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The future is digital, and the future is here. Computer-assisted drafting, or CAD, has mostly replaced traditional drafting. Now it’s time to replace or augment your traditional drawings with CAD drawings. Our CAD conversion services will upgrade your existing drawings quickly and accurately.

You can quickly modify existing drawings or integrate them into new designs using CAD software. If you’re still using static drawings, you might have to redraw the entire plan to make minor changes. You can also experience a loss of accuracy as your sheet of paper degrades with time. 

A CAD file can achieve complete accuracy, secure backups, and customization. You should invest in CAD conversion to preserve your past design choices while preparing for future changes. Whether you want to digitize your preliminary designs, upgrade an old plan, or create a backup version in case you lose your existing drawings, CAD conversion is an excellent choice. At Cad Crowd, we can connect you with a CAD conversion freelancer who will convert your paper drawings, image files, and PDFs into CAD files that you can use any way you see fit.

Paper-to-CAD conversion

You need our services if you’re using paper drawings with no digital backups. You never know when things might take a turn for the worse, and your drawings could end up missing or destroyed. Converting your paper drawing into a CAD file ensures that you always have a backup.

Paper to CAD conversion services starts with scanning the physical drawing. Getting an image scanned is easier than ever. If your office doesn’t have a scanner, you can take it to a local print shop to scan it for a nominal fee. Ensure the image produced is clear, clean, and high resolution. The better the image is, the smoother the conversion process will go.

Once our freelancers have a digital image of your drawing, they will convert it into your chosen CAD software to redraw it carefully. Let us digitize every line from your paper drawing with exacting precision.

The great thing about paper-to-CAD conversion is that it’s non-destructive. You aren’t trading your paper drawing for a digital drawing. In the end, you’ll still have your paper drawing and a recreation of that drawing in CAD. 

This service isn’t just for people who want to get rid of paper. If you ever lose your paper drawing, you’ll be able to use your CAD file to print out a new version. Whether you want to stick with paper drawings or move away from them, our services can help you move forward into the future.

Image-to-CAD conversion

The scanning process can be skipped entirely if you already have a digital image of the drawing you need to convert. Our freelancers will import that file into their CAD program and recreate it precisely. Basic raster images will be converted into vector-based CAD files. Rasterized images, like the sort produced by scanning a drawing, have resolution limits, so the closer you zoom in, the more pixelated they become. This limits the accuracy and precision that a drawing offers. CAD files can produce vector designs that automatically scale so that you get a crystal-clear image no matter how deep you dive into the drawing.

To modify an existing design, you need to convert it into a CAD format with image-to-CAD conversion services. You cannot alter basic image files easily. On the other hand, you can change CAD files as you see fit with relative ease. Adding, removing, and modifying design elements is a breeze when you have a properly formatted CAD file.

PDF-to-CAD conversion

PDF files might look more professional than other file types, but they still suffer many drawbacks that affect other image formats. You cannot modify a PDF file as you can change a CAD file. That’s why we offer you PDF to CAD conversion services so that you can unlock the full potential of your design.

A PDF is sufficient for making copies, but it won’t do if you have bigger plans. Once we bring your PDF design into CAD, you’ll be able to modify the design as you see fit. If you want to make changes to a design, a PDF isn’t enough; you need a properly formatted CAD file. Our freelancers will turn your static PDF into a CAD file that can be modified easily.  

CAD-to-CAD conversion

It’s important to remember that there is more than one CAD program. There are various programs on the market, and the files produced by one program might not be compatible with another. This can lead to problems. Sometimes a project that starts on one piece of software might have to move to another further down the line. Compatibility issues are prevalent for projects that involve more than one party. We can help you solve any compatibility problems you might encounter with CAD-to-CAD conversion.

Our freelancers can convert your CAD file into a different format. If you receive a file incompatible with your chosen software, we’ll connect you with someone who can convert that file into a format that suits your needs. We have freelancers who have access to a variety of different CAD programs so that they can be sure that the conversion process goes perfectly.

If you have an important project, you shouldn’t leave its success up to a mindless computer. Automatic converters can lose valuable information, which might mean the difference between a project that works as planned or fails miserably. Don’t put your design at risk, call on us to convert your file with accuracy that you can bank on.

Freelance engineers can customize your CAD files

Designs aren’t just a representation of something you want to create. They are also a representation of your brand. This is why leading companies do everything they can to ensure that everything they put their name on is visually appealing and appropriately branded. If you want to keep the existing design but aren’t entirely happy with its presentation, then we can help you. You don’t have to copy everything from the initial drawing. We can make changes so that your new drawing better suits your needs.

Our freelancers can add a legend to help explain the visual elements of the design. They can also insert new labels so anyone who picks up the design will know the different parts that come together to create the whole project. We can also find you a designer who will help you integrate your company’s branding into the final product so that everyone knows who is behind its creation.

The CAD conversion process isn’t like using a photocopier. This is your chance to recreate an existing drawing. It means that you have options. If you feel something is missing from your current drawing, allow one of our freelancers to transform it.

Additional changes to your product design

While some companies only do CAD conversions, we have a team of freelancers who can go far beyond conversion. If you’re looking to modify an existing design, you can call our experts to start by recreating the current drawing and then making any changes you might request.

We also offer 3D modeling services to see your newly converted design in three dimensions (3D). This is an excellent option if you’re trying to recreate a part using a diagram. Sometimes 2D drawings don’t tell the whole story, let our freelancers show you the full picture.

Our freelancers are perfect if you have a plan beyond merely making a copy of an existing design. All you need to do is specify what you need, and we will help you find a CAD conversion designer for your project. Our carefully vetted freelancers have the design skills and engineering knowledge necessary to turn your dreams into reality.

Programs supported 

One of the most important decisions you have to make when setting up a project is deciding on the software you will use in the design process. There are dozens of CAD programs on the market, each with unique strengths and tools. At Cad Crowd, we understand the importance of using the right tool, which is why we offer CAD conversion services for all major CAD programs.

We work with these programs:

Just let us know which program you plan on using, and we will connect you with a CAD freelancer with the experience necessary to produce a file for that program. That’s the benefit of using our service. 

You can draw from a large pool of CAD experts from various backgrounds and expertise. We will find a freelancer whose abilities align with your needs. Enjoy the benefits of a full drafting department at a fraction of the price. When you use our services, you can rest assured that you will receive an accurate product for your chosen program.

Personalized CAD conversion service

When you hire a freelancer from Cad Crowd, you are getting a carefully vetted professional with the experience, training, and critical thinking necessary to do the job correctly. This is why our conversions are far beyond the drawings produced by automated conversion programs. We will convert your diagram with the powerful combination of the latest software and the human mind.

Computer programs can only copy what they see. They don’t understand what they’re copying. If you tell a piece of software to redraw an old and weathered drawing, it will include all the imperfections and distortions that might have developed over the years. It might also mistake a hand-drawn 1 for a 7 and completely distort the project’s dimensions. 

A computer doesn’t know what symbols mean and copies the shapes they see. Our freelancers can solve these problems that continue to derail computer programs. They’ll clean up messy designs while preserving the logic behind the design. That’s the power of a human expert.

Converting an image to a CAD file is about more than just seeing shapes, it’s about understanding the meaning behind those shapes. The conversion must be done by someone who knows what they’re doing if the final product is ready to move directly into operation. 

This is why human designers still trump automated programs. If accuracy matters to you, you need to get your CAD conversion done by someone who understands what it takes to produce a quality CAD drawing. Don’t settle for less, let us give you our best.

Our CAD services deliver guaranteed precision

When it comes to CAD drawings, accuracy means everything. A good design is the basis of a successful project. At Cad Crowd, we strive to ensure that your drawings are precisely converted, which is why we offer an Accuracy Guarantee. If your project isn’t executed accurately according to your directions, you will have 30 days to request a refund.

The solution for all your CAD conversion needs

If you’re still relying on paper drawings, then you're holding yourself back. Your entire project could fail because of the disappearance of a few sheets of paper. When you view things through this lens, it’s easy to see that making digital copies of your drawing is a wise investment. With a CAD copy, you can always produce new copies with absolute accuracy.

Converting your old images into cutting-edge CAD files has plenty of benefits and no downsides. Keep your old paper files, create digital backups, make changes, and print off new drawings. With our help, you can do all of these things and more.

At Cad Crowd, we have the perfect freelancer for every job. Don’t wait to step into the future, contact us today for a free quote. Our freelancers are waiting to go to work converting your drawings into CAD files.

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