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Are you ready to turn your napkin sketch, 2D draft, or engaging idea into a detailed 3D product model? Well, you have come to the right place. Regardless of where your concept is starting, the team at Cad Crowd can get you from ideation to completion.

Maybe you’ve done this before and have already been down the product development road, or perhaps this is your first time looking to turn a product concept into a working 3D product model. Whatever the case is, we have experience working with entrepreneurs and business owners in both scenarios. Whatever the ultimate purpose of your project: 3D printing design, marketing, or mass manufacturing, our team is prepared to guide you through every step.

At its core, 3D product modeling is the process of taking a concept and transforming it into a photorealistic model that can be used by manufacturers and even marketers for presentations.

We can create your 3D product models with the purpose of your designs in mind. Whether you’re looking to manufacture or only present to market what you do as well as showcase new designs, we are ready to help you accomplish whatever you need to. Our designers are prepared to use premier tools like SolidWorks, Maya, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and other relevant resources to bring your 3D product modeling services from conception to the final product for manufacturing or presentation.

However, at the beginning of any 3D product modeling project, there has to be an exceptional designer. This individual should be experienced, understanding of how you do business, and adept at creating outstanding work.

You have a lot to manage as an entrepreneur or solopreneur. We understand that, and we want to make the process of managing your business much more manageable. So, we encourage you to allow us to help manage your next 3D product modeling project.

Why 3D modeling is essential to product design

Technology has allowed us to take a look into the future, and this view can help you make some critical decisions about the products you’re thinking of offering to your audience. Three-dimensional modeling is essential to the entire product design process for several reasons. So, if you’re wondering if this process is necessary, take a look at the reasons why we recommend hiring a designer for this process:

A 360-view

Unlike a 2D draft or basic drawing, 3D modeling allows you to get an all-around view of the potential product. Whether you need to see the top of a new pair of sunglasses or ensure an electronic device is appropriately engineered, you have the option to look at all parts of your potential product. Everything is viewable, which allows you to make some better choices for your product.

Bring ease to the design process

You have many stakeholders to please, and as a result, there is much money on the line. Situations like errors, widening of project scope, and hits to the timeline can cause a variety of issues regarding getting your concept from start to finish. Three-dimensional project modeling can help you avoid some of these issues. It can help you catch errors ahead of time, quickly communicate modeling needs and projects, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Rapid prototyping

Preparing for manufacturing and modeling no longer have to be two separate processes. Your 3D product modeling process allows you to create a workable product prototype. Depending on the program you use, you can also more easily take a draft or drawing and transform it into a 3D prototype that can be further refined to be printed.

Marketing and presentations

What if you want to create renderings or models for a presentation or marketing campaign? Well, 3D product modeling enables you to do this. You can utilize this technique to create models that you can present to stakeholders or customers before they are finalized.

Accurate measurements

Today’s design programs allow you to take a more in-depth look into your product modeling projects. You can more easily create models that will enable you to compare and contrast their sizing in relation to other objects. This process allows you to get a sense of the scale of your items and more accurately measure the sizing of your model.

Receive more accurate quotes

If you have a better handle on what the final product will look like, then it is much easier to be able to receive quotes from vendors for parts or even developing pricing for your customers. Once you receive a photorealistic model, then it makes pricing on both sides much more straightforward and effective.

There are a variety of benefits that 3D product modeling can have for you as well as your team, and we want you to experience as many as possible. You deserve a streamlined and well-crafted 3D product modeling design process, and our team of pre-vetted and experienced designers can ensure that this happens for you.

So, regardless of what your needs are regarding this process, our team can provide the support you need.

How our team can help

We have a variety of services that we can offer that complements the 3D product modeling process. Here are some you can look forward to receiving from our team.

3D product animation – Looking to impress investors or showcase angles of your product model or rendering that would be hard to see otherwise? Then 3D animation may be a process you want to include during 3D product modeling. Showcase how customers could use your product or reveal it in action. Either way, you will give your stakeholders a more transparent look into what they can expect from your product.

2D to 3D conversion – So, we know that all product ideas don’t begin on computers. Many designs may start as a napkin sketch or a rough draft on a piece of notebook paper. Well, regardless of the conception, our team can take your 2D drafts and transform them into working 3D product models. It’s okay to start from scratch, and we encourage you to allow us to take you from ideation to completion.

3D rendering services – 3D rendering is the icing on the cake when it comes to designing. This step takes your original design concepts and allows them to evolve into highly realistic 2D representations that can be viewed on a screen. This step is necessary if you want to share a professional presentation with your stakeholders.

New invention development – Maybe you are going for a patent or are looking to use 3D product modeling to further your invention process. We wholeheartedly support the endeavors of inventors, and we want to be a source of support for your team. We have a group of product development professionals and designers who will aid you in taking your invention from concept to workable product.

Three-dimensional product modeling can open the door to a lot of other opportunities. As a result, there is likely a need for additional services. So, we at Cad Crowd are a one-stop-shop for your design and product development process needs. In addition to the services we offer above, we also have a variety of additional services to provide. So, be sure to check our services page to see how else we can be of help.

What you can expect when you outsource your 3D product modeling projects to a Cad Crowd freelance designer

It can be challenging to pass off duties to someone else. However, outsourcing allows you to maximize your time and costs. It gives you the opportunity to focus on the core business activities that are best for you and your team to handle. So, here is what you can expect when working with a Cad Crowd freelance 3D modeler:

Accurate and precise work – Our designers are some of the best of the best, and they are dedicated to producing accurate work that meets the standards of their clients. They will work with you to ensure that all specifications maintain their accuracy and precision.

Professionalism – Our freelance designers are pre-vetted by our team of engineers and designers. Therefore, you can be sure that each designer you work with is professional and effective at what they do. Their goal is to help you make it from point A to B with as little turbulence as possible.

A hassle-free hiring process – We know that you have a lot to manage, and spending your time interviewing and vetting designers can add to your ever-growing list of things to do. We want to free up your time and ensure you can focus on the parts of your business that need the most attention. So, we can use our platform to match you with skilled and experienced design talent easily.

Working with an expert at an affordable price – Our designers are experts. They are highly experienced in their craft. Many have worked with large companies like Tiffany and Co., PepsiCo, and Yale. They have also worked with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as well. Our platform makes it easy to work with these professionals at an affordable price. With Cad Crowd, you only have to pay for the time you use. So, no more annual salaries or additional office costs.

We believe in adding ease to the design process. There is a lot to handle, from staying within deadlines to adhering to your budget, there are many moving parts. We at Cad Crowd want to be the resource that helps you move from concept to completion during the 3D product modeling process.

Regardless of the complexity of the process, we are confident that our team can be of help. So, if you need an expert to help guide you through the 3D product modeling process, we encourage you to reach out for a free quote today.

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