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Are you finding it challenging to keep up with consumer tastes and preferences? If so, it makes perfect sense. According to Google, 63 percent of people expect brands to use their purchase history to provide them with personalized experiences. Over the years, the expectation that companies should continue to adapt to customers changing tastes and customize their processes to meet their needs has grown significantly.

As a result, customer data collection has become intensely sophisticated, and marketing departments are working closely with R&D to use market data to inform product development and innovation. This situation is where product engineering services come into play. Whether you are creating a device, building an app, or developing a software tool, engineering these products is a significant step in the process. Each one requires someone to oversee the cycle of development, from ideation to manufacturing.

Product engineering can be an enormous undertaking, but successfully developing the right products can mean increased sales and a positive reputation for business cycles to come. However, before you can realize these benefits, you have to have an exceptional product engineer on your team—someone who can take your product development process and run it from start to finish. 

Cad Crowd's platform makes it possible to find a superb freelance engineering professional who can take the worries and complexities of product engineering services off your plate. They are not only in charge of designing your products but also in creating the product development and manufacturing processes that will ensure they make it from concept to completion.

We want to help you find the best engineering professional for your needs. So, for more information on our product engineering services and how we can be of help to your business, we encourage you to take a look below.

What is a product engineer?

You may be wondering what a product engineer is and how they fit into the product development process. Sometimes the word "engineering" can bring about images of complex equations and software tools. However, their function is much less complicated than any of that. A product engineer is a type of freelance mechanical engineer. They serve two purposes for businesses looking to produce products:

  1. They design products.
  2. They help to design and coordinate the corresponding manufacturing and product development processes.

Simply, they are in charge of developing, designing, and testing products (whether they be devices, apparel, software tools, apps, or anything else sold to consumers). They are the drivers of the product development cycle, and they will ensure your products stay on track to grow from ideas to prototypes that eventually become ready for mass production. These professionals are also in charge of providing products that are created with quality, functionality, safety, and durability in mind.

The product engineering process and why it's necessary

So, when is it necessary to hire a product engineer and go through the product engineering process? The answer is, basically, anytime you want to produce a high-quality product that appeals to your target audience. You need someone (as well as a team) monitoring the development of your product. The last thing you want to do is to get to the end of your product's development process and have to go back to the drawing board due to costly errors.

These individuals will ensure your specifications are appropriate and that this product will function as it was meant to. You want to analyze your idea from a variety of perspectives and ensure that it meets everyone's expectations. A product design service and the corresponding product engineering process can make that happen.

So, what are the typical phases of the product engineering process and what can you expect to see? Here are some general stages of the product engineering process:


This step is where our product engineering services begin. Here, your product engineer professional and the team they are working with will develop the details and documentation surrounding your product. This phase is also where specifications, requirements, and descriptions are developed.


This stage is where your product engineer will likely take the lead to create a design for what the product will eventually become. This stage is vital to the progress of the project as any alterations or changes should be made here.

Product development

So, we know the problem we are trying to solve, and now we need to engineer the product to create a solution for this issue. This phase is where the product engineer and the corresponding team will develop methods to turn the design into a working prototype and eventual final product. This step will consist of engineering, and then checking in with you to ensure your specifications and requirements are being met.


Are there any bugs, glitches, or more serious errors? Testing is the stage for finding out. The product engineering team will do all they can to test the product to ensure it can stand up to a variety of internal and external stresses. Everything should be tested and then re-tested again, and you, as the client, should be heavily involved in this process. You want to ensure the product you are taking to launch is ready to stand up to any issues that could become more severe problems. Doing this will massively decrease the likelihood of a recall.


Now, it's time to release your product to the masses. While this is a time to get your product into the hands of customers, it is also a time for you to seek out feedback and recommendations from customers. So, be sure to invite your consumers to inform you of what they liked (and didn't like), and keep this in mind for the next stage of the process.

Product updates

So, all of those recommendations and feedback sessions from your consumers are for this part of the phase. Now, it's time to re-engineer your product and add any updates to improve its performance. You want your product to have as long a lifespan as possible. Fortunately, you have the team and the tools to ensure this happens over the long haul.

While you may have more steps in mind for your product engineering process, these are the general phases that many use. They are meant to help you create a timeline that efficiently pushes the development of your product forward, while also reducing the number of errors that could make it to the final stage. 

We have designers and engineers who are well acquainted with this process and provide superb product engineering services. For a look at some of the designers in this niche, visit this product engineering page.

The benefits of product engineering services

There are a variety of benefits associated with product engineering services. If you allow one of our pre-vetted CAD services to take the lead, this is what you can likely expect:

Optimize the bandwidth of your team – Product engineering is not the kind of process you can split with something else. There has to be a leader as well as a group dedicated to overseeing this process. So, when you hire a Cad Crowd freelancer to head up your product engineering efforts, you can work with someone who is solely dedicated to this project. As a result, your team can focus on the core business activities only they are equipped to do.

Add agility to your product development process – Again, consumer tastes are constantly changing, and getting a reliable and steady product engineering process going allows you to be quick in how you adapt to consumer preference changes. So, starting this process now will give you a framework to address these trends later on.

Expand the lifecycle of a product – Our product engineering services encourage you to look beyond the launch and see how this product can be re-engineered a year to even five years down the line. It helps you to develop a real vision for the products you create.

Embrace new technologies – Our freelance consumer designers use a variety of technology tools to ensure the process is completed efficiently. You will benefit from seeing what these software tools are, and incorporating them into your other processes and procedures. As a result, you will always have the tools necessary to stay on top and address emerging trends.

Have tried-and-true practices for catching errors – There are two phases in the process that allows you to take the time you and your team need to identify and fix any errors. The design and testing phase enables you to ensure you are producing a product that is reliable, functional, safe, and engaging to your audiences.

Receive a new perspective – Outsourcing this project to a capable and talented Cad Crowd freelance designer and engineer allows you to work with an expert. These individuals have a variety of skill sets and have spent years improving upon them. 

They can bring what they have learned to you and offer a unique perspective on the products you are preparing to produce. The culture of working with your company can color the opinions and perspectives of those on your team. Fortunately, an independent Cad Crowd designer can bring unique and fresh ideas that are not impacted by how you do business.

There is a wide range of benefits to making product engineering a crucial part of the whole product development process. At Cad Crowd, we want to ensure you have the opportunity to realize all of the benefits mentioned above. So, to find out how we can match you with a pre-vetted and talented freelance designer or engineer, be sure to take a look at our "how it works" page.

Our product engineering services

When you hire a Cad Crowd freelance designer and engineer, here are the services you can expect to receive.

Concept design services – Your product idea has to start somewhere, and our designers can get you off on the right path. They can take your idea and turn it into a clear concept with production in mind.

Rapid prototyping services – Before you produce anything, you want to see if your ideas make sense. A great way to do this is through rapid prototyping. Our designers can use CAD technologies to create accurate models that can be seen and tested before they head to the manufacturer or 3D printer.

Design engineering – This skill is paramount to a stable product engineering process. It is a subset of mechanical engineering and deals with the design, construction, and use of machines. Our designers and engineers can create designs with the product's purpose and functionality in mind. We want it to do what it was set to do, and our designers can use their talents to ensure this happens.

New invention development – Maybe you have a stellar idea for a new product. Our designers understand how important it is to start with the right design to jumpstart your invention process. In addition to new invention development, we can also support patent development and the application process.

These are only a few of the additional product engineering related services that we offer. If you would like to get a sense of what else we can do for you, be sure to check out our services.

Allow us to handle your next product engineering project

We know the product engineering process can be challenging and daunting. This reason is why we specialize in matching entrepreneurs and business owners with talented freelance designers and engineers. From accounting to managing employees, you still have a business to run, and an exceptional designer can make the task of handling your business dealings much more straightforward.

We want you to move forward in the development of your product, and it's crucial that you have the right talent to do so. We want to help in that endeavor. A streamlined product engineering process means that you can service your customers faster while saving your time and money involved in costly mistakes. 

Our goal is for you to succeed in ensuring your design process aligns with your business goals. So, if you are ready to take advantage of our product engineering services, we invite you to send us a free quote today!

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