Progress. Perfection. Practicality.

Like any industrial designer and design engineer, I love to change the world around me for the better, to rethink familiar things, their structure and functions for the sake of constant improvement. Creating new things is an absolute necessity for all humanity and I want to be part of this progress.

I will do this no matter what, this is my calling, I want to see this world in its best version. Even if I can’t work, if someone decides to create hell in the place where I live and everyone around me, I will just continue on my way and move to another place. If there are no companies that want to cooperate, I will do it for myself. If I don’t have the tools at hand, I’ll try to make my own.

I haven't built an airplane or a satellite yet, but I still have a lot of time ahead of me. I constantly develop my skills and explore new areas regarding my work and ideas without hesitation. So, within six months, I mastered industrial welding robots, their design, operation, maintenance, and also developed several large structures for them (for example, a linear track (7th axis) and various welding movable jigs). I was a little into bicycles, but didn't think much about how they were designed. I was not afraid to take on the project of designing a specific bicycle. During the work, I collected a huge amount of data about materials, their manufacturing processes, components that would be suitable for this project, found documentation for each of them so that everything would fit exactly, developed a design and tested all possible loads on the structure in simulations. Need to make an unusual ultimate rig for sim racing? Great, I will be happy to master this entire area in order to develop the most interesting design, as well as try out many designs to choose the best one. What does the future hold for additive technologies? I’m also interested, because I have a whole concept for an additive factory, which, it seems to me, can replace classical factories.

I will be happy to work together towards a better, more beautiful and comfortable world!

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  • Industrial deisgner Freelance · Freelance Feb 2021 – Present 3 yrs 4 mos Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russia


  • SWSU B, Computer science and engineering 2017 – 2021

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  • video editor

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