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Yash SD

Yash SD

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B Sujith Sharma

B Sujith Sharma

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Die Design

Do you need help with die design? If the answer is yes, then stop your research because you’ve come to the right place. Cad Crowd will be glad to connect you with freelance die design experts capable of making the best die design for any product. We have designers that are carefully picked, experienced, and pre-qualified.  Stay out of trouble when it comes to hiring online and stick to true professional die design freelancers from Cad Crowd. 

A die is a unique tool utilized in manufacturing industries to shape or cut material with the help of a press. Just like molds, dies are usually adjusted to the item they are making. So, products created with dies are very versatile – from ordinary paper clips to some very complex parts utilized in advanced technology. 

Forming dies are usually created by tool and die makers. After that, they are put into mass production once they are mounted into a press. The die is a metal block that is utilized for forming materials like plastic and sheet metal. When it comes to vacuum forming of a sheet made of plastic, die design experts use a single form usually to create transparent plastic containers also known as blister packs. This is the simplest die design process. On the other hand, for the shaping/forming of sheet metal, like car body parts, designers and engineers must use two parts. The first one known as the punch is there to perform the bending, stretching, extending and/or blanking activity. The other part is known as die block and this part safely clamps the workpiece.

Die designers must take different processes and components into consideration. For instance, when it comes to the most important components that are part of die tool sets, there is the die block, blank punch, punch plate, pierce punch, pilot, stripper plate, blanking dies, shanks, and pierce die. The processes include broaching, blanking, bulging, coining, curling, shaving, swaging, hydroforming, trimming etc. As you can see, we are talking about a complex process that requires the expertise of a true professional.

Our designers are prepared to work with every client over the entire die design process. They will guide you through every step of this process from the start to the moment when you receive the final files. All the activities we have mentioned above are provided by almost every die design expert we have listed on our website. 

At Cad Crowd we are very proud of our community that includes thousands of design experts from every corner of the planet. Cad Crowd connects clients with high-quality freelancers. They are providing die design services at very competitive prices. Let us know about,  your project and our team will assess your needs and requirements and provide you with a free quote. After that, we will suggest the best freelancer for your project. 

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