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The right lighting can make a room feel airy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the light, the style of the fixtures can also change the entire atmosphere of residential or commercial space. Finding the right designer to help design a lighting fixture that blends functionality and aesthetics is crucial. 

You want your space to feel inviting and engaging. Light can help accomplish this while also helping to improve mood and productivity. Whether you’re looking to design a welcoming home or a place of business, lighting fixture design should be a priority. 

Hiring a talented product designer is the first step to creating functional and stylish lighting fixtures. The team at Cad Crowd only works with accomplished and professional designers. We make a point to partner with designers who have an idea for detail and can provide the look and function that entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for. From creating a cohesive concept to producing a detailed design that meets your specifications, our designers are ready to assist you in any lighting fixture design needs you may have. 

You want to ensure you are not only receiving a custom fixture design that looks stunning, but that it also complies with all lighting compliance, environmental protection, and local construction standards. 

Our designers are adept at blending practicality, compliance, and aesthetics into their light fixture designs. So, whether you want to have lighting fixtures that create a compelling environment for customers, or desire a design that spurs creativity and productivity in workers, Cad Crowd's designers can help you bring your design ideas to life. 

Take advantage of our comprehensive lighting fixture design services 

Cad Crowd's lighting fixture design services will not only help you find the best designer for the job, but we will also ensure you are receiving the highest quality of service. 

Many of our designers specialize in creating custom fixture designs that take care of a variety of needs: 

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting and fixtures
  • Architectural-grade models that can be utilized by architects and contractors during construction
  • Interior lighting fixtures 
  • Exterior lighting fixtures that include street lights and outdoor lamps
  • Recessed and semi-recessed downlights 
  • Environmentally sustainable lighting fixtures and designs
  • Signage 
  • Solar powered lighting options
  • And many other lighting fixture solutions…

Whether you’re looking to provide residents of a municipality with well-placed street lamps or helping a company take advantage of energy-saving lighting solutions, our designers have the experience to provide you with the lighting solutions that you need. 

Providing you with exceptional customer service 

Our designers—as well as the Cad Crowd team—will be with you every step of the way: from creating the initial concept to delivering the final design. Cad Crowd’s freelance product designers are experts at 2D drafting and 3D CAD (computer-aided design). So, if you need a lighting fixture layout for a residential or commercial blueprint, or need a photorealistic rendering for a residential property, our designers are available to provide the services you need. 

Again, our goal is to listen to your requirements and take your specifications into account as we match you with one of our expert CAD designers. We understand that you are seeking a design solution that takes affordability and quality service into account. Also, our lighting fixture design services are set to help make the entire design process as easy as possible. 

You are facing the challenges of staying on budget, complying with building codes, handling new lighting technology, and adhering to the needs of your clients and customers. We want to help you find a designer that simplifies these processes and addresses all of them in their design process. So, you can trust that our lighting fixture design services will be customized to your needs.  

Using the right tools 

Again, our designers are experienced in creating 2D CAD drafts and 3D designs. To accomplish this, many are experts in using a wide variety of lighting fixture design tools to achieve customer goals. Our designers have experience in some of the most famous 2D and 3D design programs in the industry: AutoCAD, Vectorworks, SolidWorks, SketchUp, and many others. 

These software programs are critical to creating well thought out, functional, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their features allow for an efficient design process. From helping contractors determine the number of lights needed to illuminate an interior area, or comparing the cost-effectiveness of various lighting systems, CAD programs are crucial to streamlining the design process.  

Programs like AutoCAD allow designers to get a feel for various types of lighting fixture designs in a specific area. For example, designers can experiment with different lighting fixtures, alter the light intensity and color temperature, and compose customized lighting systems that produce the specific results that entrepreneurs are looking for. 

Again, designers are dedicated to helping you achieve the absolute best atmosphere and interior—or exterior—look with well-designed and professional lighting fixtures through the use of top-tier programs that will help you achieve your lighting goals. 

Our designers can help you solve your most pressing lighting fixture issues

The design and construction schedule are not always straightforward. A lot can happen to throw off your plans or increase your budget. Fortunately, our lighting fixture and design services will help you overcome any hurdles you may be experiencing with your lighting fixture design project. 

One of the critical issues that many construction, retail, or contractor-based companies may face is keeping up with the most recent lighting technology. It can be challenging and time-consuming to stay aware of most current lighting devices, their attributes, and their potential impact on your next projects. 

Our services ensure this will not be a problem, as Cad Crowd's designers are adept at staying current in their respective industries. Designers who are experts at creating lighting fixture designs will know the current lighting fixture landscape and can help point you to the right lighting solution during the design process. 

Also, if you are struggling to choose a lighting fixture that will appropriately work with your interior or exterior setting, our designers can also help with this process. Cad Crowd's team of freelance product designers will take the aesthetic, functionality, and compliance needs of your entire construction project into account as they create a prototype for your project. So, if you are unsure about the right selection, then allow our designers and the team at Cad Crowd to help walk you through your design project. 

Finally, while designers understand how important lighting aesthetics are to your project, they also know that you have deadlines to meet. Therefore, they will ensure that your lighting fixture design is one that can efficiently go along with your current design timelines. 

Delays not only mean a loss of time, but they can also impact your budget. Our designers will work alongside you to ensure that lighting fixtures do not contribute to these issues. They have experience in working with client specifications that highlight practicality, efficiency, and style. 

So, whether you need a design for new construction, a remodel, or just something to give your retail or residential space a minor upgrade, Cad Crowd's designers are ready to produce lighting fixture designs that can fulfill your project's goals. 

Lighting fixture design services

Cad Crowd allows you to have access to a global network of expert designers. We offer a variety of design solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate clients. 

We are proud to say that our network allows for a beneficial blend of freelance design arrangements with customized lighting fixture design. In addition to this service, our freelance designers are also adept at interior, furniture, and houseware designs. So, if you are tackling the feat of creating a variety of design solutions for a residential or commercial project, our designers have the experience to address various other items. 

Cad Crowd's freelance designers are committed to working alongside you from the initial concept to the final product. Our team will do all they can to match you with the best designer for the job. 

Cad Crowd has three primary ways to connect you with expert freelance design talent: 

1. Private projects – If you would like confidential help with your next lighting fixture design project, we can connect you with a pre-qualified freelance designer. All we need are the details regarding your project; then, we can connect you with a designer to meet your needs. From there, you can purchase a 10-hour block of time to start work on your project. 

2. Design contests – You can crowdsource your design to various freelance designers to receive a variety of ideas and quotes. This process will allow you to feel confident that you are selecting the best approach for the best price. 

3. Receive hourly services – Do you need ongoing design help? If so, you can take advantage of our hourly services. You are then able to hire a freelance designer for on-demand work. 

Whether you need someone for a one-off project or desire help with ongoing work, the Cad Crowd team can help you find the best freelance designer for your next lighting fixture design project. 

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