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Today, we are pushing the boundaries of design further than ever before. Typically, the purpose of design has been about capturing the right look, color, or model type. These concerns make absolute sense, as doing anything further was not always possible. However, with the rise of computational fluid dynamics, CAD designers are experiencing more flexibility in how they visualize and interact with designs. 

Computational fluid dynamics is when computers and corresponding software are used to model fluid flow situations. This method can be used to predict what will happen if heat or mass is transferred in a particular location. While we may have had qualitative measures for this process in the past, computational fluid dynamics combine the visual results with science-related mathematical equations. 

This method is crucial in industries where understanding the dynamics of physical fluid is critical to the design process. In the past, the only way to tell how a model would respond to physical stress would be to create a physical prototype to test. Now, designers and mechanical engineers can use this tactic to manipulate the fluid dynamics and potential physical tensions on designs using a digital model. 

Computational fluid dynamics can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Its significance to the design process for engineers, manufacturers, scientist, and product design makes it crucial to find someone who brings a full breadth of experience and skill to this field. 

A talented and capable designer is a necessity in these projects. Fortunately, the team at Cad Crowd is dedicated to helping companies, firms, and entrepreneurs find the design talent that will take their computational fluid dynamics projects to the next level. This field requires a solid knowledge of design, mathematics, physics, and sector-specific nuances. 

It can be challenging to find someone that can bring this know-how to your projects. This situation creates a hiring process that can be arduous and expensive. Our team understands the difficulties in finding designers who are adept at these skills. So, we strive to ensure our computational fluid dynamics services can connect you to the help you need. 

Apply computational fluid dynamics to your industry projects 

Computational fluid dynamics can be applied to a variety of sectors and industries. Understanding how this tactic can impact your company is essential to become clear on how a designer can positively impact the goals of your company. Here are a few applications for this tactic: 

Fire simulations 

Are you and your team designing an engine or developing a product that aids in protecting materials from the spreading of fire? Computational fluid dynamics allow you to see how your product or model can hold up against the spread of fire and can even simulate the flow of the flames. This tactic is an excellent way to see how your product interacts with fire. 

This simulation would be challenging and expensive to produce in real-time. Fortunately, computational fluid dynamics allows you to carry this out without going through the time and resources of creating a physical model to replicate these conditions in the real world. 

Renewable energy 

Are you working with clients or agencies to develop renewable energy tools that utilize solar power, wind turbines, or hydroelectric power? Computational fluid dynamics enable you to see how your tools and products can use wind, solar energy, and water to produce desired results. For example, fluid dynamics allow you to create a model that can mimic the real-world process of wind moving through your turbine. It can show you how it will flow, how it will interact with the mechanisms used in the turbine, and how much stress the tool can take over time. 

HVAC and plumbing 

Computational fluid dynamics especially comes in handy when you need to model the HVAC or plumbing systems within a home. This process enables you to more easily work with architects and building contractors to produce residential or commercial properties that are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Seeing how air or water can flow through a home, depending on the building layout, elevations, and building codes is much easier to do digitally than physically. 

Manufacturers and engineers 

Whether designing a machine, engine, or robotic product, computational fluid dynamics is essential to ensuring a product is functional and efficient. How will these items hold up to the stress of use brought on by a factory or customer? Computational fluid dynamics can model these interactions and make it much easier to develop a design that is safe and functional. It can also help to exhibit the heat and airflow needed for these items to operate at their most optimal. 

These are just a few of the applications of computational fluid dynamics. There are a variety of additional sectors that this method can be applied to. From aerodynamics to general product design, computational fluid dynamics can be the method that saves you money and time in the short and long term. 

The computational fluid dynamics analytics process 

Again, you want a designer who has experience not only working with computational fluid dynamics, but you also need someone adept at the analytics process that goes along with the overall design. The mathematical process required for this design tactic is just as important and necessary as the graphical results. So, here are the steps needed for any designer working through computational fluid dynamics: 

  1. Preprocessing – Before conducting any calculation or determining any numbers, this is where the pre-analytics tactics will occur. For example, this includes understanding the problem the model is meant to solve, creating a base graphical model, and meshing. This process is crucial as it sets the foundation for the analysis and the resulting model. 
  2. Processing – This is where the heavy lifting will occur, and where the graphical process will intertwine with quantitative methods. Here, designers will use software to solve the mathematical equations associated with fluid flow. This part of the process can be arduous, but it will set the boundaries of the model and integrate equations into the graphic representation. 
  3. Post-processing – This part of the process is where the evaluation and analysis will occur. The model will be solved and will show the results in numerical and graphical form. 

While there may be a variety of ways to conduct the computational fluid dynamics process, these three steps sum up the basic components of the process for expert designers. 

Cad Crowd’s computational fluid dynamics services 

Our freelance designers are pre-vetted and bring a depth of experience to our customers. Regarding computational fluid dynamics services, we work with our designers to ensure we offer the following design services and areas of expertise: 

  • Concept design – Before you need a model that responds to potential physical stresses, you first need a concept and idea to work with. Our designers understand that every project has a unique set of material and process needs. As a result, our designers can help you work through the concept design of your next project. 
  • Prototype design – Our freelance designers can create 3D prototype designs that capture the physical scope and preferences of your clients. Instead of having to create a physical model to work with, our designers can help you skip the time and money needed by instead creating a digital prototype design. 
  • Combustion analysis – Need help visualizing and evaluating the combustion process related to your new product or piece of machinery? Our designers are adept at blending their experiences with physics, 3D CAD, and rendering to create a combustion analysis to understand the functionality of devices or machinery that incorporate this process. 
  • Tool design services – It is essential to ensure that your proposed product or tool is designed with accuracy and functionality in mind. The last thing you want is to have incorrect specifications going into the physical prototyping process. Fortunately, our designers can help you mitigate this problem by implementing precise tool design practices. 
  • Thermodynamic and aerodynamic evaluations – Whether you need to ensure your model can adequately cool your machinery, or you need to understand the pressure dispensation or efficiencies of a wind turbine, our freelance designers can help. Through running through simulations that accurately show the impact your design has on heat transfers and wind flow; you can get a feel for how these elements affect your model. 
  • Design patents – Maybe your next design isn’t just for the release of a product, but it is also meant to spearhead you toward applying for a patent. Cad Crowd understands the complexities of the patent application process, and we offer the service of preparing and filing a design patent application. 

Cad Crowd is an all-in-one resource for all of your design needs. Whether you need to test out the heat transfer of a piece of machinery or want to see if a new product can take the stress of wind or pressure, our computational fluid dynamics services can provide you with the help and direction you need. 

The benefits of using computational fluid dynamics 

Investing in a designer who can provide computational fluid dynamics services can save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run. This process can allow you to go deeper into understanding the functionality of your products, machinery, and devices. Take a look at these additional benefits associated with incorporating computational fluid dynamics into your design process: 

See what cannot be seen – It is challenging to gauge the impact of fire, wind, water, or other elements on a tool or piece of machinery. Computational fluid dynamics gives you a quantitative and qualitative look into what can be challenging to see with the naked eye. 

Save money on prototype creation – While you still may create a prototype to for an initial test, the last thing you want is to purchase multiple prototypes for the sake of testing out how they hold under stress. Save your time and money by conducting the majority of these tests with a computational fluid dynamics design process. 

Catch mistakes much sooner – There could be a looming problem with your design that is not uncovered until the final stages in your design and building process. Computational fluid dynamics allows you to catch these issues sooner in the experience. You can alter your measurements, discuss alterations with clients, and make modifications before you ever produce anything at the factory. It is much easier to edit a design digitally than to do so after physical products are purchased. 

Simulate a variety of conditions – Computational fluid dynamics enables you to test your designs in different types of situations. Many of these could be challenging to replicate in real life. So, the use of this tactic helps you to get a feel for what all could go wrong whether the conditions are in zero-degree weather or underwater. 

Computational fluid dynamics not only allow you to save money and time, but it helps you to create a better, safer, and more functional product for your customers. The benefits are worth you taking a look at incorporating this method into your design process. 

Let Cad Crowd help you find exceptional computational fluid dynamics talent 

Again, the hiring process, especially for a topic as specialized as this one, can be challenging. Our team is here to help you focus on only what you and your team can handle: managing your business and interacting with customers. While you may have in-house designers who are familiar with this method of design, their talents can likely be better utilized elsewhere in your company. 

Fortunately, Cad Crowd has a global network of designers who are pre-vetted and experienced in a wide variety of design services. Our goal is to connect you with a designer who is the best fit for you and your company. We can help you receive a personalized quote from a designer, set up a contest to enable you to collect many ideas and designs or assist you in finding a designer for on-going work. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the designer that will best complement your team. 

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