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The world of drafting and design is evolving. As a result of consumer tastes and demands, it is sometimes necessary to have various methods of creating models and designs. Fortunately, today’s technological innovations allow us to utilize traditional methods of drafting in combination with a digital 3D design program. 

There are times when 2D paper drafting is necessary. A client’s request may call for textures, colors, or details that are easier – or more aesthetically attractive – to convey on paper than on a computer. However, while work may start on paper, it likely still has to incorporate digital design tactics. This step is where the process of AutoCAD conversion services comes into play for today’s designers. 

Since the early 1980s, AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk, has served as the premier computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software program. It is a top choice for designers to create everything from video game characters to detailed housing models. As a result of AutoCAD’s innovative design features and far-reaching impact, AutoCAD conversion services have become more in demand than ever before. 

AutoCAD conversion services are ideal for designers who like to use multiple design and drafting methods. These services give designers more control over how they want to develop detailed and realistic models. By definition, AutoCAD conversion services take paper drawings and turn them into digital scans that can be altered on AutoCAD. 

There is a wide range of applications for these services, but they are often used for architectural projects. The combination of 2D paper drawings and AutoCAD allows designers to utilize multiple methods for bringing out the most realistic and eye-catching designs. 

Cad Crowd works with in-house freelance engineers to select expert freelancers that can provide entrepreneurs and businesses with professional and well-crafted designs. We will assist you in locating a freelancer that can seamlessly transform your 2D paper drafts into AutoCAD designs. We understand that the design process can occur using multiple methods and programs. However, we want to make the process of AutoCAD conversion straightforward while upholding the original design aesthetic of your drafts. 

Our expert freelance designers can offer the AutoCAD conversion services that you require. You have a lot to attend to as a business owner, and we want to ensure you can focus on your business while we take care of your most pressing design needs. 

AutoCAD conversion for architectural drafting services and designs  

Again, there is a wide range of uses for AutoCAD conversion services, as conversions can occur for all designs produced on paper. However, this service has been consistently utilized for architectural plans. 

Because of the complexities of architectural design, many designers utilize paper and pencil to craft detailed blueprints. However, to further develop these blueprints into photorealistic models that can be shared with clients and contractors, AutoCAD conversion becomes necessary. 

AutoCAD conversion includes an organization process that requires a “layer naming convention.” For example, architectural drafting services will name layers depending on the function of the design. 

An “A-layer” will be for architecture, while an “M-layer” will be for mechanical, and the same goes for electrical (which would have a layer name of “E”). This naming convention coincides with AIA standards, which helps designers properly organize layers for more natural understanding. 

When you have the opportunity to start your designs on paper and enhance and finish them on AutoCAD, it allows you flexibility in your approach to fulfilling your client’s requirements and specifications. 

Our designers understand how crucial this is to your business model. They will assist you in converting your drawings from paper to AutoCAD programs while preserving the original integrity of your designs. This is an especially common and essential service for architectural and engineering sectors.  

Freelance designers can convert 2D paper drawings into 3D AutoCAD designs  

There are a variety of benefits to AutoCAD conversion services. This service makes it easier for you to realize your ideas on paper and transfer them to a digital program when ready. This process can add depth to your design process in a variety of ways: 

  • Digitally organize your designs – You might not want to alter them in any way, but you may want to store them for later use. Converting them to a digital program will allow you to do this so you can easily organize or store designs. 
  • Preserve the quality of your models – Unfortunately, the medium of paper doesn’t always last forever. It is a sensitive piece of material that can fade, rip, or become easily damaged. By converting your designs to an AutoCAD program, you are preserving their quality and protecting them from deterioration. 
  • Convert drawings to multiple file types – Having the capability to store designs as multiple file types give you options for what you want to do with them next. 
  • Easily share designs with others – Your clients want to stay in the know regarding the development of their project. Sending paper designs is likely not the most efficient way to accomplish this. Scanning and transferring paper designs into AutoCAD allow you to share plans with clients or vendors quickly. 
  • Utilize the benefits of two design methods – Again, drawing out a model may be more appropriate then automatically using CAD. There may be aesthetic features that you can better flesh out on paper than on computer software. There could also be a greater variety of components that are easier to understand on paper than on a digital program. Whatever the reason, AutoCAD conversion services allow you to use the benefits of both design methods without having to select just one. 

There is a wide range of benefits to using AutoCAD conversion services, and fortunately, you don’t have to handle the specifics of the processes on your own. Our freelance designers are equipped to step in to help you realize the advantages of using a hybrid design approach. You never know the method that may be the best way to begin the design process. Allow our designers to guide you through both methods. 

A variety of applications for AutoCAD conversion services

There is a wide range of applications for AutoCAD conversions outside of architecture. While this is a primary purpose, there are other sectors where AutoCAD is helpful. For example, a video game designer may want to sketch a character before designing it in AutoCAD, or an engineer may want to start working on a machine design to get a feel for the scope. In both cases, these professionals do not want to start from scratch. 

So, instead of having to mimic the design on AutoCAD, the designers can scan it into the program and enhance it from there. Having the ability to accomplish this action not only conserves time, but it also saves money. It prevents designers from having to conduct “double work,” i.e., the necessity of manually copying paper drawings onto a digital program. 

Whether your company works in video game design, engineering, architecture, interior design, automotive construction, or another sector that involves modeling, AutoCAD conversion services allow you to create a more seamless design process that benefits your company. 

Our AutoCAD conversion companies deliver top-quality results   

Regardless of whether you’re designing a new vehicle, laying out a blueprint for a home, or creating an automated robotic machine, you may find that starting the idea on paper may be the best option. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about manually recreating this design in AutoCAD. 

Our global network of qualified freelance designers are pre-vetted and experienced in their field. They have experience in a variety of design services, and we are proud to say they are also experienced in the process of AutoCAD conversions. From scanning to tracing, our designers are equipped to convert your paper drawings into digital designs that are converted into your desired file type. 

Our AutoCAD conversion services allow you to find the right freelancer for your conversion project. We can help your company accomplish this in three different ways:

  • We can launch a design contest that allows you to receive a variety of offers from various designers.
  • We can connect you with a designer so you can receive a private consultation and quote.
  • You can send us your project details, and we can choose a pre-qualified designer to help you on an ongoing basis. 

We understand that you may have a variety of design needs and that you may require a diversity of ways to find the best freelance designer. So, we are more than willing to do what we can to connect you with the best person for the project. 

Our ultimate goal is to make the designer hiring process as easy as possible. AutoCAD conversion services should be straightforward and seamless. These are two principles that our freelance designers take seriously. So, if you need to transfer paper designs to digital programs like AutoCAD, we invite you to reach out to us today for a free quote.

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