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Reverse engineering is something we’ve all embarked on at some stage of our lives, probably with varying levels of success. The fundamental principle of reverse engineering is discovering how something works or operates. Children often have a natural curiosity for discovering how a favorite mechanical toy works and set upon taking it apart piece by piece. What may be perceived as destruction is actually youthful reverse engineers at work.

Not only does reverse engineering reveal the detailed mechanics of a device or system, but it also allows for the repurposing of things that have become obsolete. This reduces our carbon footprint through reuse. The concept isn’t new: opposing countries in World War II scrambled to re-invent the other side’s innovations. These days, political actors who want nuclear weapons often use reverse engineering to achieve their goals.

Today’s technology is becoming increasingly complex. Sometimes a business or inventor may require a product’s parts to be identified. Aided by 3D laser scanning and printing technology, companies that specialize in reverse engineering can accurately disassemble items to discover how and why they tick.

Marketing strong words “new and improved.”

As with the example of the child, curiosity remains a fundamental reason for reverse engineering. That being said, its real purpose is to find ways of improvement for old designs. The saleable words “new and improved” don’t appear without the original design being dissected to find out ways to make advanced changes.

Reverse engineering services can provide such a “dissection” of intricate parts using laser and 3D printing technology. If a component or operation in particularly specialized, 3D scanning technology may need to come into play.

Cad Crowd's reverse engineering services lead the field in this specialized area. We provide state-of-the-art lasers, 3D scanning, and printing equipment. However, Cad Crowd’s most impressive resource is its ace team of engineers. There’s little point in producing an exact duplicate without the expertise of professionals who can recommend improvements, all the while being mindful of patents and trademarks.

To give an example, an inventor who discovers a way to build a better mousetrap wants to make sure that the invention is unique compared to existing products. Reverse engineering services can make this guarantee, and even recommend improvements the inventor might not have considered.

Obsoleteness can become the new new

Other situations for 3D reverse engineering may include examining some obsolete technology that could be made practical in today’s environment. Perhaps the specifications are missing: think integrated circuits that rapidly become abandoned and forgotten technology. Older technology still in use has to be maintained, and Cad Crowd’s reverse engineering services can ensure reliable and precision parts will be supplied, even when traditional suppliers are not able to source components.

Governments responsible for supplying manufacturers often use reverse engineering to test out old components, without having to alert companies that such inspections are being undertaken. Such technology helps maintain the transparency of companies. It can also save companies money by being able to accurately replicate unique parts to replace worn-out ones and avoid the additional cost of purchasing new equipment.

Computer software can also benefit from reverse engineering. With the speed of advancements, knowledge of program set up can sometimes become forgotten or lost. This could mean that improving a program requires redesigning it from scratch. Cad Crowd’s reverse engineering services can save countless hours and expense by allowing developers to build on an existing platform. Software reverse engineering is also a means of identifying malicious virus code introduced by hackers and enabling its deletion.

Reverse engineering is an inventor’s friend

Reverse engineering is a time- and budget-conscious way to improve on something that already exists. Its role will surely only expand as technology advances and becomes obsolete almost as quickly. The mark of a true inventor is one who says they can improve on a design, but admits it would be helpful if the available technology were understood better.

Cad Crowd’s reverse engineering services provide this important step. We’re fortunate to have on our team engineers from many divisions of their profession – mechanical, aerospace, automotive, medical, structural, electrical – who are available for your project. There are also times when concepts require more than one type of engineer. Cad Crowd is confident in saying that our resources, both expertise, and technology, are par excellence to give your project a leading edge over our competitors.

Our high reputation is built on our efficiency of being able to take your idea from its earliest inception, through reverse engineering steps, and to the manufacturing stage. Following strict confidentiality with our customers, we help direct projects to a successful completion with you always being in charge. A better idea is often realized through reverse engineering from the team at Cad Crowd. Contact us today to find out more!


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