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Civil drafting and drawing is an important aspect of the design of buildings, bridges, highways, pipelines, and other major engineering projects. Technical drawings must be extremely precise and accurate, especially when dealing with large infrastructure projects. These documents are the primary tool through which the civil engineering designer can communicate the exact instructions the builders need to successfully complete the project. 

With so much riding on the precision of the technical drawings, you need to know that you're working with experienced and reliable drafting technicians. Cad Crowd connects you with top-ranking, pre-vetted drafters with a proven record of exceptional service. Whether you’re an engineering firm looking to outsource some of your drafting work or an independent entrepreneur, we offer top quality drafting services at competitive prices. 


Flexible civil drafting services for any application

Cad Crowd stands out from most design firms in that we offer a comprehensive range of drafting, design, and architectural services for professionals, corporate clients, and entrepreneurs all from one convenient location. Our leading network of professional CAD drafters and designers offer civil drafting services for any project, big or small.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Topographical and relief maps
  • Project plans using cutting edge CAD drafting technology
  • Road and highway plans
  • Draining and sewage system
  • Pipeline plans
  • Engineering drawing
  • Architecture engineering
  • 2D to 3D conversions
  • Freelance 3D modeling

BIM Modeling Solutions

Building Information Modeling is a method for digitally representing the physical and functional characteristics of a structure or facility. BIM models are valuable throughout the building life cycle beyond the planning and construction phases. They are useful tools for construction management, cost management, and ongoing facility operation. We offer a number of BIM services for clients, including:

  • CAD to BIM conversion
  • Design development
  • Construction documentation
  • Model renderings
  • Structural and MEP design

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineers design, plan, and even construct structures using structural CAD drawings made by civil drafters. Almost every building, road, and water supply system required the work of an engineer. There are many subcategories of civil engineering, including architecture, surveying, transportation, and material science.

What is civil drafting?

Civil drafters work alongside civil engineers. In order for jobs to get done accurately, they must work together. Civil drafting professionals work to create drawings and drafts for civil engineers to work with. They work on all types of projects: bridges, dams, roadways, pipelines, and waterworks are just a few of the things they work on every day.

The drafters create maps and plans that are used to make the finish product. They’re either designed in 2D CAD or 3D CAD, depending on the projects requirements. 2D drafts show only two dimensions, typically the height and width, whereas 3D drafts show the width, height, and depth. 

Cad Crowd's drafting services are custom tailored to meet your specific demands and timelines of your project and are available for architects, individuals, and corporate clients. Professionals are available for short-term and ongoing contracts, allowing you to hire the expert help you need when you need it. 

Whether you're looking for a professional drafter to help you from square one or are looking for extra help to meet a rush deadline, our network of professional CAD designers and drafters are ready to take on your design project from the design phase through to construction drawings. Get an estimate now.

Professional civil drawings and site drawings for you

Take advantage of Cad Crowd's network of industry-leading CAD drafters and designers. With Cad Crowd, you don't need to spend time vetting applicants and comparing CVs — we connect you with pre-qualified CAD freelancers based on the specific requirements laid out in your project description. All of our projects are backed by our accuracy guarantee that your design will be accurate to your project description.

We pride ourselves in offering services that take advantage of the cutting edge of design technology. Our freelance drafters and contractors are masters of contemporary design technologies. Softwares used include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ArchiCad, Microstation, Vectorworks, Cobalt, SolidEdge, and TurboCad.  

Our global network of architectural design and drafting professionals includes 3D designers, landscape architects, freelance interior designers, mechanical drafters, and freelance engineers. With our unrivaled roster of expertise, Cad Crowd can handle any drafting or design project on budget and on time. Get a quote now, and get the world's best network of CAD design experts and drafters in your corner.

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