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Whether you are developing a new product design or need to work with a firm to design a new piece of manufacturing equipment for your facility, freelance drafting and design services are crucial to your endeavors. Your laptop likely began as a technical sketch, while the pen you are writing with went through a design and modeling process to get it from concept to completion. 

Drafting and design services represent the necessary practices that need to occur to ensure your customers receive high-quality products. Ever-changing consumer preferences and a greater need for customization has made it even more significant for companies to invest in exceptional drafting and design services. Nevertheless, we know that getting this process started depends on finding the right freelance designer to manage this service. 

You need someone who understands the needs of your company and knows how to blend these needs with your specifications to produce stellar drafts and designs. Error-free and high-quality designs get you to the prototype and manufacturing process more efficiently and cost-effectively, and you can achieve this with the right design professional. The team at Cad Crowd understands how challenging it can be to find excellent design talent. This reason is why we have helped to connect entrepreneurs with exceptional designers for the last decade. 

Our team is ready to help you find the best fit for your drafting and design services. For a helpful look into how this service can help you meet your business goals, and how our team can assist, keep reading below. 

What are drafting and design services? 

Whether this is your first time dealing with drafting and design, or you want to know more, it helps to have an idea of what is involved with the practice. This process involves two essential processes. First, drafting is the process of creating detailed and technical drawings of an object. They are typically drawn in a way to reveal the components and specifications involved with the creation of the object. 

In a way, they are a blueprint for manufacturers to follow when beginning the process of product development. The second component of this process is the design aspect. Many times, designers will take the drafts and build them out to full-scale 2D or 3D computer-aided designs (CAD). Typically, CAD designs reveal the aesthetics of an object and allow individuals to see what the design can look like once manufactured. 

These practices are an excellent investment as they present the significant benefit of allowing individuals and entrepreneurs to see a design before it goes to manufacturing. They then can make changes as necessary and avoid costly repairs down the line. 

Regardless of your experience level with drafting and design services, our team is ready to help you find the best person for the job. For a look into how we do this, we invite you to visit our How it Works page. There, we lay out the various ways our team can help you locate exceptional design talent. 

Our drafting and design services 

We know that you may have a variety of needs. This reason is why we provide full-service offerings when it comes to drafting and design. You may need a detailed site plan or you may be ready to design a prototype for manufacturing. Wherever you are in the process, our team is prepared to help you find a designer who can handle these services for you. So, for a closer look into the services we offer, take a look below. 

2D to 3D modeling—There are times where your idea may start as a sketch on a piece of paper, or as a rough 2D model on Photoshop or another design program. Our goal is to match you with a designer that can take that initial idea and expand it into a detailed design that allows you to make the decisions you need to about the next step in the process. 

2D drawings and floor plans—Are you in the architectural or construction industry? If so, we know that technical drawings and detailed floor plans are crucial to the work that you do. This reason is why we have a global network of designers that includes those who are skilled at creating accurate and precise 2D drawings and floor plans for your contractors as well as potential renters and buyers. 

Architectural site plans—Site plans are the crucial instructions building contractors and construction professionals need to follow to ensure a building project meets specifications and standards. This means that the creation of these plans needs to be done by a professional with an eye for detail, as well as a commitment to accuracy. Our team will do all they can to ensure you find the professional you need to handle this task. 

Civil drafting—Are you planning to manage a public works project? Well, we have designers who are skilled in developing drafts for civil projects. Whether you are building a library or repairing a water system, we know that the public’s well-being depends on how well these tasks are carried out. Allow us to help you find the best drafting and design professional to manage this. 

Electrical drafting—We understand that a lot goes into the planning and organization of electrical wiring. This reason is why it is essential to go in with a well-crafted and detailed design—obtaining permits and meeting municipal guidelines can depend on how well electrical systems are structured. Our designers can help you ensure that you meet the requirements and that these systems flow efficiently. 

Product design services—As we mentioned above, consumer preferences are changing at a faster rate than ever before. This situation is requiring all companies to keep up with these ever-evolving trends. Our freelancers are equipped to work with you to create a product design that meets your expectations and aligns with your product development goals.  

Legacy drawing conversion—What happens to older drafts that were used years ago? What if they are damaged? Well, our team wants to help make the process of what to do next, easy, and straightforward. Our freelance designers can recreate these drawings for later use or preservation. The work that you do is critical, be sure to make plans to preserve them for the long haul. 

Machine drawing—Are you developing a new piece of machinery? Our designers are skilled in drafting and designing the necessary components involved in your machinery build. Allow them to handle the intricacies of machine drawing so you can quickly move forward in your production schedules. 

2D CAD design—Sometimes, you need a high-quality bird’s eye view of a product or space. Our team of drafters and designers can take your ideas and develop detailed 2D CAD designs that provide instruction or allow you to move forward in the 3D modeling process. 

Our freelance designers are pre-vetted by our in-house team of designers and engineers. As a result, we make finding and working with exceptional designers a priority. For a more detailed look at what our global network of pre-screened designers can offer, feel free to take a look at our Services page. 

Allow us to help you move forward in your next drafting and design project 

Our team is ready to help you move forward in finding a stellar drafting and design freelancer. 

They can help you: 

  • Translate drawings from one format to another. 
  • Convert files between CAD formats. 
  • Convert technical drawings to digital files. 
  • Help you move through the concept phase of product development. 
  • Take your 2D drafts and convert them to 3D models.
  • And more…

Whether you need help with a short-term project or need on-going help, our designers are more than ready to help you by offering exceptional drafting and design services. 

We believe that outsourcing tasks like drafting and design give you the time you and your team need to focus on core business activities that only you are equipped to handle. It can save you time, cut down on hiring costs, and give your team a better opportunity to be flexible and adapt to new challenges. 

We also understand that it can be challenging to step into this arrangement if you never have before. Our team of design professionals is ready to help you walk through this process, from hiring to project completion. 

You have a lot to manage as an entrepreneur and business owner, and that it can be hard to find the time to handle the hiring and managing of design talent. Fortunately, this reason is why our platform is set to take the hassle out of recruitment. We want to help you find the best person for the job, so you can get back to handling your business. 

Again, regardless of where you are in the drafting and design process, our in-house team is here to help you locate the design help you need. You don’t have to handle this process alone. So, if you are ready to move forward, we invite you to request a free quote today. 

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