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Mechanical design is the process by which a designer creates technical and detailed drafts of a mechanical system or machinery. It involves a blend of understanding related to physics, machinery, analytics, and an in-depth comprehension of mechanical processes and procedures. 

An experienced and well-versed mechanical designer will be adept at taking direction from clients, understanding the constraints of the physical area, and applying real-world principles to mechanical designs and drafts. 

Mechanical design services typically combine theoretical and academic mechanical design knowledge with practical and experiential learning. A skilled mechanical designer will understand why both concepts are necessary for a successful mechanical design project. 

Hiring the best mechanical designer and drafter for the job is one of the most crucial steps in any mechanical design project. The team at Cad Crowd knows this and places a significant emphasis on helping entrepreneurs and business owners find the most experienced mechanical designers. All of our freelance 3D CAD designers are pre-vetted and hand-picked for their prior knowledge and career experience. 

Our mechanical designers are well-versed in CAD design, drafting, analysis, and project planning. You can trust that they will be committed to producing designs and drafts that exceed client standards. Whether you need someone to create design strategies around machinery, robotics, automated technologies, equipment, or other mechanical systems, our designs are prepared to help.

The various components of mechanical design services

There are a wide variety of applications for mechanical design services. This fact is a result of how much of a role mechanical design plays in many facets of daily life. An accomplished designer understands how integral mechanical drafting is to processes related to construction, innovation, and even business development. 

For example, mechanical design is integral to developing HVAC systems within buildings. Before any walls, ceilings, or foundations go up, designers have to plan out how air and heat will make its way around the building. If a company is developing an innovative and new product, the mechanical design also plays a significant role in this process as product design and development is a subset of mechanical design. 

From developing the industrial equipment used in a manufacturing plant to creating drafts for new machinery, mechanical designers and drafters are integral to innovation and development. Mechanical design services are known to intertwine with architecture and construction, so it helps if designers are also well-versed in understanding how mechanical systems relates to building processes. 

In addition to the services mentioned above, our designers can help with: 

Exceptional mechanical design is essential to any mechanical design project. Cad Crowd’s mechanical design services connect entrepreneurs and business owners with designers that are well-versed in bringing your mechanical design processes to fruition. 

Using only the best and latest mechanical design tools

There are a variety of design tools that can be used by designers to produce quality mechanical designs and drafts. CAD (computer-aided design) is an integral component of mechanical design. It allows designers to take 2D paper designs or initial ideas and turn them into realistic 3D drafts and models that can be used by architects and construction professionals. Here are some of the most popular mechanical design tools that our Cad Crowd designers are well-versed in. 

Inventor – Autodesk 

Whether you are developing a draft of a new product or creating a design for a building project, Inventor gives designers the tools they need to bring these projects to completion. Inventor CAD software offers 3D mechanical and simulation tools. It also allows for cloud-based storage and work collaboration capabilities. 

SolidWorks – Dassault Systems 

Much like Inventor, SolidWorks also offers a suite of CAD design tools for manufacturing and mechanical design processes. Also, in the same vein as Inventor, it allows for efficient collaboration and product data management. However, SolidWorks differentiates itself by offering simulation solutions. Designers can test CAD designs to see how they would hold up in the real world. 

CATIA – Dassault Systems 

While many of the other software systems have a wide range of applications for mechanical designers, CATIA focuses more on product design. However, CATIA does also allow for engineering and construction design. 


In addition to the typical capabilities of mechanical design software, Onshape really shines in collaboration. Regardless of the browser or device, design teams can collaborate and share ideas regarding drafting projects. According to their website, they “unite CAD, data management, collaboration tools, and real-time analytics.” 

There are a variety of other design tools out there, but these are some of the most popular and widely-used tools in the industry. Many of our mechanical designers are well-versed in these software tools and likely have knowledge of many others. 

The advantages of outsourcing mechanical design 

Outsourcing your mechanical design projects comes with a variety of benefits. Here are a few reasons why delegating your design needs to an engineering freelancer is the best move: 

  • Save time – Instead of taking up the time of in-house designers, save their time for more involved projects by having a freelance designer handle mechanical designs and drafts. 

  • Save costs – When utilizing a freelance mechanical designer, you only have to pay for the time you need. You can bypass the costs of annual salaries, benefits, or even office space (as most freelancers can work remotely). 
  • Take advantage of a diversity of experiences – A freelance designer has likely worked with a variety of companies on many different projects. This ensures that they have a wide range of experiences to pull from when working with you.
  • Have someone else take care of the hiring process – Instead of having to search for the best mechanical designer for the job, an outsourcing firm—like Cad Crowd—can handle the process of helping you find the most talented designer.
  • Higher ROI – Because you are paying less money by outsourcing your design needs, it is highly likely that you will be able to have a higher return on investment (ROI). 

There are advantages to outsourcing your mechanical design services to an accomplished design professional. The team at Cad Crowd is prepared to help make the outsourcing and hiring process streamlined and straightforward. We will do all we can to match you with the design professional that best fits your needs. 

Allow us to help you through our mechanical design services

Our mechanical design services allow entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and business owners to connect with experienced mechanical designers. These professionals are experienced in turning client needs into complete mechanical design projects with the use of 3D CAD software, analysis, and problem-solving. Most have spent their careers working with stakeholders to prepare mechanical designs that meet client specifications. From developing product designs to virtual prototyping, Cad Crowd’s freelance designers are equipped to provide the design help needed. 

We believe in the importance of meeting entrepreneurs and business owners where they are, so our mechanical design services are created to be flexible and customizable. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mechanical design projects. Everything depends on the needs, scope, size, and client preferences. Cad Crowd understands this and we will do what we can to make the designer hiring process as stress-free as possible. 

Today’s sophisticated mechanical design software allows for seamless collaboration and consistent communication. This feature makes it possible for entrepreneurs and business owners to select the most talented professionals, regardless of their current location. 

An exceptional mechanical design project cannot happen without excellent talent. We are proud to say that our roster is filled with talented designers that are ready to work with you to ensure your project meets all your specifications. 

Freelance mechanical designers and drafters

Cad Crowd is ready to be the one-stop-shop for your mechanical design and drafting needs. Our mechanical design services use a variety of tactics to ensure you are matched with an experienced mechanical designer. 

Our goal is to take away the stress of hiring a top-notch professional by offering three efficient ways to connect you with a designer: 

  1. A design contest – We can hold a crowdsourcing design contest that allows multiple designers to send quotes and concepts to you so you can pick the one that works best.
  2. Private quotes – Instead of receiving multiple quotes, we can search for a designer that best meets your needs. From there, you can receive a private quote from an experienced designer. 
  3. On-going work match – Our team can also work with you to match you with a designer for on-going work. 

Again, we strive to ensure that our approach to matching you with the best designer is customizable, and once you find the best designer, you can also take advantage of our other design services. Find out how it works and get a free quote today.


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