Love Sobhani
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► Ultra-Talented Design, Electrical, & Mechanical Engineer
► 8+ Years of Intense Multi-Faceted Experience
► Owns commercial office with CNC machines, 3D printer & other industrial assets in Scottsdale, AZ.
► Designed & Engineered WORLD'S most advanced luxury wallet, medical equipment, industrial components, products & more at:

w w w . lovesobhani . c o m

From napkin-sketch to fully-functional final prototype, he's been there every step of the way. He's designed & engineered entire products (electrical, software & mechanical aspects) for nearly a decade on a contractual basis with prophetic proficiency.

This created a multi-specialty Prototype & Design Engineer that is a super talented, professional expert with many intricacies of:

► Product Design & Engineering
► CAD Modeling
► ElectroMechanical Design & Engineering
► Realistic Rendering
► DFM (Design for Manufacture) Techniques
► Component Design
► Circuit & PCB Design
► Product Development & Optimization



  • Principal Design Engineer Synergy Scientific, LLC · Full-time Aug 2014 – Present 7 yrs 11 mos Scottsdale, AZ, United States Mr. Sobhani orchestrated, coordinated & conducted product development for his firm and their clients; leading the innovation as Principal Design Engineer.

    Patrons would commission projects ranging from a simple design-modification, to complete turnkey product development from a napkin sketch. This included:

    ■ Designing enticing concept models for clients.
    ■ Coordinating Manufacturing of ergonomic models & later evaluating them with the clients.
    ■ Mechanically Engineering product enclosures, frames, components, assemblies, systems and the like. These were directly influenced from the prior ergonomic concepts the client approved of.
    ■ Electrically Engineering the circuits & PCBs that interfaced with the prior mechanical assemblies. PCB size, layout, and function was determined from product's physical and U.X. requirements.
    ■ Engineering Software for the PCB's processors that enabled it to interface with other electrical and physical components of the product. This brought life to the U.I. and transformed the U.X. to a whole new echelon.

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  • Scottsdale Community College Business Administration, Acquisition of Business-Ownership Intellect, GPA of 3.7 2014 – 2016 Further intellectual expansion regarding awareness of fundamental entrepreneurial principles. Great emphasis was placed on the works of Fraser P. Seitel, Donald C. Mosley Jr, and Carl McDaniel along with their comprehensive views on topics such as the essentials of business communication, the principles of marketing, and public relations, respectively. Visit website for full Curriculum Vitae.
  • Alternative Education NDP, Product & Concept Design 2011 – 2015 40+ hour per week hands-on learning regimen for 4 consecutive years. Owning numerous commercial-grade industrial assets, Love has learned volumes bringing electro-mechanical products to life in his laboratory for clients. An expert in manufacturing processes. Has designed numerous products start to finish. Highly proficient with mechanical design, modeling, software analysis, CAM/CAD, CGI virtual rendering. Additional intellect is shown in electrical systems development. This pursuit ultimately resulted in a highly proficient, experienced multi-faceted candidate. Visit website for full Curriculum Vitae.

Other experience

  • Circuit and PCB Design Engineering 8 Years Experience (from website CV) :"MIXED SIGNAL PCB DESIGN. Digital signals can interfere with ultra-precise analog ones in data acquisition systems. This is a culprit of high-noise in measurements. Accommodating this nature requires emphasis on EMI, grounding, current return paths, inductance, capacitance, resistance, thermal performance and other considerations. All the prior was regarded during the design of the Epitomizer’s PCB. Dozens of noisy ICs communicating digitally while high quality analog measurements are undisturbed. Successful engineering extolled by the utmost exalted PCB Designers. Incorporations of the prior have been used in designing similar systems on behalf of commissioning entities."
  • CAD 8 Years Experience. (from website CV): "Vibes. Feelings. The manifestations from high definition 3D designs. Accurate modeling. Realism. Giving character to marketing materials. Invoking deep reactions from those whom gaze upon the work. It helps being prophetically proficient with paradigm defining software. The finest paintbrush is no good without an equally prestigious artist. Graphical talent. The image below was modeled and rendered by Love Sobhani."
  • Precision CNC Machining 6 Years Experience. (from website CV): " Machined parts within half a mil. That's .0005 inches. 4 times thinner than a hair. The prior is no easy task. Care is always taken to account for the most minute variables like tool-wear-offset and temperature. He can relate from hands on experience and thus engineers parts accordingly so they can be easily machined by others. A real expert of the whole process."
  • CNC Machine Opretor Cam Programer 6 Years Experience (from website CV): "
    3 & 4 axis CNC machining. Toolpaths are optimized for shortest cycle time and maximum material removal rates (MRR). Adaptive toolpaths. Manufacturing without compromise. Love has a 3 axis CNC milling machine that he is proficiently acquainted with. A veteran fixture designer, simulation analyzer, and toolpath optimizer. He knows very well how to produce project prototypes with rapid efficiency."
  • Mechanical Design and Development 8 Years Experience (from website CV) :"Force-simulating-software is one of many weapons in his engineering arsenal; determining if designs will perform reliably in real-life. Pictured is an analysis conducted by Love showing stress areas in order to determine proper placement of strain gauges for use as force-sensitive buttons in an epitomically contemporary user-interface."
  • Circuit and PCB Design Engineering 8 Years Experience (from website CV) :"(from website CV) LOW POWER DESIGN Battery life: a pivotal consideration of end-user satisfaction. In his electronic light-up business card he made, the constantly-active touch-activated circuit lasts 4 years from a micro coin-cell battery that has a 40mAh capacity. Nanoamp standby current. Impressive. (Pictured)."
  • Mechanical Design and Development 8 Years Experience (from website CV):" Engineered many systems throughout the years having been commissioned by private entities. Doing such has built impeccable discernment and design-discretion when tasked with creating a system to safely and reliably perform a given mechanical task. Among the more notable examples are highly elaborate systems with hundreds of precisely-chosen components. DFM techniques are employed to ensure the design's continual commercial viability."

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