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Photorealistic renderings to upgrade your marketing and sales

Photorealistic rendering, also known as a 3D visualization or 3D rendering, is the process of creating a digital image that looks as if it could be an actual photograph. It provides unparalleled creativity to architectural firms and other industries that heavily utilize imagery in their interactions with potential customers.

The popularity of photorealistic images comes at a time when more consumers are driven by visual content than ever before. 32 percent of content marketers say visual images are the most basic form of content for their business, with blogging coming in second at 27 percent. Also, visual images cause consumers to remember more about who you are and what you are selling. A statistic revealed that when information is paired with an image, individuals retain 65 percent of the information three days later. Consumers are only likely to remember 10 percent of the same information without a visual aid.

This data drives home the point that visuals matter. As humans, we are inspired and impacted by what we see. This situation develops a scenario where photorealistic rendering can thrive. This technique is helpful to many industries, but architectural firms can stand to benefit from 3D visualization services significantly. The core function of the industry is to help customers commit to a property, and the visual aesthetic of a home, commercial building, or piece of land undoubtedly plays a part.

However, before any firm or professional individual can realize the benefits of photorealistic rendering, they must have the right team members. One of the most crucial professionals you can work with is a designer experienced in providing exceptional photorealistic renderings. You want to be able to tell a story with a detailed and realistic interior or exterior image, and a talented freelance designer can accomplish this.

The team at Cad Crowd has been helping innovative entrepreneurs, and business owners connect with freelance 3D modeling design services for a decade. We want to make the process of finding an excellent 3D visualization designer straightforward. So, keep reading below for a closer look into how photorealistic rendering can help you grow your reach and how the Cad Crowd team can help.

The uses of photorealistic rendering in architecture

Again, many industries utilize photorealistic rendering. However, one that has uniquely benefited from this technique in recent years is the architectural industry. The method of 3D rendering has allowed architects and real estate agents to give customers a look into "what could be." Before a building is even completed, customers can view a project and decide on—or alter— everything from fixtures to colors.

So, here are a few specific ways photorealistic rendering has been used in architecture:

Aid in interior design – How often have you seen participants on shows like Property Brothers or Fixer Upper get a front-row seat to how their home will come out? One of the selling points of the renovation or build is the style of furniture that will be added to the décor. Today, interior design services can work with customers to get a feel for the customer's preferred furniture and combine this preference with the style and functionality of the space. No longer do interior designers have to guess what will work. They can know for sure through the use of photorealistic 3D rendering.

Virtual staging – Real estate agents aim to help potential buyers and renters visualize themselves in a space. One of the ways to do this is through virtual staging. This tactic involves taking an actual image of a room or home and creating photorealistic furniture and fixtures to place in the space digitally. It allows consumers to see if the house or apartment could work for them and their families.

Show hard-to-see angles – With the addition of drones, it is almost possible for consumers to see every part of a piece of construction. Whether the views be interior, exterior, or aerial, technology like 3D rendering has made it possible for no angle to be off-limits for today's renters and buyers. This advancement enables all involved to understand the property layout while catching costly mistakes. Again, what is shown and created is up to the designer, as they blend their creativity with stakeholders' desires.

Marketing – How do you get stakeholders on board with something not yet built? You can provide them with a preview with the help of photorealistic product rendering services. How many times have you driven by a building that is under construction and noticed a banner revealing the finished product? These images are used to inform the public and are a savvy marketing tool.

There is no shortage of uses for photorealistic rendering within the architecture industry. Whether it is to determine the correct paint color or get stakeholders on board with developing a new property, 3D rendering is crucial to construction and development.

Have you ever used photorealistic renderings? If so, what was the experience like, and could it have been better? It could be that you have not yet worked with this design method. Whatever the situation, we want to help you align your design and business goals. A technique like photorealistic rendering or 3D visualization should move your business forward. It should help you accomplish the strategic objectives of your company.

We understand the struggle is not only in incorporating techniques like photorealistic rendering into your business processes but also in finding the right 3D rendering service for the job. This is why our team is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself get the design help you need. Look at our how it works page to see how we can match you with the right designer.

How today's designers are using photorealistic renderings to engage audiences

There are a variety of techniques used within photorealistic renderings to help seal the deal with consumers. Here are a few common ways a freelance designer can engage your audiences and cause them to commit to a commercial or rental property.

Adding hyperrealism – Experienced 3D architectural visualization services can make a 3D visualization look like a photo. From the texture of the brick to the ripples in the backyard pool, freelance designers are using their talents to create a scene that will resonate the most with consumers. You no longer have to hire a pricey photographer and hope the weather holds to provide the desired scene. The hyperrealism attached to 3D renderings makes these designs relatable.

Creating an atmosphere – Is this rendering for an ultra-luxurious property? How can the image convey or show this? Designers can use everything from furniture placement to large windows, specific fixtures, or other elements to create an atmosphere that will entice customers. You want to make a statement, and designers can work with your ideas and the potential property to develop this.

Lighting – If one thing can draw in customers, it is how light moves throughout the space. For example, large windows and how the light shines through them can show the amount of natural light in the area. For others, the placement of lighting fixtures and how the light bounces off objects can help them understand how they want to customize the space for their lighting needs.

Helping a property look occupied – You want your property to look like it is already housing renters or buyers. The last thing you need is a space to look sterile and uninhabited. Whether coats on a hanger in the mudroom or books already placed on a shelf, an occupied property helps potential buyers visualize themselves in the home. A savvy designer can balance a clean aesthetic and create a place that looks lived in.

Using animation – What if you could see how someone would move through a residential or commercial property? What if you could see the night and day cycle to truly understand how light would shine into the room at various parts of the day? Fortunately, an experienced designer can make this happen. Architectural animation is an excellent way to add more realism to photorealistic renderings and garner more emotion from interested consumers.

Regarding 3D visualizations, all the points above enable you to engage customers in whatever you sell. Nevertheless, before you can benefit from these techniques, you must find a professional and talented designer to help you walk through the photorealistic rendering process.

The team at Cad Crowd has developed a platform that houses a global network of pre-vetted and capable designers. We want to help make the process of finding a designer who is the right fit a priority. We know you have a lot to manage, and we strive to make the hiring process something that doesn't have to be a worry.

Our photorealistic rendering services

Cad Crowd can be the one-stop shop for all your 3D visualization needs. Our global network of designers is adept at helping entrepreneurs take advantage of the benefits of design techniques like photorealistic rendering.

Below are all the services that are available for you to receive from a Cad Crowd freelance designer:

3D aerial rendering – Again, photorealistic rendering allows designers to reveal angles and views that were never possible. Whether you need to show the intricate top-down images of a mining network or a look at a cityscape to help with public transportation plans, our team is ready to ensure your clients receive high-quality 3D aerial renderings.

3D architectural rendering – Showing customers a completed architectural model can help them decide whether to rent or buy. It allows them to put themselves in the space. This tactic can be pivotal in sealing the deal with potential buyers and renters. This is why our global designers will bring their skillsets and years of expertise to your next 3D architectural rendering project.

3D furniture rendering – 3D furniture rendering has a variety of uses within the architectural industry. It can help interior designers work with clients to determine a suitable space for furniture and for furniture companies to display their products to online customers. Whether for e-commerce or interior design, our designers can develop photorealistic renderings of furniture that help you win over your audience.

3D product rendering and design – Are you creating a new product and want to get investors and stakeholders on board? You can have their support before a prototype is even produced. Product rendering allows you to create a photorealistic design of the item you are developing to give your customers and investors an idea of what they can expect. Not only does it help you market your product, but it also allows you to make any changes before you get to the prototyping process.

3D virtual reality rendering – Whether you are developing a video game or want to allow potential renters to walk through an apartment, 3D virtual reality rendering immerses users in a setting. Immersion can increase engagement, which drives customers to become more dedicated to a brand or product. A freelance designer from Cad Crowd can help you take advantage of what 3D virtual reality rendering can offer to your company and brand.

Mechanical 3D rendering – When it comes to machinery or power systems, it can be challenging for your clients to understand how these items work just by looking at drawings. This scenario is where mechanical 3D rendering can help bridge the gap in information. You want high-quality renderings that reveal the details of how vital mechanical and power networks work. Cad Crowd designers are committed to offering high-quality services. Allow them to produce accurate mechanical 3D renderings that accomplish your design and business goals.

3D interior rendering – Visualizing your interior rendering and architectural plans in advance is highly beneficial. By allowing a freelance designer to develop rich 3D visualizations of rooms or other inside areas, you can view what could be and quickly make changes if necessary. Interior renderings allow you to play around with what works and to let go of what doesn't.

3D exterior rendering – The first thing potential renters and buyers will see as they approach a commercial or residential property is the exterior. You want to ensure that it's aesthetically pleasing and offers the structural integrity necessary. As a result, 3D exterior rendering is crucial to showcasing how a space will fit into the surrounding city and ensuring the building meets building codes (i.e., fire sprinkler design services) and standards. 

These services only represent a portion of what Cad Crowd can offer regarding photorealistic services. Cad Crowd designers are committed to accuracy, precision, and high-quality designs. We understand that your priority is running your business and satisfying your customers. 

This is why we strive to work with various designers who can offer services like photorealistic rendering. They can take over the design tasks, so you and your team can focus on core business activities that support your overall business goals.

In addition to the services above, our global network of designers can provide additional 3D rendering services. We invite you to check out our services page to look at our other services.

Other uses for photorealistic rendering

While architecture is a primary industry for 3D visualizations, other industries benefit from this design technique. Take a look at some of the additional ways photorealistic renderings are used in a variety of industries:

Video game entertainment – The gaming industry is estimated to rake in more revenue than the film industry. Much of this is due to the advancements games have made in the area of graphics and realism. Today's designers use programs like Maya and Blender to produce real-world environments that attract new audiences.

Product development – Today, entrepreneurs no longer have to wait for a physical prototype to see a 3D view of a product idea. 3D photorealistic rendering gives companies a unique look at a product before it is produced. From there, they can get all stakeholders on board with their product ideas. It also adds more efficiency to the manufacturing process as mistakes can be caught before production, preventing costly production errors.

Automobiles – Automakers need a way to get consumers excited about new concept cars and well-known models. Photorealistic rendering, much like architecture, allows car companies to develop interior and exterior car designs before the model is officially manufactured. This situation enables them to receive feedback on new ideas and provide consumers with a preview of their favorite model.

Civil construction – How will that City Hall or new light rail station fit into the downtown area of a metropolitan city? This situation is where modern meets old, as civil engineers can utilize technological advancements in the form of photorealistic engineering to determine the layout of a city. They can use these designs to receive feedback from citizens, showcase ideas, or guide the final decisions regarding building plans.

There are many uses of 3D renderings outside of architecture. However, regardless of your industry, our pre-vetted designers are ready to offer their services. Whether you need a photorealistic product design or a 3D visualization of a setting in a video game, our designers are ready to take care of your design needs.

What you can expect when working with a Cad Crowd designer

We understand the impact photorealistic rendering can have on your business. We know that it can increase the engagement and loyalty of your customers. We ensure our designers know how vital their design services are to your bottom line. Here is what you can expect when you work with a Cad Crowd designer:

Accuracy and precision – Our Cad Crowd designers are held to the Accuracy Guarantee, which outlines our fair refund and completion policy. Our team will also make those designers take any additional measures to ensure accuracy and precision. We want you to walk away satisfied, and our Accuracy Guarantee, along with the dedication of our designers, can ensure that happens.

Pre-vetted freelancers – We don't just work with everyone. We only include designers on our platform who have been pre-vetted and approved by our experienced team to work with entrepreneurs. This scenario ensures you don't have to comb over resumes or conduct various interviews. We know that your time can be better spent managing your business. This is why our team handles the vetting process, so you don't have to.

Affordability – We know you want to stick to your budget. The very nature of the gig economy makes it much easier for you to do this. When working with a designer on the Cad Crowd platform, we can ensure that you only pay for the work you are receiving. As a result, you don't have to worry about hiring costs or other expenses associated with employing a full-time worker.

At Cad Crowd, we have worked with the likes of Tupperware, Yale University, and The Boston Consulting Group. We have also helped numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs. Regardless of your company size or where you are in the photorealistic rendering process, we want to be a resource for you to complete your business and design goals.

Running a business can be daunting enough, and engaging customers can be just as challenging. We want to make the process of using design to further your business goals as straightforward as possible. If you are ready to begin the photorealistic design process, we invite you to reach out for a free quote today!  

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