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Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the use of specialized software to design products from concepts. CAD Vectorization makes it possible to replace hand-drawn products with a digital version that can be used by your engineers and designers. Using CAD Vectorization increases the efficiency of the manufacturing or drafting process by reducing the time used by the designers to take their products from the paper to software.

Bitmap images are what we get when we scan a document. These images are made by pixels: color points viewable from a determined distance on a computer screen. The problem with images constructed from these elements – called raster images – is that we can’t change their measure without changing their quality.

While raster images can be used as the basis of the design, they could become a setback in the process of translating to a CAD extension. The use of CAD Vectorization helps you to transform raster graphics or bitmap format to vector. The use of lines and shapes in vector images allow you to edit the images without affecting the elements within it. As a product designer, engineer or architect, it’s easier to work with images that correctly preserve the integrity of the drawing when scaled. Our global network of experts can vectorize your hand-made plans to a CAD file using the latest in cutting-edge software.

Cad Crowd has the technology and experience to help you speed up the process of drafting and converting your diagrams. We’ll turn your concepts into products you can analyze, modify and design more easily. Our team of designers and engineers have the background required to handle any project: from architectural, civil and mechanical first drafts, to concept illustration. Cad Crowd’s selected freelancers can assist you in creating, developing and realizing the last details of your product.

CAD Vectorization in the Engineering Field

Civil Engineering forms the basis of projects like roads, bridge, buildings, and pipelines. It’s often simpler to include corrections to plans by hand, through adding or omitting details depending on the specifications required. During the design stage, the conditions can be changed and new draft adjusted. This process can be time-consuming and sometimes results in a general slowdown of the project.

Before working through the technical details, mechanical engineers need drafts and drawings to help them visualize the project. These drawings need to be specific enough to assemble product you are aiming for. To accomplish your project specifications you may need arrangement, assembly and fabrication drawing among others.

Cad Crowd connects you with freelancers who can fulfill your demands to create technical drawings and translate your plans from bitmap to vector. Our leading team can work with you whether you have an independent project, or if your company is looking for a professional to perform short-term tasks. Our freelancers who specialize in civil engineering task can convert your sketch to the format you need for your project.

If you are looking for the best and most talented professionals, technicians mechanical freelancers, Cad Crowd is for you. We’ll show you a large number of well-done projects in our portfolio to help you to choose the workforce you need. You want to work only with the finest: Cad Crowd will take a look at your requirements and recommend the freelancer to best meet your demands.

You need a high level of precision and detail to create electrical diagrams, cable wiring schedules, electronic drafting and termination diagrams. The technician or electrical engineer’s first sketches can be subject to many changes or get lost in the process of manufacturing. Our professional team can assist you in converting your drafts into CAD models. We can also set up a Cad Crowd design contest if you’d like to receive multiple options for your concept. Our team of first-rate engineers and technicians can provide you with different ideas for your starting project, as well with the best conversion proposals allowing you to grow your project faster without leaving important hand-made designs behind.

CAD Vectorization in Architectural Drafting

Cad Crowd understand your needs; that’s why we’ve put together an outstanding team of architects and draftsman with experience in construction, interior design, landscape design, and remodeling. Our team acknowledges how precise the details must be in order to deliver an excellent product. Using CAD Vectorization in your architectural drawings allows you to add details by hand and convert them faster into something you can modify and use with the software of your choice. Cad Crowd’s architects are ready to advise, perform and deliver.

CAD Vectorization in Product Design

In the process of creating your product, you may find it helpful to produce sketches to assist you with the process of organizing ideas. To present these sketches to prospects and investors, you will need to scan them and build them again in the software of your choice. Our CAD Vectorization service can meet your needs, both in the engineering world and outside of it. We work with top designers to help you take your ideas from the sketch to the digital drafting board.

Cad Crowd can handle every stage in the process of optimizing bitmap diagrams including flowcharts, logos, and products into vectors. Our aim is to boost your productivity: we want you to use your time in developing the product while we handle the image vectorization.

Hire Freelancer Vectorization CAD Services

Our tailor-made team of freelancers offers the best CAD Vectorization services for engineering, architectural and industrial design. Cad Crowd lets you access a vast web of top experts in civil, mechanical, electrical engineering, architecture, product design, drafting, and manufacturing. Our team is located all around the globe, we can provide our services with utmost professionalism. Contact us today and we'll match you up with the best Vectorization experts on the web!

Vectorization Services for Any Project Size

Cad Crowd wants your company or independent project to grow efficiently; that’s why we only offer the most qualified experts to suit your needs. We’ll deal with the selection process, so you won’t need to look at a single CV if you don’t want. We’re committed to delivering you the best services for the kind of task you require of us.

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