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When it comes to CAD projects, you and your team have a variety of options. The flexibility to choose is an excellent component of the design process. You can pick a preferred file type, the design software to create it, and the location of these files. So, when it comes to creating photorealistic designs, you have your choice of the equipment and design file types. However, what happens if you need to share these files with a partner or vendor that uses their preferred equipment to edit designs which require the use of a different file type?

This part of the design process can quickly become stressful. You have deadlines to meet and budgets to stay within. Finding the time to convert or translate files for another type of equipment can be a considerable challenge and burden on your processes.

Design processes can be just as productive as they are complicated. There are a variety of software and file types that can be involved in the entire production process. Also, each company may have its own proprietary software that they prefer for their design process. So, navigating this step can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, Cad Crowd understands the nuances and complexities associated with these practices.

Having to convert large CAD files or discover the equipment others are using and tailor your designs to it can put a massive roadblock in your attempt to meet deadlines. So, this is where Cad Crowd comes into play. Our 3D CAD translation services can handle this process for you. We can facilitate a more straightforward process around translation and data exchanges by converting your large files and data into formats that can be more easily received by your vendors and clients.

We understand that you may be working with a lot of different partners and collaborators. All of these individuals may have varying types of equipment and file types they work with. However, your design process doesn't have to suffer while you attempt to translate your files to theirs. Allow our pre-vetted network of CAD designers to take this process off your hands.

Our 3D CAD translation services will bring ease to the design process

The goal of the team at Cad Crowd is to connect entrepreneurs with talented, and capable design talent. Our designers can ensure you not only receive impeccable translation services but that the efficiency of the process helps you to meet your deadlines and stay within budget. Wondering about the specific 3D CAD translation services that we offer? Read on for insight:

Exceptional CAD design and drafting help – Whether you need to develop a large-scale architectural model for a client, or need a 2D draft of machinery, our designers are trained in the art of producing photorealistic and detailed designs that meet your specifications.

2D to 3D conversions – Regardless of whether you or a collaborator began the design process on paper or produced a draft of a design as a 2D layout, our designers are equipped to convert these drafts into 3D CAD files. Everyone has their process for creating exceptional designs, and our designers can ensure that you don't lose the original concept of your plans while they are converted to 3D models.

AutoCAD conversion – AutoCAD is a popular and premier design software tool. Designers use the tool to create everything from video game characters to housing models. This software type may be a favorite of yours or a partner. Our designers can make drafts of your designs and turn them into digital scans that can then be uploaded to AutoCAD for further enhancement.

CAD conversions – Whether it's paper-to-CAD, image-to-CAD, or CAD-to-CAD, our designers can take the entire conversion process off your plate. We can convert your current design files into chosen CAD file types. Again, everyone may use different equipment and may have their own preferred file types, so CAD conversions can be necessary to bring your design project to completion.

We offer a wide range of design services to make the design process move more efficiently. As a result, our team is prepared to handle the entirety of your next translation or digital exchange project.

We also not only offer to handle your 3D CAD translation services, but we also provide these services at high-quality. So, our designers will work to keep the same interpretations and definitions of your designs. 

Our designers also have access to state-of-the-art software that allows them to measure dimensions, and conduct necessary calculations to ensure your designs are accurately and properly translated to the preferred file type. The last thing you want to do is rebuild a file for a vendor’s preferred equipment. So, we invite you to allow us to handle this process so you and your team can focus on the necessary core business activities for your project.

The benefits of outsourcing your 3D CAD translations

It isn't always easy to give up projects that are typically done in-house. However, you and your team stand to benefit significantly from passing off activities like 3D CAD translation. Why take up the time of your staff when you can have a talented designer take this part of the process of your hands?

Take a look at the many advantages of outsourcing your designs to a freelance designer.

Don't limit your software options – You may not be able always to use the equipment of your vendors and partners. Whether it be cost or logistics-related, you shouldn't have to hold up your design process if you can't. Outsourcing your designs allows you to use your current resources while still having the ability to convert the file types if necessary.

Keep your team focused on what matters most – You may have some stellar designers, but the chances are high that you need their attention on innovating and developing new concepts. The process of 3D CAD translation can be technical, time-consuming, and highly-involved. So, while 3D CAD translation is necessary and essential, outsourcing allows you to have someone experienced to handle this process so your in-house team can focus on what matters.

Use the services of an exceptional designer for an affordable cost – Outsourcing makes it possible to use the help of a qualified designer without having to break the bank. When you are working with freelancers on a platform like Cad Crowd, you only will pay for the design help you need. There are no additional costs, and freelancers can receive payment only for the work they do.

This process allows you to do two things: first, you can have a better handle on your budget. Second, you can more effectively schedule out the blocks of times you need. Before the emergence of outsourcing, you would have to pay top dollar for an experienced designer. Today, platforms like Cad Crowd make it easier to find great talent and pay them a wage that benefits you both.

Have someone dedicated to the process – Again, you could have an in-house designer take care of this project for you. However, would they have the time to produce an accurate 3D CAD translation? You don't have to ask that question when you have a freelancer who is dedicated to this specific project. You know their attention will be right where it needs to, which enables them to not only produce quality work but also catch mistakes that could occur.

Produce work faster – Outsourcing your 3D CAD translation services also allows you to speed up your design and production process. Instead of having to push off translation services to handle more advanced issues continuously, a freelancer who is the sole person working on this process is more likely to complete these practices in less time.

Take away the stress and worry – Nothing is more stressful than having to worry about the process and then manage the procedure to check for quality. We understand the concern this can bring, and our freelance designers are prepared to help alleviate the worry and stress associated with ensuring that you are working with the right file type.

Cad Crowd is committed to ensuring those we work with experience the benefits above. No one knows your business as you do, and you and your team are the most equipped to see that it succeeds. This reason is why Cad Crowd specializes in matching capable designers with entrepreneurs who want to ensure their customers receive the best designs and models. 3D CAD translation is a part of that process, and our team is prepared to make it happen for you.

Allow us to handle your 3D CAD translation needs

For almost a decade, Cad Crowd has supported entrepreneurs by connecting them with a global network of pre-vetted designers. We understand that processes like 3D CAD translation are necessary procedures that help keep your business moving forward. So, our team wants to make the process of locating a capable designer much more manageable.

We have a variety of ways to ensure you find the most talented person to take this process off your plate. If you are ready to get the ball rolling, we invite you to send us a free quote today.

3D CAD translation services can help you accomplish your goals

At Cad Crowd, we work with plenty of the world's best CAD design freelancers. Regardless of the type of project you have, we can help. 


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