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We provide following design & development services :-

· 2D Manufacturing Drawing & 3D Modelling of single part & assembly.

· Prepare 3D Model & 2D Drawing by Measuring a parts.

· Creating Exploded Isometric Drawing of Assembly with Bill Of Material.

· Structure Design, Analysis & Fabrication Drawing.

· Design & Development of Machine.

· Fixture Design for Robotic / Manual Welding, Machining Process & Assembly.

· Sheet Metal Design, Modelling & Cutting Layout of Sheet for Laser & Water Jet.

· Pressure Equipment Design (As per Design Code) & Fabrication Drawing.

· Piping & Routing Design, Modelling & Isometric Drawing.

· Design New Machine from Old Design / Machine by Reverse Engineering.

· Develop Conceptual Design from Client Requirement / Instruction.

· Working Animation of Machine & Motion Analysis.

· Prepare Presentation of Machine.

· Create Realistic Photo Copy of Machine (Render Image) by using Virtual Model.

· Develop Part Number, Assembly Number & Drawing Number Generating Chart which help in ERP systems.

· Mould Design, Die Design (Casting, Punching & Roll Forming).

· Injection Moulding Die Design.

· Static, Dynamic & Thermal Analysis of Machine.

· Vibration Analysis of Machine.

· Motion & Flow Simulation.

· Industrial Training of Various Design Software.

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  • SolidWorks Certificate, CSWP 2018 graduation
  • Autodesk Certificate, Certified Professional & Student Expert 2012 graduation
  • Gujarat University Degree, Mechanical Engineering 2010 graduation