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Currently, digitalization is widely used by industries to identify and solve problems more quickly and with fewer resources. Digitization, also known as having your documents and plans converted into files, can help you optimize the process involved in the production of goods.

Digitalization is the process of integrating digital technologies to provide new value to documents. This new value comes when the document transformed to digital form is error-free, clean, and easy to read. The aim of CAD Digitalization is transferring the information from old plans, PDF, and scan-based drafts into a new, higher-quality document for you to work with. Through our CAD Digitalization services, you can work on your current projects while we take care of the ones you have already finished.

By having all your plans clean and readable, you prevent future misunderstandings. When you start new projects, you can access information from old projects quickly and easily. Having well-drawn plans makes the process more efficient, whether you need to work with an established process or work out a new one. The digitalization process helps you unify your documents into a single CAD file, making it easy to manage from anywhere at any time. It also has the advantage of making documents usable to use for different people at the same time. CAD Digitalization sometimes goes by hand with CAD Vectorization. Cad Crowd services can support you with both tasks: our freelance team can perform CAD Vectorization and Digitalization concurrently to deliver a satisfactory file.

Cad Crowd’s professionals worldwide and include distinguished freelancers to perform any digitalization task you may require. Our expertise in CAD Digitalization ranges from technicians and professionals in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering to experienced architects and draftsmen with construction, commercial interior, and landscape design background.

Performing CAD Digitalization Services for a Large Range of Fields

Our group of expert professional and technician drafters can transform your paper-based plans into digital format. You provide us with the documents you need to digitize, and we select the freelancer that perfectly fits your requirements. Cad Crowd can offer you an experienced team in the following areas:

Civil Engineering CAD Digitalization: We get that not every draftsman, technical or professional will understand a civil plan correctly, and for that, Cad Crowd ensures that you get the expert according to the task. We offer services in topographical maps, road plans, pipeline plans, architecture engineering, modeling, and project planning, among many others.

Mechanical Engineering CAD Digitalization: Mechanical drafts must be precise and accurate, as these drafts are instructions for manufacturing and assembling delicate pieces. As such, it’s critical to guarantee good practices to avoid monetary loss for mistakes. Nevertheless, any selected drafter must be capable of understanding the use of structure to provide and deliver error-free plans. Our team of mechanical technicians and engineers can perform an impeccable job in digitalizing your mechanical drafts and contribute to your project in areas such as machine drawings, assembly drawings, and 3D modeling and drafting.

Electrical Engineering CAD Digitalization: The world we live in is filled with technology, therefore, we find wires in almost every project we develop. Our team of professional and technician electrical drafters are carefully selected from over 7000+ Cad Crowd freelancers. We want to deliver the cleanest and most well-done CAD digitalization, which is why we select experts according to the task you provide. Cad Crowd can assist you in electronic drafting, termination diagrams, cable and wiring schedule, control panel and instrumentation, among other fields.

Architectural CAD Digitalization: Our services in architectural CAD Digitalization are available for any project you are developing, either personally or for a company. We provide you with the expertise you seek to digitize plans and efficiently convert them to CAD files. We understand how competitive the architecture and design field is, so we offer our clients highly flexible and tailored services, making our digitalization service exclusive to each project. Our team of architects has large experience in commercial, construction, residential, or remodeling drafts. Our draftsmen team can also assist you in digitalizing interior design and landscape design.

Product Design and Manufacturing CAD Services: Going from concept to product takes time and reviews. Cad Crowd can help you convert your idea into a CAD file, allowing you to modify it easily and boost your work efficiency. If you’re an entrepreneur with a developed concept, send us a request, and our custom-made team will assist you in the task so you keep working on your project while we convert your old reviews or hand-made draft into CAD files.

Freelance CAD Digitalization services for your project

If you have an independent project that needs to stay private or are part of a big company, Cad Crowd can find you the freelancers with the discretion you need. Technical drawing is one of the most critical parts of projects involving design. In many industries, using CAD is a daily task to help develop a better product. At Cad Crowd, we’ll connect you with experienced draftsmen, architects, engineers, and designers worldwide to fulfill your needs and help develop your project. Using our multidisciplinary approach, Cad Crowd will find you the right contractor to digitalize your documents and convert them to CAD files.

Our designers, engineers, and draftsman work with a wide range of software like AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks, and Sketchup to digitize your draft into a CAD file. We carefully choose the freelancer who will provide you with the solution you’re looking for so that you don’t need to misuse your time going through multiples CV´s.

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