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On-demand homeware CAD design and product development

Take advantage of our network of professional product designers and 3D modelers to bring your innovative housewares to the market. Cad Crowd connects you with top-tier design professionals who have been vetted and pre-qualified to provide reliable, high-quality design services. Whether you're looking for an industrial designer to help you optimize your homeware product for mass production or you're looking for a CAD freelancer to translate your design ideas into functional CAD files. 

homeware designOur flexible product design services are available both to individual entrepreneurs and to companies of any size. Every great product starts from a great idea. The next step is to translate that idea into a workable design. Our design experts will work with you to develop your homeware ideas into robust 3D models that are ready for direct digital manufacturing and prototyping.

Our 3D design experts understand both the aesthetic requirements of successful product design as well as the mechanical requirements of production and are ready to help you with everything from material selection to the ideal manufacturing technology for your new product. With Cad Crowd's rapid manufacturing services, you can take your new CAD design right to production.

Cad Crowd is your one-stop-shop for all your product design and manufacturing services. We'll work with you on from conceptualization through to design for manufacturing. We also offer contract manufacturing and USPTO patenting services to help you get your product made and to protect your intellectual property.

Get an estimate now, and tell us about your design project. We'll analyze your project and connect you with industry-leading CAD design freelancers to help you realize your project goals. 

Freelance CAD services for innovative houseware design

Our global network of leading 3D designers and modelers specialize in designing for modern rapid manufacturing and 3D printing. The flexibility of advanced manufacturing technologies allows for nearly unlimited design potential, without the cost and physical limitations of conventional casting and molding. 

Interested in crowdsourcing? Take a look at our crowdsourced design competitions. Review entries from a variety of designers, and choose the winners!

Get a quote now, and connect with world-class CAD design specialists ready to bring your new product to life. Interested in crowdsourcing? 


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