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That smartphone in your pocket, the headphones near your laptop, and the remote control you use to turn the channel to your favorite show started as an electronics design. From technical drawings to 3D models, electronics go through a design process that takes them from a schematic to a fully-functioning product. 

An electronic device, whether it be a form of machinery or a consumer product design, is only as good its design. The way a device is planned out contributes to its quality. This reason is why working with electronics design services is important to any device production. Planning and strategy enable a device to be safe and functional for consumers.

If creating an excellent electronic device design is one of the most important parts of the production process, finding a savvy designer is even more crucial. For a decade, the Cad Crowd team has helped companies and firms of all sizes find exceptional design talent. Our team's goal is to make the process of hiring a designer straightforward. From handling the logistics of production to managing staff, a lot goes into the electronic production process. Our team recognizes this and seeks to add ease through the Cad Crowd platform.

Our team is ready to help your company and firm move through the electronics design process. Why should you invest in this process? How can our team help? Read on to learn how we can take the logistics of the electronics design off your firm’s plate.

What is electronics design? 

It's easy to throw around the term electronics design, but our team wants to ensure you understand the steps involved in the electronics design process. Electronics design is when a designer takes the concepts or ideas of a company, firm, or individual and develops a layout or model of an electronic device, instrument, or machinery. Their goal is to adhere to requirements and specifications while ensuring that the device is functional and meets any regulations. How does this process unfold?

There is a process involved in electronics design. The designer you work with may likely use these steps to produce your electronic instruments: 

  • Requirements and scope—This is the phase where a designer will take your preferences and the details about the concept or idea. They will ask questions about the desired goal and function for the device or instrument. 
  • The design phase—The next step is to take the measurements and develop a detailed schematic of the device itself. From the addition of PCB boards to the placing of on/off switches, this is where the designer will develop a detailed drawing of the instrument. 
  • Prototype development—The electronics designer will take the design and further develop it into a working prototype. This may be a digital prototype that can be tested in a design program. Additionally, it could also be a physical prototype. You may even elect to do both. 
  • Testing—Does this device or instrument meet your standards? Is it operational? Is it safe for your customer to use? Here, the designer can work with you to test your prototype to see if it is ready for production. 
  • Evaluation and modifications—If you are not satisfied with the design, then this is the time where you will assess the issues. From there, you and the CAD designer can work together to fix any problems. 
  • Production—Once the product meets your standards and requirements, you can then move forward with the production and manufacturing process. 

Each interaction with an electronics designer will be different. However, most will likely involve a variation of these steps. The objective is to ensure that you are producing a product that meets your goals and is safe and operational for your customers. 

Our team is committed to working with designers who are exceptional at what they do. However, these professionals are also concerned with listening to their client's needs. Our network of talented designers will work in partnership with you to ensure your company is receiving the best electronics design service. For a look into how our team can help you connect with a capable designer, take a look at our How It Works page. 

The fields of electronics design 

Electronics design is a broad field. It involves many related fields and subfields. Determining the type of design help you need can offer insight into the kind of design professional you need to hire. 

Take a look at these types of electronics design fields for further insight: 

Microelectronics—An electrical device is the sum of its parts. The design and engineering of the components that make up an electronic device are microelectronics. From circuit boards to microchips, it is crucial to accurately plan and design the parts that make up electronic devices and instruments. 

Digital electronics—This field represents the design or engineering of electronics systems that use a digital signal instead of an analog system. This involves the analysis of digital circuits. This field is associated with most of today's consumer electronics and products. 

Analog electronics—Analog electronics deals with electronic devices or instruments where the voltage or currents change at a continuous rate. Devices like VCRs, cameras without film, and even some speakers could be analog. 

Power electronics—This field is the study of the control and conversion of electronic power. Design projects that incorporate this field would typically involve things like batteries, photovoltaic devices, and other power systems. 

Telecommunications electronics—This sector looks at the exchange of signals, messaging, and media through technology use. Engineering and designs would include devices like radios, phones, and modems. 

There are other sectors within the broad field of electronics design. Understanding where your company's electronics design project fits makes it easier to select the best freelancer. The Cad Crowd platform includes professionals who have experience with creating designs for devices in these sectors. For a more in-depth look at the types of designers you can find on this platform, check out our designer profiles.

The connection between electronics design and mechanical design 

As you select the right person to work with for your next electronics design project, it is important to understand the connection between this discipline and mechanical design. For many years, these two fields have been treated as separate entities. However, it is crucial that you understand how they connect. A 2018 Engineering.com article discussed how the interconnected nature of the work these professionals can delay projects. 

Electrical designers and engineers are in charge of facilitating the use of electricity to transmit energy. On the other hand, mechanical designers and engineers manage the manufacturing and maintenance of a product. There are times when these purposes can be at odds with one another. For example, an electronics designer may need to put wiring in a place where a component is needed for manufacturing. Both teams have to work together to ensure a product operates successfully while it still meets the scope or standards of a client. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that communication is fluid between any electronics and mechanical designers you work with. It is crucial that you put processes in place for them to simultaneously work on projects, or ensure that the software they use allows for the smooth transfer of files and data. Also, both professionals need to be aware of the purpose of the product. This setup will enable them to see the bigger picture and work in a manner that complements one another's design goals.  

Another step that you should consider incorporating into this design process is integrated electrical and mechanical workflows. Some CAD companies are creating software programs that make it easy for these professionals to work together on electrical design projects. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the workflow barriers so that the work of both design professionals is not at odds with each other. 

In addition to providing electronics design services to companies and firms, our global network of designers includes mechanical engineers and designers. These individuals are experienced and talented. If you would like to view some of the mechanical design services that we offer, take a look at the Engineering Services page.

The electronics design services offered by our designers 

We understand that electronics design is a broad service for companies. While design principles may stay the same, each device is different in its composition. The scope and standards for a consumer device may be different from a piece of production machinery. Nevertheless, out of our global network of designers, we are confident that you can find an exceptional designer to handle the following electronic design services: 

Electronic device designA poorly designed electronic device can tank customer loyalty and be a PR nightmare for your company. Our designers can help prevent this from happening by ensuring you have excellent design help. From the aesthetics to usability, our talented designers can produce an exceptional design that moves your electronic device idea from concept to completion. 

Consumer product designGood design is crucial to how consumers perceive your company's brand. The better the design, the higher the quality of the product itself. Today's customers are looking for even higher levels of customization in the products they use. The designers in our network understand how significant consumer tastes play a part in a consumer product design. They will work with you to ensure that your design ultimately meets your expectations and well as those of your customers. 

Electrical engineeringYour product or service can look exceptional. Nevertheless, it has to run as well as it looks. Electrical engineering ensures that electronic devices and instruments are functional. The right design professional can prevent costly errors and potential recalls. Our team of in-house designers and engineers have pre-vetted each designer on the Cad Crowd platform to ensure you receive exceptional electrical engineering services. 

PCB designPrinted circuit boards (or PCB boards) are a crucial component inside any electrical device or instrument. They hold all of the internal electrical parts that make up a device. PCB boards are simple to assemble and can be easily automated and mass-produced. Our team of designers can work to create a PCB board that fits the unique design of your electrical device or instrument. 

Wireless device design—Today, advanced Wi-Fi networks and the emergence of the Internet of Things have made it possible to have wireless devices. From vacuums to earphones, wires are no longer a necessity for electrical devices. This new era of wireless technologies requires a unique design approach. Our team of designers can produce wireless electronic designs that adhere to your aesthetic and functionality needs. 

Electronic enclosures designWhether you are creating a computer processor or an outdoor A/C unit, the enclosure is just as important as the internal elements. Enclosures have to protect the internal wiring and power systems of an electronic device. The team at Cad Crowd can connect you with designers who can handle this task. 

Electronics design services are a crucial part of the production process. Fortunately, our team of expert designers can develop designs and models for a variety of purposes. In addition to the services mention above, we offer other kinds of electrical—and non-electrical—service assistance. For a look at the other services, our team can provide, visit our Services page

The benefits of hiring an electrical design freelancer for your next project 

The Cad Crowd platform has over 30,000 designers, modelers, and engineers. Our in-house design teams have spent time pre-vetting and screening each one. We want to take the complexity out of finding the best fit for your electrical design project. Our electrical design services can help your company meet your design goals. 

So, what are the benefits of hiring a freelancer for your firm's next electrical design project? 

Here are reasons you may want to consider hiring a design freelancer from the Cad Crowd platform: 

Easily find design talent—Finding talent, especially today can be challenging. Having to sift through resumes, and post positions to various job boards can be time-consuming. The Cad Crowd platform seeks to make this process much more straightforward. You can find designers by holding a crowdfunding contest, reaching out to designers directly, or viewing their work in our free CAD library. You should be able to find the talent you need when you need it, and our platform makes it easier to do. 

Save on costs—Hiring a freelancer through the Cad Crowd platform also allows you to save on costs. We embrace the emergence of the gig economy and make it easy to cut traditional hiring costs. Recruiting a designer for a full-time or even part-time position can put a drain on the budget. Also, today, company budgets can be more uncertain than ever. Hiring a freelancer allows you to work with a freelance designer to develop a mutually beneficial wage. 

Free up your team—As most of us know, there are day-to-day tasks and specialized projects that require a lot of attention and time. Your goal as a business owner is to identify the tasks that are best suited for your various team members. You may have in-house designers or engineers. While these professionals can handle electrical design, their help may be needed on something more specialized for your company. Freelancers enable you and your team to work on the tasks that you all are best suited for. Hiring freelancers also prevents work overload, which can promote greater work-life balance. 

Gain the help of an expert—Years ago, you would have had to hire someone full-time or pay for a consultant to receive the specialized expertise of a freelancer. Today, receiving the advisement of an expert is as easy as signing up to hire a freelance designer on the Cad Crowd platform. Each Cad Crowd designer is experienced in their field and can offer the guidance you need to meet your design goals. You don't have to scour the internet or rely on referrals to find a great fit for your next project. 

Find great talent regardless of zip code—You are no longer limited to your zip code when hiring talent. Platforms like ours allow you to locate excellent design professionals regardless of where they are located. You may also have a need to work with professionals in another country or time zone. This platform facilitates this. 

More hiring flexibility—Whether you want to hire someone for one project or ongoing work, you have that option. There is flexibility in how you can develop the work arrangement with freelance talent. This is absent when you hire someone long-term. Instead of formally handling the logistics of letting someone go, you can instead easily part ways with a freelancer once the work is done. It is understood that the work arrangement is fluid. 

Add fresh ideas—There may be a more efficient way to handle design work, or there could be a tool that a freelancer introduces you to. When you hire freelance talent to join you and your team, you are opening your organization up to new and unique ideas. Again, this is someone who has much experience working with different firms and companies. They can bring all of the ideas of what they have learned to your company. 

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance designer. Our team at Cad Crowd wants you to experience each one. Whether you are on a tight budget or need expertise that your current staff doesn't have, you can find the design help you need on the Cad Crowd platform. Wherever you are in the electronics design process, our team is here to help you locate the best freelance designer for your project.

Allow the team at Cad Crowd to help you with your next electronics design project 

Whether you are still figuring out your requirements or already have some initial sketches, a Cad Crowd designer is ready to help you move to the next step in the production process. Today, there are more complexities associated with electronic devices and instruments than ever before: 

  • Creating an exceptional customer experience is crucial in today's consumer-centric world. High-quality and well-built electronic devices contribute to this factor for customers. A good design can lead to an excellent product, which in turn provides the scenario for a great customer experience. 
  • Devices are multi-purpose. Today most electronics can be used to communicate with others, surf the internet, or connect with other devices. This multi-functional aspect of electronic devices is something that design professionals have to consider as they develop drawings, designs, and models. 
  • Competition is higher than ever. The barrier to entry regarding design, engineering, and production is lower than ever before. It's much easier for smaller companies to jump in and fill a need. For this reason, you want to make sure you are staying on top of design trends and are producing exceptional products. Design is a core component of creating a competitive advantage. 

It's getting harder for companies to differentiate themselves from one another, as more actors jump into the market. The team at Cad Crowd seeks to help companies carve out their own niche and meet their business goals. Electronics design can further the edge your company has on competitors, or put you in the position to compete. 

Additionally, our team understands that you may not have the time to find an exceptional designer to further your design and business goals. For a decade, our team and platform have helped companies and firms locate talented freelance designers. Our goal is for your company to excel, and hiring an excellent designer puts you on the path to move your business forward. 

Again, our electronics design services will allow you to produce products that meet your company and client expectations. Regardless of where you are in the process, our team wants to help you get the design assistance you need. If you are ready to hire an exceptional designer, we invite you to request a free quote today! 

Cad Crowd's electronics engineering team are at your disposal

At Cad Crowd, we have the privilege of working with highly specialized electronics engineers who have experience working with high profile clients. If you'd like help with your project, contact us today.


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