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What is 3D presentation design?

Workers in every industry have had to give a slideshow presentation. Many more have had to sit (or sleep) through them. After slogging through the meeting, the chances that any single employee retained much information are likely quite low. And with good reason, too. Sitting through those presentations is often like watching grass grow or paint dry. They are two-dimensional in every sense of the word, flat and uninteresting. In a word, they are forgettable. 

Pretty much all professionals have to give presentations to superiors, managers, peers, prospective clients, current customers, employees, and others. To separate themselves from the pack, there is one vital element they can incorporate. The one thing that can elevate any presentation to the next level is the third dimension. The inclusion of this component is a true game changer.

Something so seemingly simple has the power to take an ordinary demonstration and turn it into something memorable and engaging. People walk away from such presentations having experienced something, having learned something. This can often not be said of presentations limited to two dimensions.

Most companies can use 3D presentation design in some form or another. There are a select few, however, that potentially stand to benefit more than the rest. In any demonstration that includes something like a physical product, work, or building, 3D presentation works absolute wonders. Blueprints and drawings are necessary to communicate the logistics of a tool, product, or location. Without these, the object cannot be modeled, built, or fabricated on the factory floor. Three-dimensional renderings, though, furnish not simply an informational declaration, but a revelatory experience.

By utilizing a presentation design firm, an architect can show off a newly designed home or business to clients with lifelike clarity. Interior designers have the ability to present realistic renderings of a customer’s new living room or bathroom as though they were standing in the house itself. Industrial designers are able to demonstrate how a new tool works from every conceivable angle to employees and other workers. Engineers of every stripe can construct new apparatuses that are true-to-life down to the finest detail. Fashion designers can make their clothing and accessories come to life for models, magazines, retailers, and customers to survey and inspect.

Whatever the application, presentations designed with 3D rendering services will always bring the demonstration an appeal, intensity, and captivating quality that little else can match. Two-dimensional work simply pales in comparison.

3D presentation design in client marketing materials

When looking to attract new customers, there are few things as enticing as three-dimensional presentations in client marketing materials. According to some sources, 3D materials can help you retain five times as many clients as 2D advertising. The realistic feel, the ability to perceive depth, the transporting nature—all these have the capacity to contribute to 3D marketing’s effect on consumers and potential clients.

Imagine for a moment that a company’s product does not yet exist. They have done all the research and development, put in time and resources. Now, the time has come to pitch the device to potential firms or customers. The problem, of course, is that they don’t have the object in hand to photograph or present. In other words, the company has no means of fully demonstrating the product’s capabilities, features, and benefits. The way in which the product can affect a client’s life or an organization’s workflow is lost in drawings, slide shows, and lengthy explanations.

With a 3D rendering, every aspect of this is altered. Our hypothetical company can now show off its new product naturally in marketing materials online or in person. A virtual product practically demonstrates itself and all that it has to offer. The change in reaction from customers is immediate, and the retention rate, as mentioned above, is enormous.

It can be a virtual tour, a product demonstration, a sales presentation, a training video, or simply a new way to connect with clients. However implemented, a great 3D presentation design will always be a cut above the rest. The tangible benefits and return-on-investment are unmatched by anything else in marketing and advertising.

Who uses 3D presentation design?

Plenty of companies employ presentations of some kind or other. That said, design industries have led the way in using 3D for some time. Architects and interior design services have been utilizing 3D work in their presentations for years. Consider something that is commonplace today: The walkthrough. With these, designers can have clients virtually “walk” through a room, a house, or an entire building before it is even built.

With 3D design, architects working across the world from one another can view the same model. They can tweak it as needed and find problems before beginning construction. Ultimately, they can provide it to their clients for inspection before finalizing anything. This saves money and gives the buyer a better sense of what exactly to expect.

All this is doubly true for builders seeking investments. Imagine the difference when a prospective investor is able to virtually take a tour of a property into which he or she is considering putting money. The investors are whisked off to a place that technically does not yet exist. In many ways, the standard, two-dimensional blueprint seems almost quaint and old-fashioned by comparison.

Architectural drafting services and interior designers have the unique ability to make a lasting impression using three-dimensional presentations. With walkthroughs, flyovers, and the real-time ability to make revisions to the elements of a house or room, potential clients become more engaged with your projects. 

Consider an example from a completely different sphere: Marine engineering. Jensen Maritime is a firm of naval architects and marine engineers who design tugboats, trawlers, barges, ferries, cruise ships, and many other types of vessels. They make regular use of three-dimensional rendering to display and demonstrate their work. They serve nearly every maritime industry, including shipyards, fishing groups, and cargo companies. From full-scale ship design to upgrades and improvements, they do it all.

With only blueprints or drawings at hand, they would simply be able to present a flat, static image of what their group is capable of doing. In 3D, however, their boats can sail, move in the ocean, react to different elements, or change color, size, and shape. They can make changes within any number of other variable component properties in three full dimensions. Without the crucial third dimension, Jensen’s work loses a critical element of its effect: The physical nature of ships and nautical equipment in the real world.

Cad Crowd brings it all together

Once you’re in with Cad Crowd, you get access to our entire, fully-vetted network of artists, designers, and engineers from all over the world. This gives owners and project managers the freedom and ability to do the work they need to do with their organization. They can concentrate on handling the day-to-day activities of their businesses, all the while knowing that a professional 3D presentation design services company is skillfully handling their rendering project. No matter what needs you may have, whenever you happen to have them, we can help bring them to life.

Cad Crowd has the good fortune to work with only the highest quality freelancers from around the globe on everything we do. We do it all at the highest level, from 3D renderings for interior designers to a brand-new boat for yacht and marine design! Our vast network of 3D rendering artists and engineers has years of experience working hands-on with people and companies in practically every field imaginable. Whatever your 3D presentation needs may be, you can absolutely rest assured that we are able to help you get exactly where you need to be in less time than the rest. We can find a 3D presentation design solution for any company, no matter what industry you work within.

Cad Crowd comes into play by joining you up with our wide range of artists, engineers, and designers. Our vetted network is made up of only top-notch designers and artists making use of the latest 3D rendering programs. If your project requires a specific application or software package, just drop us a line, and we’ll be able to connect you to the right person for your particular job. Our 3D presentation rendering artists are professionals in every sense of the word. They will help you get started from scratch or even do a redesign of existing work, whatever the case may be for you and your firm.

No doubt about it: Cad Crowd is the only place you need to go for your 3D presentation needs, whatever the occasion, industry, or time commitment. Check out how it works or contact us directly for a free quote!

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