List of supported CAD file formats for 3D viewer

The 3D CAD file library (repository) supports instant CAD file image rendering and 3D viewer when you share your downloadable designs with the Cad Crowd community. The following files are currently supported:

Software Versions supported Image rendering
Autodesk 3ds Max (.3ds) / native file Latest Automatic
Autodesk FBX / Filmbox (.fbx) / native file Latest Automatic
AutoCAD DXF / Drawing Interchange Format / Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf) / neutral file Latest Automatic
FreeCAD (.fcstd) / open source / native file Latest Automatic
Blender / open source (.blend) / native file Latest Automatic
STL / Stereolithography (.stl) / neutral file Latest Automatic
OBJ / Wavefront Object (.obj) / neutral file
OBJ does not support mesh vertex colors, armatures, animation, lights, cameras, empty objects, parenting, or transformations.
Latest Automatic
PLY / Polygon File Format / Stanford Triangle Format (.ply) / neutral file Latest Automatic
glTF 2.0 (.glb, .gltf) / neutral file
Web3D X3D/VRML2 / Extensible 3D (.x3d/.wrl) / neutral file Latest Automatic
STEP / STP / Standard for the Exchange of Product Data (.step, .stp) / neutral file Latest Automatic
IGES / IGS / Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (.iges, .igs) / neutral file Latest Automatic
BREP/B-Rep / boundary representation / (.brep) / neutral file Latest Automatic
OFF / Object File Format (.off) / neutral file Latest Automatic
AST (.ast) / neutral file Latest Automatic
BMS (.bms) / neutral file Latest Automatic
BioVision Motion Capture (.bvh)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
The platform only allows importing and is limited to path geometry.
UV Layout / export UV layout
*Coming soon (not available yet)
Autodesk Inventor / native file
Dassault Systemes CATIA / native file
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks / native file
Siemens NX / native file
Siemens SolidEdge / native file
PTC Creo / native file
None None

Contact us to share your feedback and to suggest additional CAD file compatibility for sharing your designs.

(Misc dev tools Blender / Babylon.js (Github) / FreeCAD)

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