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[View FULL Portfolio]( A custom luxury wallet I designed, engineered and created for myself to showcase my engineering & design talent when I started years ago. I am a professional freelance designer & engineer with my own commercial office, industrial equipment & more! Product development, engineering, & design are my many specialties. Watch a video of the wallet in action on my website linked above. [Watch VIDEO]( Some Unique Features. ►100+ CNC-Machined Metal Components ►Vibrant 24 Micro-LED Display ►Universal Qi Wireless-Charging ►Enchanting Card-Ejection Movement ►Opulent Omnidirectional Radiance ►Force-Sensitive Strain-Gauge Buttons ►Ultra-Low-Power Battery Standby ►Low-Friction Micro Metal Ball-Bearings ►Cards Shielded from RFID Hacking ►Cards Protected from Qi Charger Radiation

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