teachers tell their children that they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but there’s a reason why book companies spend big money on attractive and eye-catching covers.

If you want people to purchase or invest in your product, then you need to present it in the most beautiful way possible. This is what 3D rendering services are all about.

If you have ever seen a sales pitch for a mechanical product, chances are you saw a 3D render. A 3D render is a great way to visualize a new product design before moving into the manufacturing process. Even after making the product, you might find that the most attractive way to represent it is via 3D render.

If you are designing a mechanical product, at some point, you will want to get a 3D render produced. You can use this render to see what the final product will look like before building a physical prototype.

3D rendering vs. 3D modeling

Before we go any further, we need to establish what 3D rendering and how it's differentiated from 3D modeling services. 3D rendering is the process of creating a final image of a 3D object; it isn’t about creating the object itself.

A computer graphics professional is acting like a professional photographer when they create 3D renders. Their job is to make sure that the model looks the way you want it to look, whether that’s hyper-realistic or cartoonish.

This means that you only really need 3D rendering if you’ve already a concept. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten that far. At Cad Crowd, we have plenty of designers that offer freelance 3D modeling services. We can take you from concept to render, helping you get the best results possible each step of the way.

3D rendering & visualization for industry

There once was a time when getting a 3D render of your product was a luxury that only a few companies could afford. Today, we are living in a much different world, where 3D mechanical renderings aren't just common; they're practically expected.

If you present your product to clients or investors without a 3D render, they might feel that you aren’t serious. People are so used to seeing 3D renders that they might find it difficult to picture your product just by looking at drawings.

Getting a 3D render created is essential, but you shouldn’t be satisfied with just any render. You need a render that is a cut above the rest concerning realism and visual appeal. Don’t settle for flat and dull; you should be working to sell your product from the very beginning. Even if you’re not going to be showing your render to outsiders, you can still use a high-quality render to motivate your team, showing them that they are working on something truly inspiring.

You should always present your work as attractively and compellingly possible. Getting a 3D render produced gives you a chance to do just that.

Go beyond basic 3D rendering & modeling

While most CAD programs make it easy to create basic renders, it’s still quite challenging to generate a professional-grade render. To produce a genuinely high-quality render, you need to have the correct software and the knowledge necessary to get the most out of it. We make sure that all of our freelancers come equipped with everything needed to produce stunning 3D renders.

Our design methods for 3D rendering include:

Ray tracing Ray tracing Subsurface scattering
Radiosity  Ambient occlusion More 3D rendering services

The use of these advanced rendering tools is what separates cheap-looking renders that can be created automatically and professional quality renders that need to be produced by someone with a diverse skill set.

Creating a high-quality 3D rendering takes technical and artistic knowledge. Scientific know-how is necessary to create a render that looks realistic while artistry is needed to produce renders that are attractive. This is why you need to be careful about who you hire to do your renderings. You don’t want an ugly but realistic render or an attractive but unrealistic render.

At Cad Crowd, we will connect you with freelancers who have the tools and skills necessary to create a truly excellent render of your mechanical product.

Animation for 3D mechanical rendering

One of the best things about digital imagery is the fact that you aren’t constrained to a still image. While drawings and models sit still, you can use digital models to create animations that show off your product uniquely and compellingly.

The most basic animation is a 360-degree turnaround that shows how your product looks from all angles. This is the best way to visualize how your product will look in the real world without having to commit to physically building it. It’s great for selling your product or making sure that it looks correct before moving forward.

Assembly and disassembly animations allow you to show off the various pieces that come together to produce your final design. This approach can help you visualize how all of the different parts fit together, which can be used to show off your design or help coach customers through the product assembly process.

The final option is rendering your product to show it in action. If your product has moving parts, you can have an animation created to show the elements in motion, visually explaining how it works in a way that everyone can understand. A machine needs to be seen in action to be fully appreciated, and if you want to show what your design is capable of to potential investors, then an animation can be the most effective and efficient option.

Today's cutting-edge 3D software opens a world of opportunities. Your renders can be as simple or complex as you see fit. While every additional render will add to the cost of the project, you will find that digitally rendering your product is a very cost-effective way to visualize your product before building it.

Why Cad Crowd for CAD design & rendering?

In the field of mechanical rendering, Cad Crowd stands above the crowd thanks to our commitment to quality, privacy, and satisfaction. We do everything we can to put you, the client, first.

Hire with confidence by choosing from our vetted pool of quality freelancers. On other sites, you need to work hard to sift through mountains of applications from freelancers who may or may not have the skills they advertise. At Cad Crowd, we vet our freelancers in advance to ensure that they can be trusted.

Our format also allows you to have freelancers compete for your attention. You can host a contest, asking for a variety of options and choose the submission that best fits your needs. Our method takes all the risk out of the hiring process, ensuring that you get the most significant return on your investment.

If you’re working on a sensitive project, then you need to hire freelancers who will respect your need for confidentiality. At Cad Crowd, all of our freelancers agree to the designer terms of service that requires strict non-disclosure rules for client projects. You can also hire a freelancer directly so that you can have your hand-picked freelancer sign your NDA.

If you value your intellectual property, you need to be careful about the sort of person you hire to work on it. At Cad Crowd, we carefully vet everyone who applies to work through us so that you only get offers from trustworthy professionals.

Hiring a freelancer through Cad Crowd offers you the best balance of quality and affordability. You get to select a vetted, trustworthy, and dependable freelancer at a reasonable rate. When you need the job done correctly the first time, you connect with world-class CAD designers and freelance engineers in minutes.

Create compelling 3D rendering for your project

If you are selling a product, then you need to present it in the best way possible. Not just any render will do. After putting long hours and plenty of resources into designing a mechanical product, you need to have it rendered in a way that reflects all you’ve invested in it already.

You’re just a few short steps away from getting the 3D mechanical render that your project deserves. Let us know what you need, and Cad Crowd will help you connect with talented and dependable CAD experts. Whether you’re offering short-term work or a long-term commitment, we will help you find clients who will be happy to work for you. You can get a free estimate with no obligation necessary. Find the designer of your dreams today.

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