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An interior design service's job involves making a client’s vision of a space a reality. This can arguably be even more challenging than the exterior design of a building because we spend a considerable amount of our time indoors, be it in an office, in a public venue, or at home. 

Interior design and décor can directly impact our mood, which can, in turn, affect our well-being, productivity, and happiness levels. At home, this may determine how well we can relax and wind down after a stressful day at work. This may happen to you on a subconscious level, even if you’re not aware of it. 

Interior design can also affect your preferences for different businesses. You may prefer one coffee shop over another simply because it feels cozier. Or, you may choose one restaurant for a date night and a completely different one for a corporate lunch. 

In a work environment, décor that makes us feel more positive can affect our willingness to work and our performance. Various studies have found that employees believe that attractive interior design makes a company more pleasurable to work for. 

Large corporations such as Google and Twitter know that and have invested large sums of money in the unique interior design of their headquarters. Others, like IKEA, create detailed room settings and displays to represent what atmosphere their customers can create with their products. 

In the past, interior designers used to work with physical sketches. They’d consult their clients and proceed by developing detailed drawings of the future premises based on what clients wished to see.

However, this procedure allows much room for error. Often, it also requires many revisions and feedback sessions, which can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. This is where 3D interior visualization services can be highly beneficial. 

What is 3D interior visualization?

3D interior visualization creates photorealistic and accurate images or animations to communicate the proposed design. 3D interior visualization companies can create graphics that represent any aspect of the design that the client requires. These include colors, textures, furnishings, furniture, lighting, and more. 

All of the above is displayed in extreme detail, and if done by a skilled and experienced 3D interior visualization freelancer, these graphics can look like real-life photographs. 

3D interior visualization is convenient and flexible. It allows easy modification to ensure that the clients’ expectations are met or exceeded. These can be merely swapping colors or textures or include more complex changes such as moving furniture and adding different décor elements to create a unique atmosphere. Interior designers can also develop various designs so clients can choose whichever variation they prefer.

3D interior visualization firms use design software such as AutoCAD, Rhino, 3ds Max, SketchUp, VRay, Maxwell, and Mental Ray to create these graphics. Often, 3D interior visualization freelancers use more than one software to address different aspects of a design and create a more realistic representation of the space. 

Expert 3D visualization freelancers can also develop walkthroughs and other animations, providing a new dimension to the proposed designs. Clients can inspect details and view the design from different angles. 

As technology evolves, virtual reality will transform 3D interior visualization services, allowing clients to visit a place before construction or renovation has even begun. 

At this time, VR is still costly and unavailable to the masses. But that is where AR (augmented reality) steps in. Interior designers can use it to blend the real world with the virtual and overlay virtual design elements over actual physical locations. 

Who can benefit from 3D interior visualization services?

Interior designers

Professional 3D renderings can help interior designers accurately articulate their vision to their clients, which can help them and their clients save time and money. Interior designers can also build an impressive portfolio of their ideas, which can help them beat their competition and acquire more clients without needing to create the sets and designs.

Real-estate professionals

Real estate agents working with a property that is still being built can use the help of 3D real estate rendering professionals to create visuals of what a completed place will look like. Thus, they can display these 3D interior visualizations on the property website or promotional materials. By demonstrating what the completed property will look like, they can secure more sales before it is completed. 


Those who have recently purchased a house, building a new one, or are willing to remodel their existing one can also benefit from 3D interior visualization services. By having a 3D interior visualization freelancer develop photorealistic images of their envisioned interior design, they can accurately estimate the necessary materials costs. 

Retail store owners

E-commerce store owners who sell different home accessories such as furniture, bedding, and various décor elements can improve their marketing efforts by creating 3D interior design visualizations with their products. Displaying their products alongside those from their inventory can help them sell additional wares. 3D interior visualizations allow you to easily swap models and colors without organizing new shoots. 

Companies like IKEA have been using 3D interior visualizations for years and have saved considerable amounts of money and time in the process. 

Business owners

Renovating the premises of a business property can be expensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to adequately estimate the costs and have as few design errors as possible. The latter can increase the overall costs of the project as well as delay the completion time, which can mean financial losses for a business. 

How are 3D interior visualizations developed?

Before a 3D interior visualization company can start working on your project, its artists must know your vision. Therefore, it’s essential to provide as many details as possible. If you have the floor available, that’s perfect, as these can provide all the information the company may need.

If you don’t have them available, then provide detailed measurements of the place with information on the positioning of the windows, doors, and other essential elements. Experienced professionals will specify what information they need to complete the job. 

The company can then evaluate your needs and present an estimate of how much you can expect to pay and how long the process will take. 

Once you have agreed on the pricing and the procedure, 3D interior visualization freelancers work on and present the first preview of your project. You can then review it, give feedback, and request any changes you wish to see. Don’t hesitate to voice them as that will help designers meet your expectations. 3D artists will then develop a revised preview with your revision requests in mind. 

The graphics may look low-quality to you during the previews. If that’s the case, worry not. Freelance professionals complete the project in stages and do not present refined and detailed images until all details and revisions are done. This saves time and resources both for you and them. 

Once all the details of our project are solidified, all changes requested by you are made, and you are satisfied with all the design details, 3D interior visualization freelancers will precede by refining the design, adding details, patterns, texture, lighting, and other design elements. They will also include minor imperfections, making the design look more realistic than polished and inauthentic. 

Finally, after all financial obligations are met, designers will deliver the completed visualizations with the watermarks removed.  

Cad Crowd’s 3D interior visualization freelancers can help

Not all 3D interior visualization firms and professionals work in the same way, and not all have the skills and experience needed to deliver the quality you deserve. Finding one that meets your needs and expectations can be challenging, and choosing the wrong one can waste time and resources. 

Cad Crowd can save you the trouble. We have established a vast database of nearly 70,000 world-class professionals from all over the world. They are experienced, pre-vetted, and able to handle a project of any scope. They are also willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so, you can rest assured that your design will be unique and its details will remain private. 

All Cad Crowd’s 3D interior visualization professionals work remotely. Therefore, you can expect lower costs for a completed project. Our clients report up to 35% savings with us compared to contracting in-house 3D interior rendering firms.  

If you want to start working on the interior design idea you have in mind, request a quote today, and our professionals will begin developing 3D interior visualizations for your project as soon as possible. If you are open to ideas, you can also launch a design contest and get multiple interior design concept submissions. Take a look at how it works.

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