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Urethane is probably one of the most important materials in use by industrialized nations. The versatility of custom cast urethane has proven useful in countless applications. This makes sense given that it’s inexpensive, durable, moldable, quiet when used in mechanical situations, and resistant to wear and tear.

Urethane has many advantages over plastics, rubber, and metals. Urethane doesn’t lose durability with hardness, whereas plastic becomes brittle and breaks. Also, unlike plastic, when urethane is stretched, it always returns to its original dimensions. Moving metal pieces can produce sparks, burrs, splinters, and dust, whereas urethane has a high impact resistance and abrasion resistance without any possibility of spark generation. When urethane parts do wear out, replacements are economical and straightforward to manufacture without expensive and inconvenient machining. On the other hand, rubber is expensive, degrades with oil, and is not as durable.

One of the most difficult tasks in retooling a piece of machinery is finding urethane parts to replace worn out components. This is particularly true when metal or plastic parts are specifically engineered for a task. The difficulty is eliminated with CAD technology, which can determine exact dimensions with a laser and translate the data into a 3D printed piece utilizing 3D printing services.

The reliability of urethane

Companies that produce urethane products using injection molding and casting services can also use custom cast urethane moldings as dies for larger runs. Regardless of the quantity required for a particular item, using a custom cast urethane molding service would be a logical first step in fulfilling parts requirements.

For inventors, Cad Crowd’s custom cast urethane molding service, along with prototype design engineering, is ideal for developing trial runs of a prototype. The initial models of a new design should be just as rugged as the marketable product. Urethane is a high-impact substance that can stand up to the rigors of tests a prototype would be put through. By using Cad Crowd’s expertise and services, your project will be in safe hands with our team of qualified engineers.

Cad Crowd has proven itself in the field of product development by committing to a thorough investment in technology and services that applied to all projects, and by providing a team approach for all our tasks. Inventors always have control over their projects and whatever decisions need to be made. Cad Crowd’s expertise has helped many inventors complete their projects and make them marketable.

Readiness equates to time saved

Cad Crowd’s combination of knowledge and technology saves large amounts of time and money by sidestepping the labor-intensive route of vetting people and equipment. Once the prototype stage is completed using prototype design services, Cad Crowd’s inventory of quality manufacturers puts the inventor in touch with those who can produce the item. This fast-tracking process puts Cad Crowd ahead of its competitors and gives the inventor the edge of being on the market sooner.

Whether the project is simple or contains components that require precision making, Cad Crowd’s custom cast urethane molding is a smart choice for materials. We offer the best in both ruggedness and longevity. Whether your project parts are one-of-a-kind to being run of the mill, our experts are consistent in their attention to detail and quality of work.

Here are the steps to follow for the production of custom molded urethane:

  • Identify the parts that would benefit from being made of urethane - look for applications with high friction, increased elasticity, and difficult accessibility.

  • Contact Cad Crowd to discuss your requirements and get advice from custom molding specialists and product engineering services.

  • Perform short-run production of parts to be trial tested in an application.

  • Advance to larger runs, if required, by quality companies suggested by Cad Crowd.

Our attention to detail and quality of service makes us stand out from the competition. Testimonials all agree: Cad Crowd is the way to go.

Cad Crowd is confident you’ll recognize our high standards from the first meeting. There aren’t any obligations to retain its services if you feel your requirements are not being realized, while confidentiality is always upheld. Start on the first step of custom cast urethane molding by contacting Cad Crowd and discover why this company has your interest at heart from so many directions, which all lead to your complete satisfaction.


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