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Cosmetics are some of the richest and most beautiful products on the market. They also require some of the most intricate packaging in the world, requiring everything from pumps and dispensers, to trays and brushes.

Complicating this is the need to brand your products across many different types of products. How do you make all these packagings look like they came from the same business? How do you make them look good enough for a customer to pick them out on a busy shelf filled with hundreds of other similar products?

Differentiation is where great packaging is so crucial and why it’s worth taking the time to get it right. A great package will blend seamlessly across a wide range of different products, function well, and help the customer see your product first.

What cosmetic packaging design services can offer you

With so many complicated details involved in cosmetics, hiring the right person to create your packaging is essential. An experienced cosmetic packaging design can make the difference between whether your package is ignored on the shelf or taken down by a curious customer.

All it takes is one customer to give your product a try, like it, and share it with others to start a revolution in the cosmetic industry. Without the right packaging, however, getting that first try can be challenging. Here’s what consumers are looking for in packaging right now.

☮ Eco-friendly packaging design

✔ With shocking pictures of the damage that plastic has done to the environment swamping media daily, more and more customers are turning away from standard packaging and looking for more sustainable choices.

✔ The success of companies such as Grove, Etee, and Lush, with their clever “naked” line of products, shows the heavy demand for packaging that can be recycled, reused, or composted. While it might take a little more effort to figure out how to make a package work in a sustainable manner, it could make more customers eager to try products they perceive as green.

✔ A cosmetic packaging designer is vital because they can use their experience across the entire industry that come up with ideas that work with your brand look and a greener future.

🔥 On-trend designs

✔ A quick look on the cosmetic aisle reveals what’s most popular for cosmetics in terms of their design. Things like unique, bold fonts, intricately drawn sketches with lots of fine penmanship, and embossed foil are all popular packaging trends right now.

✔ A great cosmetic packaging designer will be aware of these trends and can help guide you on the path to a perfect package that will draw customers to your product.

✌ Detailed attention to the 3 layers of packaging

✔ There’s far more to cosmetics than what ends up sliding into someone’s cosmetic bag. This includes the container for the cosmetic itself, the cosmetic’s box, and often a bag or outer packaging as well.

Each one of these can offer a statement about your brand, that offers an experience to the consumer, and should be considered seriously as part of your packaging.

Different cosmetic design services

With so many types of cosmetics out there, a wide range of design services is needed to meet them all. Here are some of the main styles used for cosmetics and how they might fit into your product line.

 Airless bottles: An airless pump creates a vacuum effect that keeps the product sterile once inserted into the bottle. An airless bottle can have various shapes that match the look and feel of your brand. It works through a tiny hole in the bottom of the bottle that allows air in, a plate that helps keep products such as serum in. The bottle has an airless pump that works by drawing air (and the product with it) out of the bottle.

 Pumps: Pumps are another option for liquids. They work by forcing liquid up a narrow tube and out the nozzle of the pump bottle. This style is suitable for heavy, thick liquids such as soaps.

❤ Sprayers: Spray bottles are commonly used for products such as hair setting spray. Pressurized air forces liquid up the tube and helps it exit as a fine, aerosol spray. Sprayers can also be made without pressurized air.

❤ Jars: Creams, lotions, and other thick products sometimes benefit from being in a jar. Jars are also often easier to source in an eco-friendly manner, with a glass jar and metal lid being the most popular. A cute design makes them both reusable as well as recyclable, appealing to millennials and other demographics that appreciate the environment.

❤ Tubes: Lipsticks, mascara, and other common cosmetics often come in tubes to help make getting the product out easier. These slender tubes can either push the product out or hold liquids while a wand dips it out of it.

❤ Droppers: Oils and serums can be dispensed in dropper form to help aid in measuring out how much product to use. A dropper can be very helpful in this situation.

❤ Compacts: Blush, foundation, and many other powder cosmetics come in compacts to make it easier to contain the product. These containers are usually hinged to open and close, and sometimes contain mirrors to help the user see what they are doing when on the go.

Although these different packaging types are related to cosmetics, they often have very different design needs. A jar, for example, is relatively simple to design compared to the complexity of an airless bottle.

A talented designer can help you with each product that you need, not only helping create a high-quality container that will work for that particular part of the line but make all of the lines look and feel like they go together.

Why choose Cad Crowd?

Cadcrowd has a broad range of experience in the cosmetics industry and can help design cosmetic packaging that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for bottles, compacts, or the boxes they come in, our designers can help create a detailed blueprint for their manufacture. If you’re currently in the market for a freelance cosmetic packaging designer, here are just a few reasons to choose Cadcrowd:

💵 Affordable: Expert care can get expensive, but using Cad Crowd can help keep costs down. Cad Crowd designers are curated to help avoid those who don’t have the necessary skills, helping you avoid canceling projects due to poor quality work.

⚡ Easy hiring: Cad Crowd designers have already been checked for quality, so you can avoid sifting through hundreds or even thousands of people before finding a choice that is right for you. Designers are already narrowed down by experience and quality, so you can select based on the style that best matches your needs.

✯ High accuracy: 99% of all projects on Cad Crowd are completed successfully. In the rare event that a project can’t complete, an accuracy guarantee covers you. This guarantee allows you a refund if the project is not completed according to your initial project scope.

Cosmetic design can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of help from Cad Crowd, you can get packaging that will turn heads.

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