Embed the 3D viewer widget

You can share your shared 3D models by embedding the 3D viewer on websites and blogs.

Steps to embed the 3D model viewer:

  1. Visit the upload page > click downloadable 3D model (see supported file types)
  2. Visit My models page > choose the 3D model you want to share
  3. Click Embed button on the 3D model page
  4. Copy the HTML code snippet
  5. Paste the HTML code snippet on your website or blog

📡 Tip: See an example 3D viewer widget (below) and the list of supported types of 3D CAD files for the 3D viewer.

Embedded 3D viewer example

Embedded 3D viewer (autoplay)

You can set the 3D viewer to automatically load your 3D model in a web browser by clicking the Autoplay checkbox before copying the code snippet (see below).

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